Friday, October 31, 2008

Buddhism in brief

Several times we have been asked to detail the basic teachings of Buddhism so here they are

There are what are known as the Four Noble Truths
  • Suffering exists

  • Suffering arises from attachment to desires

  • Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases

  • Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the Noble Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path contains three aspects

Wisdom which is
Right View
Right Thought

Morality which is
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood

Meditation which is
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Contemplation

And then there are the hindrances that get in the way and are :

Sensuous lust

Aversion and ill will

Sloth and torpor

Restlessness and worry

Sceptical doubt

Essentially Buddhism has two major schools, which have diverged in their teaching over time and most Buddhists follow one or the other of the major schools

At a higher level of understanding there are no differences in the teachings and as is usually the case it is humans who have chosen to interpret the teachings differently

Buddhism is not considered to be a religion but rather as the truth

In particular the teachings of Gautama Buddha are considered to be the truth

Many Christian ideas are taken from Buddhism, which was being taught in the Middle East at the time Christianity appeared

In it's pure form Buddhism is the perennial wisdom

Unlike many teachings the perennial wisdom can explain all questions

Karma and reincarnation are central to understanding why our world is as it is, and Buddhism teaches the truth of both

Buddhism is practiced by hundreds of millions of people around the world, and once it's teachings are understood provides a good basis for guiding one's life

To understand Buddhism better an expansion of the above is required and this can be obtained through reading and there are many books on the subject available in most languages

Such a journey is very personal, which is why we do not go into further detail here

Typically an evolving journey of consciousness evolution looks at all the world's major religions and philosophies as one tries to make sense of our world and it's different teachings

There is truth and it can be found

Truth is higher than religion

And once you have found truth you will know because it resonates with your heart

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Modern Dentistry

Is something many people prefer not to think about

Time we did though

Because dentists have increased their insights and understanding into their subject area over the last few years

They have raised their game and now understand a lot more

Our teeth are central to so much of our well being, more so than most of us realise

Teeth are a central part of our health and well being

And as such deserve our attention

Try having toothache and you very quickly remember why it is worth looking after your teeth

Gums too are important as bad gums can also teach us lessons as to the importance of preventive attention

So how come so many people are lazy about looking after their teeth?

Cost reasons are one as modern dentistry is not cheap

Better teeth is another as many people have better teeth as a result of fluoride when they were young so do not see the importance of preventative checkups

Just too busy with other more important things is maybe the most common reason

Time to change our thinking maybe

Possibly the most important thing to know about teeth is that they affect our overall health

In more ways than we realize

Most of us have heard that mercury fillings are not a very good idea

If you haven't and have mercury in your mouth then get it out because it is doing you no good at all

Sugar affects our teeth in a bad way particularly if it is the white kind found in most restaurants and coffee shops

Start eating brown or less refined sugar where the good things have not been taken out of it

Check your bite as often we bite at an angle which is not so good for us over the long term

An off centre bite can cause us damage to our head and spine both of which function better when not stressed

New equipment and materials are now being used which allow dentists to do more interesting and difficult work

For the patient this means less pain and quicker treatments

Dentists can also see the teeth and any problem areas better as old x ray technology gives way to more modern 'layered' scanning techniques and digital equipment

New imaging software and cameras, which will allow clients, if they wish, to see inside their own mouths on a screen directly in front of them
Teeth whitening technology is more advanced and certainly having nicer looking teeth can enhance your smile
Implant treatments to porcelain veneers are part of a modern dentists range of skills and can help many as they get older
Fillings, and oral health advice are common whereas in earlier times dentists were often not so hot on the softer skills of patient education and information sharing
As mouth cancer is on the increase dentists are able to help patients understand what they should look for and what they should avoid
Healthy teeth are central to our well being as our mouth is central to how we speak, eat and interact with our body system and those around us.
Certainly this is worth a little effort and attention
As they say "Look after your body and it will look after you"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch in the city

We all eat

Most eat lunch

Some days it might be at your desk

Other days in town

Prices seem to keep on rising

Sometimes we eat in a hurry

No matter

Lunch should be a nice meal


Because it is in the middle of the day

A time when we are all awake

Fully on our game

And yet as with so many other things we just rush through it

Do you remember what you ate for lunch yesterday?

