Wednesday, November 30, 2005


One of the more dangerous words in any language.

How many of us say this to ourselves?

How many feel frustrated when we do not do whatever it was?

How many blame others?

How many beat themselves up and feel depressed and negative about themselves?

Let go of should, get honest with yourself.

Accept the truth of where you are, your limitations, your reality.

The present is all there is.

No should, would, or could let them all go.

Just the truth of what is that's all.

You'll feel better if you do.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005



What is obvious to us is not necessarily the truth.

Truth at our level is relative and grows in proportion to our growth in consciousness.


We are at the interesting point where many of our beliefs and understandings are no longer working.

We could say that solutions are no longer obvious, which means that we are growing beyond simplistic certainties and the arrogance of ignorance.

Obvious one might say we need to try new ways.

So how come we are so frightened of new ideas?

Obviously something is wrong when we all know that we need to try new ways and yet resist them when they touch us personally.

Maybe then it isn't so obvious after all.

Is it all obvious to you or are you open to new ideas?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Adrenaline sport addiction

Many people are addicted to their sports and consider themselves to be healthy.

If you cannot live without your sport then this is indeed addiction.

Adrenaline producing sports are one such addictive branch of sport.

Most martial arts, squash, skydiving, riding motorbikes fast and other action sports are adrenaline producing.

The production of adrenalin is the buzz as it alters the serotonin levels in the brain, which last for some time, hence the addiction.

So if you are an adrenaline junky then be aware because for sure there is always a downside.

The downside is the need.

The alteration of mood leading to more need.

The increase of milk acid in the body.

Obsessive focus on the activity.

There is no free ride so just be aware of the price you pay.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Let no one mistake the importance and potency of number: as symbols.

Everything in the Universe was framed according to the eternal proportions and combinations of numbers.

Numbers are the fundamental basis of all systems of mysticism, philosophy, and religion.

The respective festivals of the year and their dates were all fixed according to the Sun - the "father of all calendars" and of the Zodiac, or the Sun-god and the twelve great, but still minor gods; and they became subsequently sacred in the cycle of national and tribal religions.

Numbers still underline many of our most common words even though we have long forgotten their meaning.

This does not mean that the potency has gone, just forgotten.

Numbers are so much more than quantative symbols.

Learn more about numbers and what they say about us and our Universe.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Every man and woman on this planet has a mother, came from a mother, yes even hysterical clerics and women haters.

Mothers influence our lives in many different ways, some subtle some obvious.

Mothers usually have more direct contact with us while we are growing up than anyone else.
Mothers shape our belief systems.
Mothers instil our value systems.
Mothers pass on their own fears.
Mothers create our presentation to the world.
Mothers do or do not introduce us to love.

Mothers do so much that shapes the future adult.

Mothers also cripple their children in many and subtle ways.

Mothers often create dependencies in their children.
Mothers often use their children.
Mothers often refuse to let their children free.
Mothers are jealous of their children.
Mothers continue to control their children in adult life
Mothers mentally and pschologically abuse their children.

Other mothers are amazing in their love and sacrifice.

Mothers can be great resources for us in later life
Mothers will care for us when others can or will not.

What kind of mother is yours?

Live your own life not hers.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Sadness, we all go there.

Less well known is that sadness can literally drain our energy systems to the point where we can no longer function as we should.

Function as in being physically healthy.
Function as in being mentally healthy and balanced.
Function as in being psychologically healthy.

Many modern people slide from a tolerable energy situation to one of being constantly drained without understanding the true cause of the draining.

Sadness is one of these causes.

To remove sadness, take the focus off yourself, stop thinking about yourself and your problems.

Take your focus outside on to others let go of self-pity.

Live in this moment now, let go of your stories about the past and future.

If you can do this then sadness goes after a few hours.

For serious cases of sadness get in touch.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


If I bitch at you to do this or that the chances are that you will resist and resent my request.

If I do not ask you to do this or that and do it myself.

With pleasure though, not with anger or frustration.

And keep on doing it.

Guess what happens?

After some time you will do what I wanted you to do.

Try it!

Monday, November 21, 2005

For women only - better babies

How much thought have you given to being a mother?

