Friday, September 30, 2005

Please Note

Please note that all the entries posted in this blog are true for us.

They are also true for our patients and students.

How they are for you is your call.

4 hours sleep revisited

We have received several queries on the "4 hours sleep in 1 hour" blog so here are some clarifications.

Not rocket science, just that as our planet rotates so any arbitary point chosen will rotate through that particular meridian at it's same (local) time

We could have added more in that the quality of sleep is not just a four hours to one hour in quantitative terms. It is particularly powerful in its special regenerative properties, which is why it is equal four to one in quantitative terms.

Q. Presumably the meridian is of arc or circular shape , so does that mean that it affects us at 11.00 am on the day side of the planet?

A. The meridian is arc shaped. Imagine our planet rotating between two huge masses of magnetic dust above the poles. These clouds of magnetic dust, for want of a better description, move with planet Earth in its trajectory around the sun.

Important to understand is that our body has twelve meridians and these are at their strongest for a particular two hour period in every twenty four hour cycle.

These human meridians resonate with the global meridians (for want of a better description) and ergo experience the effects described.

Still makes sense to sleep from 2300 to 2400 hours once in a while!

85% of all illness is caused by fear

Got your attention?

Modern western medecine is fully involved in the fight against symptoms.

Cancer for example is the physical symptom of an underlying cause.

The cure for cancer cannot be found in anything physical, the cure for it's symptoms might be.

The cause of 85% of disease is fear. Yes really, not the symptoms the true causes.

So a moment of honesty, what are your fears?

Yes you do have some, most modern humans have fears.

How do I get them out?

This journey is difficult because you have spent all your life hiding them from yourself.

No one answer, nor is it the same answer as we are all different.

All that we can say here is that this is part of our work and should you seriously want help then get in touch.

The journey from fear is the journey of self-healing.

There is only ever self-healing.

The self-healing we ae talking about is for our body, mind and soul as it is this that makes up our personal hologram.

And why would you want to do this?

Quite simply because you do not know how great life can be as you get rid of your fears.

Time to start?

Monday, September 26, 2005

More Mind

Science is usually considered to be the province of the mind. Scientists are proud of their minds.

Our culture is based to a large extent on mind, our progress is thought to lie in further developement of the mind.

Ever wondered why most major human insights have arrived when the person having the insight was not thinking, was not in his mind?

New science understands clearly that we have to move beyond mind.

What is beyond mind?

Beyond mind is intuition, which is thought from the heart.

How do I learn that?

Interesting, so look at this, how does a mother know that her child is in danger?

Answer, her intuition based upon enormous love for her child.

Love is in the heart, so to learn this requires that we learn to listen to our hearts.

To listen to our heart means learning how to silence our mind, which in our modern world dominates the heart.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Change your life

Possbily the single most important thing you can learn in this life is the truth of reincarnation and karma.

Reincarnation is believed by more people than not on this planet.

Reincarnation and karma are the mechanisms by which our insane genocidal little planet can be understood.

It is the only only only explanation that makes sense.

The Christian church taught and accepted the teachings of reincarnation and karma until 523AD when the semi- literate and personally ambitious church fathers of the time decided to ban it's teachings.

There are two books on this subject which are generally acknowledged to be excellent and they are : Reincarnation A New Horizon in Science,Religion and Society by Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams the other, a classic Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery compiled and edited by Joseph Head and Sylvia Cranston.

Why should you learn about this?

Because once you find the truth of this for yourself you have the gateway to the meaning of life.

Once you have the meaning of life you can know why you are here.

Once you know why you are here you can act upon this knowledge.

If you have the discipline, courage and will power to act upon this knowledge your life is changed.

Then you can truly find peace of mind.

Peace of mind is what every human wants whether or not he knows this.

Bon voyage, be brave.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Impossible Birds

By way of a change here is a challenge for RAFB in Vancouver and anyone else who wants to respond.

Many birds have wingspans and body weights considered inadequate for serious flight.

Many birds have inadequate energy structures to sustain flight over the long distances they fly.

Question how do they do this?

Hypothesis to be published in five days


Just a short one to get you thinking

All day long every day of your life thoughts keep popping into your mind..................ever thought what provokes them?

If I am hungry then it is no suprise if the thought comes into my mind that I want something to eat.

It's all those other thoughts, like did I shut the door, wonder what Fred is doing?, will there be good snow this winter?, does he/she like me etc Those thoughts that arrive like a small child interupting a conversation, unbidden, unasked for whenever and wherever they want.

Random thoughts for which there is no apparent association.

In many cultures controlling one's mind is considered a mark of consciousness evolution.