Like the rest of our lives just rushing through

Slow down


Enjoy wherever you eat

Enjoy whatever you eat

There is no tomorrow only now

Enjoy it consciously

Savour things, don't be so preoccupied that you notice nothing

Life is a real drag if all you do is worry

Stop the thinking while you eat too

It does nothing good for your digestion

Deep breath and let out all the stress

Feel it rush out

Laugh out loud

At anything it does not matter

What matters is that you do not take yourself or your life so seriously

Lighten up

Enjoy that lunch

And smile at all the serious people bolting down their food

Cut your own path through life

Bon appetit

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

American Indians and the others

Free Photo of Chief Red Cloud-Sioux Indian Chief. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart Guide.comFree Photo of Chief Red Cloud-Sioux Indian Chief. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart

Those American Indians were no fools
They lived in harmony with nature
They respected the land
They respected nature and understood her caprices

Then along came Christian Europeans

Wiped out most of the Indians in short order

Only today are we begining to admit the damage done

Only today are we just begining to see what has been lost

Looking around the planet more and more minorities are going

Their stories going with them
Their myths as well
Those myths and stories did we but know it contain many a truth
We are often still too arrogant to understand or accept this
Man loses a point of reference along with some truths about his world
Our history in point of fact
Our future as well for in many a story is the outline of what is coming our way
Not so rosy either
Can we change things around?
It is up to us
If we have the courage
A starting point is respect for them and the other minorities
Standing up when we hear of abuse or misuse of them or their heritage
Imagine your next life as a modern day American Indian or any other minority
How does that feel?
Yes time for all of us to change
Practice respect for everyone
So easy really "do unto them as you would have them do unto you"
Sound familiar?

Monday, October 27, 2008


How nice that that it is finished

All of us have these times

Times when we have to do things that we really do not want to do

Have to sit for hours doing something we don't like or listening politely for hours

And then so often we forget that we have to do this all over again every day or many more times

Whatever it is

Think do you really want to go on putting up with it?

Bet you don't

So unless the reward is amazing then time to consider your options

Time to change things

Time to create a new life
Move on try something else

Life really is so short that it seems such a waste to put up with situations that really get you frustrated

So often we accept the walls around us

Without recognising that we can walk out or move on


Do you have any clarity about what you would prefer to do?

Do you have any ideas?

Are you stuck in self perceptions of failure and mediocrity?

Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere which is not a bad time to do courses

To study or work at changing your cv

Are you doing anything this winter to enhance your life?

Are you going to do anything interesting at all?

Life goes so quickly a course seems so long but once started it goes quickly

Do not waste this winter use it to move your life into new possibilities

Possibilities that allow you to d what you really want to do with your life

Those who do what they truly care about find life powerful and rewarding

Those who just work to make money often find life quite a drag

Choose to identify what is truly important to you

Then decide to find a way to make this your life
Find a way to earn your living from this activity or interest
Yes it can be done

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thought to Act to Habit to Character to Destiny

What does that mean?

Your life actually

Thoughts lead to acts and actions which lead to habits which in turn create our character which results in your destiny or karma

Simple simple idea so easy to read, now please think twice

What are your thoughts today?

These thoughts are shaping you life literally

Don't like some of them then change them

Every moment man is thinking thoughts

Shame because so many of them are unworthy

And those unworthy thoughts are going to come back and cause you pain

Changing your thoughts changes your life

Changes you

Find beautiful or positive thoughts about everything

This on a simple level is why positive thinking works

Why affirmations work

Unfortunately without cleaning up your thoughts those affirmations won't last for long

Nothing lasts for long without work

So work please on finding good things to say about everything and everyone

Thoughts are so powerful in shaping what we experience

So often we have negative or bad thoughts and assume that they have no impact or power because we did not say them out loud


Those thoughts have energy and go from you with that energy of jealousy, anger, dislike, frustration or whatever

And as we know what goes round comes round

Karma operates on everything and everyone and will adjust whatever we send out

So in simple language if you do not want the energy of the bad thought back then do not think it or send it out

Thought leads to act to habit to our character which moves us towards our destiny and the karma we experience

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Loving life

Doesn't have to be skiing

Doesn't have to be anything in particular

Although for sure it would be great to go skiing sometimes
Maybe this year, maybe not
Loving life is about our perceptions
Our state of mind
What we do with our minds
Best bit is that we can change these things
Most people are prisoners to their minds and perceptions
Stay there if you want
Finding beauty, laughter and love is neater
Soft rather than hard is pleasant
A soft word
A soft expression
Love feeds on life
Life needs love
Without love life is pretty blah
Or taught, fraught, difficult
Difficult because we know we want love
Often we don't remember that love starts inside us
If we are filled with tension
Then the odds are not so good that we will find love
So preoccupied with our worries that we would not notice even if we tripped over it
So desperate searching for it that we do not notice that it is all around us
Life can be loved
Confusion when we think of love only in sexual terms
Love life and the other love is likely to appear too
Because if you love life you set up the resonance that allows love in the form of a partner to appear
Life and love are a little more subtle than we give them credit for
So keeping it easy start by changing your mind
That will change your life
Loving life consciously is a good way to start too
Do it day in day out until it becomes a habit
Neat habit loving life whatever else comes our way is fine
Loving life is up to you no one can do it for you!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Having a bad day?

