Friday, September 23, 2005


Just a short one to get you thinking

All day long every day of your life thoughts keep popping into your mind..................ever thought what provokes them?

If I am hungry then it is no suprise if the thought comes into my mind that I want something to eat.

It's all those other thoughts, like did I shut the door, wonder what Fred is doing?, will there be good snow this winter?, does he/she like me etc Those thoughts that arrive like a small child interupting a conversation, unbidden, unasked for whenever and wherever they want.

Random thoughts for which there is no apparent association.

In many cultures controlling one's mind is considered a mark of consciousness evolution.

In our modern world we do not even consider the subject.

So here is a thought, the degree to which you learn to control you mind is the degree to which you will find peace of mind.

Your peace of mind helps determine your health, longevity and overall well being.

May you enjoy peace of mind!

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