Probably at some time you have worried about whether or not your baby would be healthy.

Then consider this.

Mankind is on a journey from the absolute down into materiality and back up to the absolute.

A cycle of learning if you will.

This journey is called a Manvantara and in our case takes 4.3 billion years.

We are just past the halfway mark in our journey.

We have all had many lives, many thousands in fact.

We will all have many thousand more lives.

Many lives are necessary for us to learn wisdom.

Each life has a major lesson to learn.

When the soul is ready to incarnate or to be born again it chooses its parents.

The soul will go to the parents who are best equipped to give it the start it needs to learn that major lesson in each life.

Parents do not choose us, they merely create the physical body.

Note this does not necessarily mean that we choose the most loving parents.

This also means that our parents are only our genetic parents as our spirits are independent.

We will incarnate over many lives as male and female and in totally different cultures.

So much for our current ideas about tribe, race and religion.

Our parents are perfect in the sense that we chose them as being the best suited to our evolutionary needs.

To start us through this life, to start learning this life's lesson.

From this we can see that it is possible to influence the quality of our future baby.


If you are not clean in body, mind and spirit then no higher conscious soul is going to want or be able to incarnate through you.

If your partner is not clean nor can you be.

If you are growing in your consciousness then this is more attractive to an incoming healthy conscious soul.

So to improve your chances of a healthier baby, learn about yourself, get rid of your fears, heal yourself.

Make it your life work to improve your consciousness.

Attract the healthiest baby you can, the choice is yours.

You determine the characteristics of your baby by your own actions and state of consciousness.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Nobody told you when to run

Maybe you didn't hear the starting gun.

Just imagine coming to the end and realising that your life was about nothing.

Nothing understood, nothing achieved, nothing to say.

Never too late the religions say, but that's just because they want your vote and cash.

It is late in the day.

We are all responsible for ourselves.

Moving into the realms of exploration is a human thing, we have always done this.

Decide to start your exploration today.

Clue - there is only inner space.

Do you know yours?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Love is not

Love is not sex.

Love is not conditional.

Love is not mind.

Love is not limited.

Love is not negotiable.

Love is not control.

Love is not manipulation.

Love is not fear.

Love is not addiction.

Love just is!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Occultism is real

Many people have asked us is occultism still practised and what is it, is it real?

The answer is, that yes, it is still practised, always has been, and always will be.

True occultism is the Great Renunciation of SELF, unconditionally and absolutely, in thought as in action

It is ALTRUISM, and it throws him who practices it out of calculation of the ranks of the living altogether.

"Not for himself but for the world he lives", as soon as he has pledged himself to the work.

Much is forgiven during the first years of probation.

But, no sooner is he "accepted" than his personality must disappear, and he has to become a mere beneficent force in Nature.

There are two poles for him after that, two paths, and no middle place of rest.

He has either to ascend laboriously step by step, often through numerous incarnations and no Devachanic break, the golden ladder leading to Mahatmaship, or - he will let himself slide down the ladder at the first false step, and roll down into Black magic.

This is really how it is.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Occultism = Belief in or study of supernatural forces.

Occultism is colourless and only when used by man for the one side or the other is it good or bad.

Bad occultism, or that which is used for selfish ends, is not false, for it is the same as that used for good ends.

Nature is two sided, negative and positive, good and bad, light and dark, hot and cold, spirit and matter.

The Black magician is as powerful as the White, but in the end all the trend of nature will go to destroy the black and save the white.

To be understood is that the dishonest man and the true can both be occultists.

Occultism is the general, all inclusive term, the differentiating terms are White and Black; the same forces are used by both and similar laws, for there are no special laws in this universe for any special set of workers in Nature's secrets.

Beware while the path of the wicked is easy at first, it is hard at last, for black workers are the friends of no one, they are against each other as soon as interest demands, and that may be at any time.

Final annihilation of the personal soul awaits those who deal in the destructive side of Nature's hall of experience.

The Path

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Working Life Escalator

Keep your head down, do your job, look forward to the weekend.

Yes, that is one way to pass through life.

Riding the escalator to the end, unthinking, uncommitted and unaware.