A man was working on his motorcycle on the patio, his wife nearby in the kitchen.

While racing the engine, the motorcycle accidentally slipped into gear.

The man, still holding onto the handlebars, was dragged along as it burst through the glass patio doors.

His wife, hearing the crash, ran in the room to find her husband cut and bleeding, the motorcycle, and the shattered patio door.

She called for an ambulance and, because the house sat on a fairly large hill, went down the several flights of stairs to meet the paramedics and escort them to her husband.

While the attendants were loading her husband, the wife managed to right the motorcycle and push it outside.

She also quickly blotted up the spilled gasoline with some paper towels and tossed them into the toilet.

After being treated and released, the man returned home, looked at the shattered patio door and the damage done to his motorcycle.

He went into the bathroom and consoled himself with a cigarette while attending to his business.

About to stand, he flipped the cigarette butt between his legs.

The wife, who was in the kitchen, heard a loud explosion and her husband screaming.

Finding him lying on the bathroom floor with his trousers blown away and burns on his buttocks, legs and groin, she once again phoned for an ambulance.

The same paramedic crew was dispatched.

As the paramedics carried the man down the stairs to the ambulance they asked the wife how he had come to burn himself.

She told them.

They started laughing so hard, one slipped, the stretcher dumping the husband out.

He fell down the remaining stairs, breaking his arm.

Still having a bad day?

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Are maybe just an English phenomenon

For those who do not know hoodies are young usually teenagers who like to wear hooded tops

They are often associated with violence and trouble

Rightly or wrongly the media often portray the wearing of hoods as somehow being next to drug dealing or being about to mug old ladies or to rob stores

For sure sometimes these things happen

It is also true that in England's weather hoods are a smart way to stay warm and dry

They also unite young people

They also frighten old people

So the media hype it up and few look beyond

That many of these young have dysfunctional families

Have often modest educations

Live on horrific soulless council estates

Have few or no job opportunities

Are often hassled by the police particularly if they are from a minority group

In a way it is quite convenient for society to have this group to focus attention on

To blame them for this and that

It diverts attention from the failure of successive governments to address the issues that unite all of the above problems

Society cannot avoid it's responsibility for this situation

Locking them up after taking their DNA is not an answer

At some point politics like banks have to address difficult issues

Politicians do not want to do so

The problems will fester on

Hoodies merely give society yet one more shudder to worry about.

Ever thought how convenient it is for societies everywhere to have their bogey groups?

Groups that by definition cannot fight back or protect themselves

Quite neat really because you can always focus energy on them when you need diversions

Neat also as you can always get ever more money to deal with the 'problem'

Yes bogey groups are the oil of society

They provide scare, entertainment, shock, horror, revulsion at the touch of a button

Every country has it's hoodies

Ever thought of that?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

D T S T Y - 2

And for your pleasure how about these?

Patience leads to power, but lust leads to loss

Days end with sunset, nights with the rising of the sun; the end of pleasure is ever grief; the end of grief ever pleasure

Whoso cannot forgive wrong done to him shall learn to know how his good deeds are undone by himself

Intelligence is not shown by witty words, but by wise actions

In health and wealth man is never in want of friends. True friends, however, are those who remain when they are needed

Remember that life is wearing off, and a smaller part of it is left daily

Depend not upon external supports, nor beg your tranquility of another. In a word, never throw away your legs to stand upon crutches

Do not act as if you had ten thousand years to throw away. Death stands at your elbow. Be good for something; while you live, and it is in your power

The best policy for a man is not to boast of his virtues

Learning clears the mind, and ignorance cobwebs it

He who wants a faultless friend, must remain friendless

To enjoy the day of plenty, you must be patient in the day of want


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Understanding karma

It has been stated that to understand karma, the universe must be recognised as an organic whole.

If this were not the case, it's various parts could not act and react upon each other.

Take the human body as an example.

Through it runs a complex system of nerves, arteries, and avenues for the circulation of electrovital forces, intimately and instantly connecting every organ, cell, and atom with every other.

Let the foot slip and immediately the counteracting muscles seek to restore the balance.