In our modern world we do not even consider the subject.

So here is a thought, the degree to which you learn to control you mind is the degree to which you will find peace of mind.

Your peace of mind helps determine your health, longevity and overall well being.

May you enjoy peace of mind!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Love a deux

Love is not sex
Love is not security
Love is not abuse
Love is not manipulation
Love is not conditional
Love is not me

Love is sharing
Love is caring
Love is letting go
Love is trust
Love is giving
Love is respect
Love is we

Love is can only be unconditional, anything else is an arrangement be it spoken or unspoken.

Love in its evolution is the movement from I to we.

Love in its evolution is anticipation of what would be nice for the other.

Love in its evolution is letting go of fear.

Where are you?

Consciousness my eye

Consciousness is a tricky subject as it is huge in its dimensions, so here I just want to touch upon one aspect of consciousness.

This aspect is how we see the world with our eyes.

We usually assume that because we see a shade of beautiful red that others see the same shade. Not so

We also assume that what we see is what others see, again often not so.

Essentially what is going on is that our consciousness is like a series of filters, which allow us to see colour and beauty according to our level of consciousness.

If your consciousness evolution is higher than mine then what you see is clearer and more beautiful than I can see.


Because consciousness is like a volume control, the more you open it the more it delivers.

Consciousness evolution is the only serious evolutionary path open to man as it is only by expanding our consciousness that we can better understand science, nature and our other possible avenues of growth and understanding.

Check out if others see what you see!

"Iffy" days

Iffy days....................... we all have them.

An iffy day is when you wake up and everyting is the same as it was when you went to sleep.......your bank balance is the same, your relationships are the same, everything is the same but you just feel negative, down, depressed.

First thing to know is that for most people, except those who are clinically depressed, these waves usually last for about half a day. So if you wake up with one then by about lunch time it should start to shift. If it does not and stays with you for days then this is another subject entirely and one where you need professional support.

So for most an iffy day is best dealt with by getting so busy and involved that you cannot think of your problems. For men it is slightly different from women.

For men often strong sports, potential danger do the trick. Examples are playing squash. riding a motorbike quickly, skiing, skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling in a city anything that does not allow you to think about your problems, and on the calmer side meditation, sleep.

For women talking with someone where you must concentrate, looking after someone who needs focussed attention, meditation, sleep seem to work best.

For both men and women having two or three action plans ready is important so the moment you feel an iffy period coming on you can go straight into plan A or B.

Do not dwell on whether you should or not as this is part of the iffy day's strength it wants you to procrastinate, feed it.....................resist!

May you all have fewer and fewer iffy days!

Naturally iffy days are more complex than I have indicated above and at a future date we can look at the underlying causes, here we are just finding ways to deal with the iffy day

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

4 hours sleep in 1 hour

One for the knowing

If you sleep between 2300hrs and 2400hrs in whatever country you happen to be in this is worth four hours sleep.

Put another way this one hour is worth four hours normal sleep for the body's recovery system.


Imagine the earth rotating around it's axis and crossing many magnetic meridians.

One of these meridians has special properties,which gives a sleeping body greater energy feedback than any other, and we cross this special meridian at eleven oclock evry night.

Your system is in repose and so can better assimilate the incoming energy. this means in turn that your body recovers quicker after the activities of the day.

This happens every night at this time.

Hence the common knowledge that an early night makes one feel more refreshed.

Sleep wisely once in a while!

Pills and yet more pills!

Pills and yet more pills, apparently we are consuming more pills per man, woman and child than at any time in recorded history!
Considering that the underdeveloped world cannot afford or often obtain pills then this should give the rest of us in the so called developed world pause to think.
For myself I want to make just a couple of comments.
Our bodies, when given the chance, are remarkably subtle and intellegent systems.
Do we listen to them or give them a chance to tell us what they need, answer this for yourself. Do you?
If you learn to listen to your body then it will tell and show you what you need to consume, and no, I am not talking about your personal addictions or greed that is something else!
The second comment is this have you ever counted how many different pills you take from vitamins and supplements to medications?
How many times doctors will give you a cream for this and these pills for that?
My comment is that few if any drugs are ever tested for anything other than the specific action that they are designed to deliver.
In other words few medications are tested against each other and certainly not with vitamins or other supplements that affect our systems and that many consume daily.
Like a junkie taking uppers and downers many people today find themselves feeling worse rather than better.
Often on going back to their doctor they are given more pills, no prizes for guessing what is happening to their systems.
Oh! and add to that the fact that seldom does any medication make any distinction between the dosage for an eighty year old fifty kilo diabetic or a twenty year old eighty kilo tri-athelete.
What to do?
Eat intellegently and try to let go of the pills.
Learn to listen to your body.
Smile more.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."

