Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's absolutely true........Nothing lasts forever

I chose this title because last night I went to dinner in a very unusual and beautiful house.
The house or more accurately large south american style hacienda is located high on a hill outside Marbella.
It is approached up a long and windey track, which also helps to keep it isolated.
The moon being full last night added to the beauty of the enter the main door into a long wide hall at least fiftty metres long with rooms and courtyards off to either side.
Each room from libaries to sitting rooms to studies have their own charm with amazing artifacts in every room and on every wall. My hosts have lived in many places.
One was an archaeologist and the other a geologist/businessman and both had collected many and interesting items in their travels.
The evening was out of another era as we were seated in three different but adjoining dining rooms with an excellent meal supported by a clever and accomplished to my reason for chosing this title.........
My hosts are getting on in years. They have no children and only one distant relative who has I am told little or no interest in them or their amazing property.
During dinner I was seated next to my hostess who told me a little of her life. She met her husband in New York, she herself being from New Jersey, he having escaped from Germany just before WWII into France and then Spain into Portugal back into Spain where he was imprisoned before getting out to the UK. After this he made his way to the US where he joined the army. He then as a very young major went through Europe with General Paton before acting as an interpreter at the Nurnburg trials after the war. He then went back to the US and after more adventures left the Army and went into business..........................he explored some land in Canada and knew that there was uranium underneath, bought it and indeed it turned out against local scepticism to contain the world's largest deposits of the mineral. After a few years he got tired of this and went exploring for oil in Ecuador, he found plenty, his by now wife herself an archaeologist had discovered many unusual artifacts from the Maya and other periods.
So both led full and active lives with many more adventures.
When they decided to move to Spain they looked at the land their hacienda now stands on and were told that there was no water on it............................they decided otherwise, bought it and the geologist husband duly found plenty of water, which in this part of Spain is decidedly important at the moment where we have had no rain in over ten months.
Long story short two unusual people with fascinating stories, which will die with them when they go.
Yes, they could write books, but choose not to do so.
Yes, life does have an end.
My conversation with my hostess was also about death and what after our present lives?
My question to you is what comes next for you?
Suprising how few people have thought about this.....................for themselves that is. Have you?
My point being if you understand why you are here and what comes next then for sure you have more chance of finding peace of mind in this life and deciding better how to spend it.
Yes, it is possible to find answers to these questions.
Do not believe those who ridicule such ideas as this is easy and cheap talk.
Nor am I talking about religion as many today have very weird or unconvincing ideas on this subject.
I am talking about something that affects us all and is worth some thought for many different reasons.
Look for yourself, the journey is the most productive you will ever undertake.
A word of caution though it is not easy and will take some effort on your part.
How to start?
Try reading "Reincarnation - A New Horizon in Science, Religion and Society". by Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams.
Alternatively you can ask us questions as this is what we (my wife and myself) do.
We share what we have learnt with those who are interested.
Our main area is consciousness studies, but death is obviously a part of this arena.
As I said above "nothing lasts for ever".................... my hosts of last night are divided on this subject, one is clear and calm and the other is frightened about death and avoids all discussion on the subject.
And you?

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