Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pills, lotions, potions and creams

We all use them

Often without thinking

Sometimes they just seem to multiply

Shelves and cupboards filled with creams, potions and pills

Ever thought what they do to each other?

Excuse me?

When we apply a cream it gets into our system

When we apply several they meet so to speak

Add in a few pills and you create a cocktail in your system

Few if any of the various lotions potions, pills and creams have ever been tested for their combined impact on us

Let alone their side affects on each other

Few if any were designed to be used together

So while some might not do much harm over time cumulatively they can do harm

Our human systems are amazingly strong

They are also sensitive

And if we abuse them then we pay

Given simple inputs our systems will look after us and adjust themselves in ways that no doctor or pharmacist can

Just be kind to your system and reduce your creams, lotions, potions and pills to the minimum

Simply put who do you trust more the xyz pharmaceutical company or nature in the form of your own system?

No contest
While you are at it why not read what's in some of your pills, lotions, potions and creams
Maybe not you might frighten yourself too much if you understood what you are putting into and onto your system
Be careful that's all
After all if your system breaks down then you are in real trouble
Have a nice day!

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