Small problem!

Today nothing is for sure,

Most of us today are thrown off the escalator.

Where will you go, what will you do?

Start looking at your life as something you create personally.

Your life can be about what is best for you.

Look in the mirror and ask do I like what I see?

Take responsibility for your life decide what you want and where you want to go.

Act now, don't leave your life for others to dictate what happens.

Respect yourself, create what is best for you.

Start making choices that move you towards what you truly care about.

Do not allow yourself to drift through life unthinking, unaware.

Life will catch you out beware!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mmmmm - 9

There is nothing beyond consciousness.

Because Absolute Consciousness is infinite and limitless.

There is nothing that can be said to be beyond that which is all.

The self-container, containing all.


Sunday, November 13, 2005


Living is something that we all assume that we are doing.

Question, is living just indulging our basic functions?

Or is living thinking
Is living daring
Is living exploring
Is living working
Is living sleeping
Is living fearing
Is living laughing

What is living for you?

Is true living only me or is it we?

Ninety percent of humanity are not interested in knowing, indeed they are quite content to browse their way through this place.

And you, what are you living for, or should we ask why are you living?

Living can be greater than we suspect, dare to venture to the edge of your consciousness to enter new domains.

Reach out and learn how to live more fully.

None of us can reach even the edge of our living potential, so don't waste your life browsing.

Don't arrive at death without having ever lived!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Mmmmm - 8

Misery cannot be relieved.

It is a vital element in human nature,

and is as necessary to some lives as pleasure is to others.

This is why misery is not only endurable,

but agreeable to many who endure it.

Lucifer vol I No 3

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Most of us get angry from time to time.

Most of us are unaware of the price we pay.

The price is threefold, firstly the experience itself, which is loss of control and balance sometimes including violent feelings and actions. A negative explosion if you will.

Secondly anger does bad things to our livers.

Thirdly and maybe of more significance are the cumulative and long term effects of anger on our system's well being and efficient functioning.

Leave the anger unresolved and you have a continuing negative energy loss in your system.

Try to resolve all anger situations.
Try to restore harmony where you can.
Try to let anger out of your system.

Let anger go, better still do not allow yourself to get angry!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mmmmm - 6

What has intelligence to do with the sex of the body?

Where the sexual instincts end,

there ends the influence of the sex.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It's that time of year and we had the misfortune to fly recently from Paris with a coughing spluttering fellow passenger.

A few days later we both went down with a horrible flu, headache, achy limbs, fever, sore throat, it felt horrible.

So just for the record we do not catch flu it attacks us because our immune systems are weak.

In our case we had overdone things in Paris, working long hours and then giving talks every night. Result weakened immune systems vulnerable to nasty flu.

So for the winter where we can all expect more nasty flu bugs build up your immune systems.

Eat well, exercise and most important of all let go of your fears.

Yes, fear or stress is very very debilitating so of all the things you can do to protect yourself from flu funnily enough letting go of fear must be number one.

Might sound funny but it works so let go of your fears.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mmmmm - 5

"If there is a still greater absurdity than to speak of a cruel God: it is to admit that God, the Great, Absolute Whole, could ever interfere in terrestrial or human affairs.

The infinite cannot associate with the finite; the unconditioned ignores the conditioned and the limited.

The absolute "Intelligence-Wisdom" cannot act in the restricted space of a small globe.

It is omnipresent and latent in the Cosmos, infinite as itself."

We find it's only true manifestation in humanity as a whole, composed as it is of stray sparks, finite in their objective duration, eternal in their essence, issuing from that hearth without beginning or end.

Therefore the only God whom we should serve is humanity, and our only cult should be the love of our fellow man."


Cancer and Dogs

Recent research has shown, yes with scientifically provable results, that dogs are able to detect cancer long before any equipment is able to.

The approach is non-intrusive, using urine samples from patients which are given to trained dogs for evaluation.

The level of accuracy from dogs is over 92%, while that of current equipment is lower being in the high sixties and can only detect cancer in the later stages.

Using dogs for this work is no different than the thousands of trained dogs currently being used worldwide for catastrophies, drug sniffing, police, military work and so on.