The above is a quote from the late John Lennon, who at times caught things just as they are. This quote applies to so many of us as we go through life wishing, fantasizing, projecting and just plain being anywhere else from where we are in happened, maybe to a friend of ours this morning, however the full details are not in yet.
Just heard that he had a head on car crash and is now in hospital while the driver of the other car is in intensive care at the same hospital.
From one moment to the next their lives are altered maybe for life. Bam!!
So often we behave as if our life is ordained to continue as we wish for ever and ever.
No way!!
Most of us have been confronted with situations that change our life from one moment to the next.
What is the wisdom that we can take from these situations?
Surely it must be that we learn to welcome change, learn to handle change?
Not to be fixated on what we want or project............
Learn to accept with equinimnity that "life is what happems to us while we are busy making other plans"
Enjoy the moment please in truth its all we have!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Dog's life

It barks at anything and then again it barks at nothing at all.
It drives the neighbours crazy, some shout at it, notihng stops it barking day in day out night in night out.
The owner does not care and this being Spain there is little that can be done.
Initially I too was frustrated by this dog and had vivid images of what I would like to do to it.
I spoke with the owner who said how sorry she was, and how yes she would muzzle it.
All to no avail, so then I started thinking first why the owner would want such a dog and realised that she lives on the ground floor of a building and presunably finds the dog protective.
And the dog? Poor animal shut in a small enclosure seldom exercised, unable to see beyond his enclosure, I guess his frustration must be more thn in day out!
So I have stopped letting the noise worry me and am more relaxed about it.
So often we let things that "just are" annoy us and take our energy.
Over a lifetime this loss of energy is considerable not to mention how grumbly it make us.
What a waste and once we become more conscious about this we can see how unhelpful it is.
Make it your business not to get upset or involved with things that "just are"
Funny thing it seems that the dog barks less now!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's absolutely true........Nothing lasts forever

I chose this title because last night I went to dinner in a very unusual and beautiful house.
The house or more accurately large south american style hacienda is located high on a hill outside Marbella.
It is approached up a long and windey track, which also helps to keep it isolated.
The moon being full last night added to the beauty of the enter the main door into a long wide hall at least fiftty metres long with rooms and courtyards off to either side.
Each room from libaries to sitting rooms to studies have their own charm with amazing artifacts in every room and on every wall. My hosts have lived in many places.
One was an archaeologist and the other a geologist/businessman and both had collected many and interesting items in their travels.
The evening was out of another era as we were seated in three different but adjoining dining rooms with an excellent meal supported by a clever and accomplished to my reason for chosing this title.........
My hosts are getting on in years. They have no children and only one distant relative who has I am told little or no interest in them or their amazing property.
During dinner I was seated next to my hostess who told me a little of her life. She met her husband in New York, she herself being from New Jersey, he having escaped from Germany just before WWII into France and then Spain into Portugal back into Spain where he was imprisoned before getting out to the UK. After this he made his way to the US where he joined the army. He then as a very young major went through Europe with General Paton before acting as an interpreter at the Nurnburg trials after the war. He then went back to the US and after more adventures left the Army and went into business..........................he explored some land in Canada and knew that there was uranium underneath, bought it and indeed it turned out against local scepticism to contain the world's largest deposits of the mineral. After a few years he got tired of this and went exploring for oil in Ecuador, he found plenty, his by now wife herself an archaeologist had discovered many unusual artifacts from the Maya and other periods.
So both led full and active lives with many more adventures.
When they decided to move to Spain they looked at the land their hacienda now stands on and were told that there was no water on it............................they decided otherwise, bought it and the geologist husband duly found plenty of water, which in this part of Spain is decidedly important at the moment where we have had no rain in over ten months.
Long story short two unusual people with fascinating stories, which will die with them when they go.
Yes, they could write books, but choose not to do so.
Yes, life does have an end.
My conversation with my hostess was also about death and what after our present lives?
My question to you is what comes next for you?
Suprising how few people have thought about this.....................for themselves that is. Have you?
My point being if you understand why you are here and what comes next then for sure you have more chance of finding peace of mind in this life and deciding better how to spend it.
Yes, it is possible to find answers to these questions.
Do not believe those who ridicule such ideas as this is easy and cheap talk.
Nor am I talking about religion as many today have very weird or unconvincing ideas on this subject.
I am talking about something that affects us all and is worth some thought for many different reasons.
Look for yourself, the journey is the most productive you will ever undertake.
A word of caution though it is not easy and will take some effort on your part.
How to start?
Try reading "Reincarnation - A New Horizon in Science, Religion and Society". by Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams.
Alternatively you can ask us questions as this is what we (my wife and myself) do.
We share what we have learnt with those who are interested.
Our main area is consciousness studies, but death is obviously a part of this arena.
As I said above "nothing lasts for ever".................... my hosts of last night are divided on this subject, one is clear and calm and the other is frightened about death and avoids all discussion on the subject.
And you?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Love we all need it