The eye closes automatically if a foreign substance threatens to enter it.

The reaction is perfect because the body is an organism.

Further it is necessary to observe that every cell in this organism is an individual life under the control of a higher center.

In the case of a muscle, for instance, all the cells act together; and similarly in an organ.

So by a series of grades the cells come under the control of more and more highly developed centers up to the brain, and through that to an invisible center of intelligence which unifies and coordinates all the functions of this marvelous mechanism, making of it an organism.

Then the body itself is part of a greater organism, man himself.

Men collectively form humanity.

Above this are innumerable hosts of beings gradually mounting, each grade vitally connected with and responsible for the grade below it, and helped by the grade above it.

Thus we have beings above the human reaching up to gods; then above them, supergods, planetary spirits; rulers of solar systems; greater ones holding together groups of solar systems; up and up to a ruler of a universe and ever up to THAT, the Unknown, behind all manifestation.

Rivers of life connect all these infinite grades of beings, like a network of nerves through which run vital currents unceasingly.

And this mighty being fills all space, is indeed space itself.

Or we can say that space consists of conscious beings of infinite types interlinked and interdependent.

This concept may seem strange to many because unfamiliar, but let the mind dwell upon it and it will gradually become clear that unless the universe was an organic unit, it could not hold together.

The chaos which some of our physical scientists have imagined would actually exist, and there would not be the beautiful order and harmony which we have come to rely upon in those celestial
bodies which we see

We see that interdependence is a fundamental principle in the universe, and we shall find that this basic principle is worked out in all parts of the universal organism.

We have shown the human body as an illustration of it.

The atom, the solar system, the galaxy, all in their structure and their workings proclaim the basic reality of harmony and interdependence as the underlying, regulating principle throughout all life

Every action, then, every expenditure of energy, whether physical, mental, or moral, has its due effect upon this underlying harmony, this basic balance and interdependence.

Selfish thoughts or actions disturb the harmony and suffering in the near or far future results.

We see all around us those whose disappointments and struggles in unfavorable environments are the result of ignorance and wrongdoing in this or past lives.

The condition exists in some degree in the lives of all of us, for everyone has made mistakes in past lives, as we are making them now.

But, although karma is spoken of as a law, there is no lawgiver, no over-ruling entity, who decrees this or that.

Rather is it a quality inherent in the very nature of things.

The ancient teaching is that every action is the result of a previous cause, and then becomes a cause for a future action, and so on indefinitely.

This constant movement is not the outcome of blind forces, but a living stream of changes flowing from the thoughts, acts, emotions and feelings, aspirations, and desires of the lives which make up and are the universe.

G.W van P

Monday, October 20, 2008

Loving politicians

Great time to be alive

Give me a break !

Yes really

A time when all the old certainties are being swept away

A time of danger particularly for politicians

When times are 'normal' people resent change, resist change

Politicians play on this introducing ever more rules and laws to protect us
Saving life they say
Protecting us from terrorism they pretend

What a beautiful excuse this is for ever more controls

Endless, remorseless the march of the bureaucrats

When times are difficult politicians have to adjust

They are no longer in control

They no longer deal in certainties

They can no longer offer up their worn excuses

They are confronted with the unknown

Suddenly politicians have to lead

They have to come up with ideas

They are being judged by electorates that would just love to have some revenge for their arrogance and disdain

Electorates have so few chances to check politicians and their behaviour

How long will these times last?
Off and on for the rest of our lives probably

Importantly in uncertain times politicians do not have enough money to carry out all their unnecessary schemes

This is a relief for all thinking people

They even have to cut back on their ever increasing demand for more money

Possibly the only time when there is any real check on their endless march towards total world domination

Too bad for them the old ways no longer work or apply

So change it is

What makes this so interesting is that previously 'unacceptable' ideas must now be considered

Have to be because the old no longer work

Will they get them right?

Time will tell

For once in our lives politicians are very exposed

They cannot delay or hide in endless commissions or committees

The times demand action

Make sure you help push them towards more accountability

And performance

Crisis is the one of the only times people can really enjoy watching their politicians work

The only downside is that often they make poor decisions

Sadly nothing is ever perfect

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So much to worry about

So many humans rushing around

wondering why they are here

wondering what it's all about

is there something significant behind all these financial crashes and violent nature outbursts?

Wondering also about their lives

Small nagging voice saying it can't be this banal

This brutal and hedonistic, selfish and self centered material life one might even say

Can it?

Why is it so stressful, so pressured, so difficult?