The most rigorous research has been conducted over many years at Cambridge in England, a University in Florida and a clinic in California. The research is ongoing in all three places.

Now here's the interesting if sad bit.

When officials at the major UK cancer research institute were asked what they thought about these results here are their comments:

That's interesting.
It is difficult to train dogs.
The dogs could not work as hard as machines.
The results would not be as accurate
It's interesting but a long way off from practical use.
Technology is moving fast and devices will be able to do this work in the future.


Apart from the NIH (Not Invented Here) attitude, notice that there is no excited interest just damning with faint praise.

Could it be that narrow self-interest is more important to these people than what could be brought to cancer sufferers?

They take their karma.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Shine on you crazy diamond"

A Pink Floyd lyric to a former band member Sid Barrett

Do you ever go crazy?

Ever let go, step outside yourself?

Do you do it chemically, or with alcohol, speed, mdma, dope whatever?

Most of us start out trying everything then we tend to fix on our drugs of choice.

Further down the road we either keep on going to oblivion or back off to being occasional users.

Weekend partakers if you will.

What if you took the wrong road?

What do we mean?

Apart from any moral arguments about laws on drug usage this might still be missing the point

Which is?

That moving into a space of pleasant relaxation without drugs is more interesting than having to rely on drugs.

Drugs all have decidedly negative effects over time.

These effects are psychological, psychical, relational, physical wear and tear on our systems, not to mention the financial costs.

Conversely learning to see the beauty in nature, to meditate, relaxing without having to use drugs has only positive cumulative effects over time.

Improve your health, your life.

Observe for yourself how pleasant it is to feel good 24/7 rather than having to recover from feeling the effects of whatever drugs you use.

Choices, they are always yours, make one today!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Mmmmm - 4

"Astrology is the mother of Astronomy and Alchemy is the mother of chemistry, just as the plastic soul is the mother of primitive physical man.

Astrology and Alchemy are equally the soul of the two modern sciences.

As long as this truth is not recognised, Astronomy and Chemistry will continue to run in a vicious circle and will produce nothing beyond materiality."


Thursday, November 03, 2005


Self-knowledge is the only way for humans to start on the long path towards enlightenment.

The first necessity for obtaining self-knowledge is to become profoundly conscious of ignorance; to feel with every fibre of the heart that one is ceaselessly self-deceived.

The second requisite is the still deeper conviction that such self-knowledge - such intuitive and certain knowledge - can be obtained by effort.

The third and most important is an indomitable determination to obtain and face that knowledge.

Self-knowledge of this kind is unattainable by what men usually call "self-analysis". It is not reached by reasoning or any brain process, for it is the awakening to consciousness of the Divine nature of man.

Too obtain this knowledge is a greater achievement than to command the elements or to know the future.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mmmmm - 3

None of the great religions, neither the Ethiopian nor any
other, has proceeded the religion of the first Vedists ancient

When one speaks of of esoteric Budhism (with one d) it is
mistaken for Buddhism, the religion of Gautama the Buddha.

Buddha is a title of the sages and means the illumined one.

Budha means wisdom intelligence, the personification of
secret wisdom, of esotericism.

This Budha is by thousands of years older than the year 600 before the Christian era, date assigned to the appearance of Gautama the Buddha.

Budhist esotericism has therefore nothing to do with the Buddhist religion.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Myour is the new name for this blog although we have not changed the address.


Because the same name is being used elsewhere by an organisation dedicated to similar but dissimilar objectives, so better to change now to a name that is far!

Myour is just a play on the words my and our.


Something nice

Give a present to everyone you meet!

Yes, everybody!

It will change your life.


Because it works like this:

usually we are busy all day long inside our heads with our innumerable thoughts about our own lives so that often we pay little attention to those we meet or who serve us.

If you decide to give everyone you meet a gift or present, and by this we mean a nice word, a smile, a comment, your attention.............................. then this is what happens:

you take the attention of yourself and your own thoughts or problems.

You put your attention onto the other person and actually notice and respect their needs and situation.

In other words you move the focus from me to him or her and by so doing make others feel better and give yourself a break from yourself.

Absolutely worth doing it changes your life!