Last night for the first time in a long while I went out to a bar with a live Swedish blues band and very good they were too.
Everyone seemed happy and being a Friday night plenty of "pick ups" were being considered..........when watching more closely one could observe that many were of sexual bias, given that this was a Friday night, why not?
Just a thought occured how many people understand what happens when we turn on to each other? On a Friday night who cares?
On any other day we care because all of us would like to experience love, and so few people we know seem to really pull it off........... Love as opposed to sex that is.
Love is complex and rather than go deeply into it here I would rather make one statement that might be found helpful.
All of us come into any new relationship with our life experiences good and bad, in other words our histories, our stories.
Ever thought that these histories are often what stop us fully committing to each other?
Every time we experience pain we put up defences to avoid being hurt again, and these lead to us hiding things from each other................ then so often we find the other person blocked, so we break up and move on........................... and guess what more pain, more hurt.
The degree to which we can share is the degree to which our relationship can lead to real love.
There is only one real love and it's unconditional, no strings no hiding things..................
May you find love!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Swimming with sharks....not!

A couple of days ago we had a really good strong sea with decent sized waves so I went swimming.
It was cold as autumn is just around the corner here but after a few minutes it felt fine and the waves were fun to bodysurf on.......................after a few runs I suddenly had this image of the picture in this comment and thought .........what is going on?
There are a few sharks around here but usually down the coast and the odds against seeing one in the surf next to you are about a zillion to one against.
I like to scuba and have been amongst sharks in the Indian ocean and other places, but that's different as one is not feeling so blind and vunerable.
Something about one's mind, which likes to jump to improbable scenarios, and mine had managed just that..
My thought is we are such funny people, humans spend so much of their time worrying about things we cannot a) alter or b) seldom if ever come along as we imagine.
Thought for the day "stop thinking and live in the moment".

The rest of the swim was great except I was so busy thinking that a large wave caught me unawares and I managed to swallow half the ocean while trying to dive under I said thinking is oftern not very helpful!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What we do

We, my name is Antony and my partner is Ljuba, have started this blog as a means of making contact with those of you who have questions or problems about life.
Our work starts from this point
Truth is a most slippery thing; definitions do not help much as they do not say more than we already know.
We suggest that truth matters, as it is one of the only ways in which we can try to improve behavior in individuals or societies.
Evil by contrast is something we can all see and hate for its contempt for life and the well being of others.
Religion is so often stuck in dogma and ritual that it has forgotten the message of its founders
Love is confused with sex and few seem to understand that you cannot love if you are living in fear.
Most humans today suffer from fear; call it stress, and pressure, what you will.
The pressures of life are often cumulative and build throughout our lives.
Politics is the game of power and powerful interest groups serving themselves often at the expense of society.
Many feel powerless in the face of these facts of human life.
To move beyond being stuck in this mess consider that without having a context for my life how can I know where I am or what I am part of? If I do not know why I am here or what it is about then I am literally lost. If I am lost then for sure life is pressure.
What is the human race about? What is it here for?
What am I about and what am I here for?
· As a first step we need a context.
· Second to know what is going on in and with myself
· Third how do I find and get rid of my deep fears and stresses?
· Forth to learn how to heal myself.
· Fifth what to do with my life and relationships?
· Sixth how to become the master of myself, how to find peace of mind.
· Seventh what and how can I contribute?
To learn about these and other difficult subjects some preparatory work is necessary and it is this that we are about.
The degree to which we heal ourselves is the degree to which we can find peace of mind.
We would suggest that what most of us really want is peace of mind. Happiness for example is an emotion so it comes and goes as it will.....beyond our control, but if we can find peace of mind then no matter what comes our way we are OK.
Life throws us many unexpected experiences and our success in making good choices depends on our consciousness.
Our consciousness is all we have so anything that we can do to improve or expand it is to our advantage.
Expansion of consciousness leads to many direct and indirect benefits, including many or great pertinence to modern life.
So the above is quite enough for a first posting, now we have the interesting job of getting this site known.............
Should you stumble upon this and find that it resonates then get in touch.

Monday, September 12, 2005