It can't be this meaningless, so silly with politicians pontificating on everything under the sun

Imposing ever more constraints on our few remaining freedoms

All this preoccupation with money and the economy

As if this is the only measure of anything

Mindless articles in the media

Mindless greedy charlatans fleecing the gullible and unwary

Take you mind off it for a moment

Read this with attention because it is the truth

Many millions of years ago (yes millions, 18 million to be more precise) modern man evolved from his predecessors on this planet

And no our predecessors were not monkeys they were humans in different form

As a point of accuracy monkeys descended from our ancestors not the other way around

Modern man being defined by his newly acquired sexual reproduction

Before this time our ancestors had different methods of reproduction

Modern man has been through many many lives, we all have

We were all part of this journey

We have all been through these times in many many different lives in countless reincarnations

It's the law of the universe

Each of us must move through each lesson, each stage of our consciousness evolution

Living life after life until we learn our lessons

This is why we have so many different levels of humanity today

Some of us learn others don't

No old souls, no young souls just souls more conscious and others less conscious

And these souls manifesting in human form from life to life

And no it is not true that you can regress back to animal once you have been human

All humans experiencing different civilisations as they come and go

For example yes there was an Atlantis as we call it

It was not a city nor was it in the Mediterranean it was a continent like Europe or North America today but bigger than both put together

It covered what is today called the Atlantic ocean and a lot more

It had many races, many different languages, degrees of civilisation just as we have today

And yes the tallest were considerably bigger than us with some being over four metres tall, that's over sixteen feet for Anglo Saxons

And yes that's why all races have stories of giants, they were real

Some of us were giants in those times

Just let the idea float around you were present in those times just as you are today

This is our real heritage

Those tall ones were known as the builders and constructed many of the finest remains left on our planet including the great pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge, Mach Picchu and others

And no they were not built only ten or eleven thousand years ago

They were built towards the end of Atlantis around seventy to eighty thousand years ago

The mid point of Atlantis was around 850,000 years ago, which gives a strong clue as to why we do not find too many remains

The Atlanteans were the fourth major race and we in Europe are the fifth sub race of the fifth race

There will be two more sub races before the end of this race

In total there will be seven races

And you will have many lives in these two remaining sub races before the fifth race finishes

As both male and female

Hopefully doing better than we are now, because the future of any race and sub race is up to its members

Around the Universe there are many, maybe countless, races evolving along the same path as ourselves if not in the same form or mentality

During each major race a teacher comes down to planet earth and teaches the humanity of the the time basic rules of behaviour, politics, justice, technology and so on

And each sub race without fail would adhere to these rules for some time

The so called golden ages of legend and myth

Then greed and power would rear their nasty heads and society would decline

Just like ours today

The race would end with a mega punch up between the good and bad guys

The god guys would prevail

The final cataclysm would arrive

A small band of humans survive, breeding stock if you will for the next race when the time arrives

This catastrophic cataclysm alternates between floods and earthquakes, and yes that's why young religions like Christianity have stories however garbled of floods and earthquakes taken from myths and legends handed down from race to race

In fact the next such catastrophe is due in about 15,000 years time and will be in the form of earthquakes the likes of which we cannot imagine

Although long before this mega catastrophe nature will commence it's rumblings

This has already started and will continue until that major cataclysm, although what we are experiencing so far is like the slight breeze before a major storm

Because nature builds up slowly many will breath a sigh of relief after each major hit and proclaim that now we are back to normal

Wrong, there is no normal from here on in, just gaps in between

After that major cataclysm there will be a long period where the earth heals and recovers from the adjustments to land and ocean changes wrought by the cataclysm

A long, long period of time, longer than we could imagine will elapse

And those small bands of humans who survive will revert to basic survival strategies

The other humans being 'off planet' in spirit form until it is time to return again

This long time spent will not be apparent to those in what the Buddhists call Devachan or the Christians Heaven

Nor will anyone wonder at the changed planet or the new circumstances when finally the majority of humans return to earth as members of the new sixth race
Any more than a new born baby does today

Every generation accepts as natural what it finds on being born and growing up in that environment

For humans today from now on these increasing disruptions will cause ever more dislocation

They will be a major test of current humanity's evolution and flexibility

Still wondering why you are here?

To learn, to grow, to be the best you can be

To experience every stage of our journey until your consciousness expands and you become one with nature
Many many millions of years from now
If you make it that is
Your progress is up to you
No one will push you it is your choice how you use each life
Yes you are responsible for whether or not you evolve
You alone
Your choice
Wake up !
This life and other lives are no free ride they are part of an amazing journey
One of effort, discipline and will power
The reward is to become at one with nature
"To come back from whence we started and to know it for the first time"
Enough for one blog
We can only add that in our own lives we live directly what we are talking about
Doing so we experience our abilities growing and becoming more conscious
Our results become more powerful and coherent
A neat way of knowing that one is going down the right path
We can all go this way
How about you?

PS: If you wondered about the picture on top each little black dot represents a measured earthquake, yup each little dot

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dieting promises

In 2007 about 4.8 million people from United States and a similar number in the EU bought bogus diet pills, weight loss products, creams, patches or other weight loss supplements.

Doctors, weight loss and health care experts says that eating fewer calories and increasing physical activities to burn more energy is the best way to lose weight fast.

Eating less and exercising more is a simple concept

Sadly we are often lazy and hope that some pill will magically do the work for us

Realistically if you cut about 500 calories per day from your diet eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly you can lose about one pound a week.

So before wasting a single cent or penny on weight loss products consider there is no easy way just exercise and reducing intake of sugary foods
Everybody has unique health concerns and habits.

There is no weight loss product which works for everyone

Part of any weight problem is how we feel about ourselves

If we do not like ourselves and how we look then weight gain is often predictable


Because we eat to compensate

We eat to forget, to enjoy, to reward ourselves

Weight gain is also because we are unhappy and eat more to compensate

So many reasons and most lead to more unhappiness and so we put on weight

Dieting promises are as old as man and few really work

Bringing us round in a circle back to ourselves

Is it really that important to you?

If so then work and exercise please

If not then enjoy life and turn your energies to other things

Leave bogus diet claims to those who want to believe

Friday, October 17, 2008

Leh - Jummu Kashmir India

Some places leave an indelible mark on you

One such for me is Leh in Jammu Kashmir in North West India also known as Little Tibet

Until fairly recently it was only approachable by road for a few months every year before the snows made the roads impassable again

Not surprising really as the road over the high passes goes over 4,000 meters or 13,000 ft and where the snow arrives in September and only melts in April/May

Driving at this altitude most experience headaches while the body adjusts to the altitude and the air pressure

Today it is just a short flight from Delhi

Shame really because it is yet another short cut in life where you make no effort, just pay money and arrive

In the times I refer to flying was not an option, unless you were in the Indian Armed forces, so all endured, and that is what it was, a bumpy and long journey over the mountains from Manali

Why though am I mentioning Leh?

Why because I met remarkable people there and had some very unusual experiences

The town itself is not so remarkable except the irrigation system which is amazing and crucial to the towns well being

The people are a mixture of Indian and Tibetan and friendly to outsiders

Leh is very old and while not part of the Old Silk Road was a trading centre from way way back

The remarkable people I met were Tibetan and who taught me several things about mind control and patience

Others took me to special places where I saw amazing sights and again taught me things about healing through control of energy by the mind

These were powerful teachings, however the energy of Leh and the special places I visited were also special and so quite often I find myself thinking about Ladakh and the time spent there

In your life you probably also have a special place and or time which still resonates with you

Somewhere which gave you unique experiences

A time which was special

For all of us such times are worth remembering because the resonance is still there if we want it to be

Try it, remember that special place or time

If you do then the energy you experienced can be with you again


So when we want we can feel how it was and that is why I mention it because to feel that special time again is neat

Special times are worth remembering and experiencing again
Question are you still creating special times or are you just bumbling through life?
Life goes so fast today it is all too easy just to bumble through
Take control of your time and do something interesting create another special time

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mmmmm - 66

Thought arises before desire

The original impulses have come from thought

What we call the desires of the body have their origin in thought

Thought arises before desire

The thought acts on the brain

The brain acts on the bodily organs

and then desire awakens

It is not the outer stimulus that arouses the bodily organs

but the brain impressed by a thought

Wrong thought must therefore be slain, ere desire can be extinguished

Desire is the outcome of separateness, aiming at the satisfaction of self in matter

Now the flesh is a thing of habit; it will repeat mechanically a good impulse or a bad one, according to the impression made upon it, and will continue to repeat it

It is thus not the flesh which is the original tempter, although it may repeat automatically motions imparted to it, and so bring back temptations

in nine cases out of ten it is the lower manas which by its images leads the flesh into temptations

Then the body automatically sets up repetitions


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pills, lotions, potions and creams

We all use them

Often without thinking

Sometimes they just seem to multiply

Shelves and cupboards filled with creams, potions and pills

Ever thought what they do to each other?

Excuse me?

When we apply a cream it gets into our system

When we apply several they meet so to speak

Add in a few pills and you create a cocktail in your system

Few if any of the various lotions potions, pills and creams have ever been tested for their combined impact on us

Let alone their side affects on each other

Few if any were designed to be used together

So while some might not do much harm over time cumulatively they can do harm

Our human systems are amazingly strong

They are also sensitive

And if we abuse them then we pay

Given simple inputs our systems will look after us and adjust themselves in ways that no doctor or pharmacist can

Just be kind to your system and reduce your creams, lotions, potions and pills to the minimum

Simply put who do you trust more the xyz pharmaceutical company or nature in the form of your own system?

No contest
While you are at it why not read what's in some of your pills, lotions, potions and creams
Maybe not you might frighten yourself too much if you understood what you are putting into and onto your system
Be careful that's all
After all if your system breaks down then you are in real trouble
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For how long?

Will this crisis last?

Several years for sure

And then maybe more

No one knows

One thing is for certain and that is that it is not just a financial or economic crisis

The media might like this as it would allow them to pretend they understand things


This crisis is more likely to meld into new and bigger issues

Issues also of a global nature

Such as water, climate change, health issues, social unrest, war and ongoing "unseasonal weather"

Notice how somewhere on the planet at any given moment there is what the weather men like to call "unseasonal weather" seems like a nice way of avoiding the obvious that our world climate is changing fast

This uncertainty is having social and economic consequences

So for how long?

How about the rest of your lives

Yes it is likely that we will experience continuing discontinuities for the rest of our lives

Most probably there will be lulls which will con us into believing that things are back to normal

Then bang and off we will go again

In this scenario no one is exempt

This means that it would do no harm if you started saying to yourself how does this affect me?

What should I think about?

What can help me?


Without good health everything is tougher

And in times of increased uncertainty good health is even more important

So think about your health

Just one thing will help

Letting go of fear

Call it stress if you like

Let it go by staying in the moment

Worrying will not help your health

So stay in the moment

This moment now not thinking about what has happened

Not what might just stay in this moment

If you can manage this then life and your health will benefit

And just for your information this time we are living in is known as Kali juga

And Kali juga is a time of great difficulties

It is also for those with imagination a time of great opportunity

Take your pick

How will this life be for you?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Never say

I am nothing

Never put yourself down

No one, nobody is nothing

No one is too small

Everyone has a contribution to make

It might not seem that way when you see wealth and success all around you

Sometimes we are down and feel worthless

Sometimes it all seems too much

And yes these are normal human experiences

Whoever we are

We did not come into this life because we know it all

We came into this life to learn and because we do not know it all

To learn humility perhaps

To serve for sure

We all have to serve someone

Even if it is your higher self

Lift yourself out of negative mindsets

Understand clearly that the games and banality of human society are not why you are here

Competing with morons is not the game

The game of life is to learn

To grow

To be the best you can in each and every minute with whatever comes your way

No more self pity

Respect yourself

Be the best you can with whatever is sent your way

Nature asks no more of you than this

Just be the best you can

Whatever your situation

Never say you are worthless

You and everyone else are on the same journey even if many do not know this

Keep your self respect

Sunday, October 12, 2008

You do not have to be a superstar

Just try to be a better person

All of us are born with certain abilities

Usually quite a few liabilities too

Nature does not expect all of us to win gold medals
Or to be superstars
It does want us to try our best though
That's all
And yet many feel a failure if they cannot earn lots of money and become famous
Or marry the rich man, kidding ourselves that if he has plenty of money then this will make up for any other short comings
Highly improbable
However many choose to go this way
Often influenced by a culture which increasingly values money above all else
One of the most insidious assaults on our minds though are the TV programs worshipping materialism
Many programs are designed to appeal to the greatest possible number of viewers
This by definition means childish ideas simply expressed
Simple story lines
Simple premises
A common one in many guises is
Handsome hero makes money gets beautiful girl, jumps into bed, lives happily ever after
And many other variations on the theme of how great having money is and how women cannot resist men with money
So why then do we keep denying the evidence of our own eyes?
The handsome hero seldom exists in real life and jumping into bed for sure does not lead to happiness ever after
In fact those early days of exciting sex quickly lead to the realities of modern life
A life of struggle and usually lots of stress
A life of compromise
How many happy relationships do you know?

How many happy people do you know?

Your life does not have to be mega anything for you to find peace of mind

Let go silly story lines

Focus on your own world

Focus on your own life and how you can make it more fulfilling

Never mind what others do

Find your own way and leave the TV soaps to those who want fantasy

Being a superstar is not easy and not really very desirable

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Depressing news

Surrounds us

So we become expert at filtering out those things that we do not want to see, hear or absorb

We are masters of avoidance

Getting on with our lives

Shrugging our shoulders and saying "what can I do about it anyway"?

True with such a mindset what can you do?


There is another way though

If your life view is typically Western

And you have never really searched for the truth of things

Then yes you must be getting a bit nervous around about now what with global warming and other seemingly intractable problems clearly upon us

So we say it again

If you want to change the world then start with yourself

Learn yourself, challenge yourself

Make your thoughts more balanced, find the truth of things

Truth does exist and once found alters our understanding and experience of life

We can only understand life when we know ourselves

And once embarked upon this exploration of self, if done with open mindedness and honesty

Then help will appear, not immediately you have to show your determination and sincerity first

You will be challenged


And if you keep going and begin to behave with honesty and without false pretense

Dropping your ego games

Then yes help will come your way

At first it is usually in the form of suggestions to look over here or there

Courses, seminars and the rest

A busy time of taking on board new ideas

Usually you will find disappointment and yet at the same time a learning, a growing awareness of this unfamiliar world

Feeling that in here somewhere there must be truth

This is just the way it must be when we undertake this journey

Keep going

Beware those who proclaim their knowledge

Those who ask for money

Yes there are so many around today who claim to be gurus, masters, enlightened whatever

Beware their games for this is what they offer, there are very few who are genuine

This search and movement in your life will by itself begin to shift who and what you are

Then one day you will meet someone who really does know

This experience will change your life

Depressing news will take on a new meaning becoming less threatening

And further down the road fear leaves you as you understand the purpose and truth of things

Not easy though, but then nothing worthwhile ever is.

The only way to move beyond depressing news is knowledge

And the understanding of the way things truly are

An amazing world filled with light and love

Sure there is plenty of darkness too, but then it is our choice as to what we focus on.

Once we begin to understand the bigger context then all makes sense

As above so below is a well know phrase

And so it is in reality

Depressing news is only so in it's context beyond this life can be amazing

Choose the direction of truth about yourself and our planet

Friday, October 10, 2008

Comments on meditation

What goes on in the brain when we meditate?

Many people have asked this question and to date research in this area is surprisingly limited

We do know though that it has a positive affect in reducing blood pressure

We do know that meditation can reduce depression

These we can all agree are good things

Then others ask are we biologically programmed to need religious and mystical experiences?

With all due respect to whoever asked those questions how are you going to prove this?
Besides meditation is not a religious or mystical experience

And if we cannot measure or understand consciousness then anything that is beyond or out of mind is certainly beyond our measurement
Meditation is often beyond or out of mind

Recent research on meditation shows that it affects your brain the way exercise affects your body, making it stronger, healthier, and more efficient.

Richard J. Davidson, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, has found that experienced meditators produce more gamma brain waves.

Gamma waves are associated with intense, clear thinking and heightened cooperation between various parts of the brain

And high gamma-wave levels weren't limited to the time spent meditating, indicating that the subjects' brains had become conditioned to work better around the clock.

What's more, there's reason to believe that meditation prevents or even reverses the effects of aging on the brain.

Sara Lazar, Ph.D., a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, put 20 subjects who had meditated for an average of 40 minutes a day for 9 years through an MRI. She found that their prefrontal cortexes — the part of the brain responsible for attention and sensory perception — weren't showing typical age-related thinning. "Just as the area of the brain associated with motor skills is thicker in athletes, the area of the brain associated with attention and sensory perception is thicker in meditators," she says.

These are more good things we think you would agree

Other research that shows practices such as meditation, tai chi and certain yoga are not only helpful in reducing stress; they may actually be crucial for good health and optimal brain functioning
"Yes but" many scientists would argue
And here we go again many scientists, by definition left brain types for the most part, feel very uncomfortable with anything they cannot understand
Something they cannot prove
Meditation is not a left brain practice hence many scientists cannot themselves meditate
So there is a lot of resistance to something they cannot do, cannot understand and have yet to measure in any meaningful way
Forget that meditation has been around for many thousands of years
Forget that it's benefits have been extolled for millenia
Forget the testimony of millions in Asia and the rest of the world who have attested to it's benefits
Don't play that game leave doubtors to their scepticism
Just use your own common sense and try it
Yes it is hard, do not believe those who tell you otherwise
Yes it requires serious self discipline and perseverance
No you are not likely to get instant results
Challenge to you
In these troubled times tell us something else that offers such clear and clean benefits?
Over to you