Saturday, June 30, 2007

Evil people

Evil people exist
They are as real as anyone else
They are people who have chosen to use any and all possibilities to advance their own interests

They have no concern for the feelings of others

Morality and ethics play no part in their lives

There are as many evil women as there are evil men

Causing pain, discomfort or death are of absolutely no interest to them

They have no feelings for others only acting as if they do where this is useful


Totally and only interested in self
Selfish and usually without humour

Lie to your face and when caught out tell you that you did not understand properly

That you misunderstood, them

They are never wrong, ever

Very fast and good at lying

So think, you know some evil people

They are unfortunately common in our world

Recognise, label, and stay away

The point of this message?

We see evil people and tend to make excuses because we do not want conflict or trouble

Evil people bank on this and use the basic politeness of people to survive and advance their interests

So it is us who decide who is evil and this only occurs if we have the courage to be honest

To see evil and label it as such

Evil is evil,

It is we who decide

Evil people will not label themselves as such

Indeed one of the favourite hiding places of evil people is to masquerade as holy or saintly almost God like.

Evil people will also gravitate towards power and money

Observe so many leaders in all walks of life today

Yes it is our world

Friday, June 29, 2007


Is the male way

Over many thousands of years males have fought each other
Usually killing women and children too
Over the same thousands of years males learnt over and over that the fighting has to eventually stop

Talking and compromise take over

A resolution is arrived at

Today in many places the fighting goes on

Fanatics on both sides screaming how right they are

Usually invoking their Gods

Apparently it has never occurred to them that no loving God would want anything to do with them or their violence

But then it is time that we realised that this is their business not a cause

The cannon fodder might believe but for sure their leaders know better

Cynical leaders deserve to be treated with the same disdain that they show to the world

So let us ask

Do you see yourself involved in any way?

Are you removed from these issues?

Do they touch you?

What should you do?

Should you be involved?


Give it some thought because one day you will probably meet some fanatics

One day your life will be touched

Think now
Not when it happens that's probably too late

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just one more

Day in an increasingly turbulent world

Floods, wind rain, heat waves, fires you name it somewhere in the world today they have it

In fact wherever you are the violence of nature is upon us

Yes our times are a changing

In all likelihood they will stay turbulent for the rest of our lives


Because nature will not allow us to continue without our changing

Will we have the wit to understand this?

On one side greed on the other the quest to understand, to help if we can

Help what?

Change our world that's what


The forces of shallow greed are so great

Yes, that's cool it makes the fight worthwhile

That old cliche is the starting point

Want to change the world?

Then change yourself

It is true

As you change yourself so the world changes

At what ever level you operate or find yourself this is true

Do not question why you are at the level or situation you are at

This is not ours to choose

We are where we are for good reasons beyond our understanding

Just focus on finding the truth about yourself

Yes the truth

Not the stories you tell yourself

The truth and this is the starting point for the changes that are necessary before you can help


Because being in our ego as most are does not allow us to help change much as everything is seen through the prism of our egos

So just one more time get real decide to grow

To find the truth and yes there is truth

Start the journey to find yours today wherever you are whatever you are doing

You do not need a guru

Just the discipline, will power and courage to face yourself.

Start by asking your friends how they find you....................really

Then work from there

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Missing you

Is such a sad feeling

What to do?

Jump on a plane

Go visit

Usually not possible as our lives are different

We are apart

We cannot be together physically

We can though sort our emotions

To feel love for each other

To enjoy our lives without regret

To feel good that the other exists

So many of us cannot be together

Just send thought forms of love

Do not waste life in regret or sadness

There is enough sadness around already without adding more

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We make them and then break them

We casually commit

Why do we say we will do this when on reflection we know we will not?
Not wanting to appear selfish

Wanting to look good

Wanting to appear helpful

Hoping to gain an advantage

No matter over time this will get us a bad name

For those of an evil disposition no worries because they just keep moving on

They don't care anyway just what plays to their perceived gain

For the rest of humanity do not make promises you will not keep

Learn to say no

To say I will not

For many this is hard because they seldom notice that the price paid later is greater than the percieved gain now

To promise and then agonise how to reverse the promise is stressful and time consuming

Broken promises add up over time and create a change in your energy

Un-noticed often is that there is no great distance from a broken promise to a lie

Looks like such a little thing, but actually it is harmful in so many ways

Beware of promises

Monday, June 25, 2007

In times of need

We find that those we thought would be there for us suddenly disappear

Many so called friends melt away, gone

Often someone we hardly noticed

On the periphery of our lives

Moves forward

Demonstrates true friendship

Funny this

And after the storm passes

Fades away again
We relax crisis past

What did we learn?

That we are not clear about ourselves and our relationships
Did we?
Because if we had been accurate then those "friends" would not have disappeared

Check it out while times are normal

Check out do I really have that much in common with those around me?

Or am I in my ego

Am I being used?

Am I using others?

Are you?
Then create real relationships
Ones based on mutual respect
Shared values
Make such appreciations a natural part of developing your relationships
Effort gives meaning to a relationship

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't even notice

our good health

Just wait until one little thing goes wrong

A sprain, a bruise, a cut



Just one little thing
Let alone something mega

And suddenly we are contrite

Just wishing to feel better again

Mentally promising ourselves that we will never take our good health for granted again

We will really appreciate it this time if only we can be in good health again please.

Of all the things you might want in life good health has to be the only one that really counts

The one thing that really matters

Without good health life is so different

Just one big compromise one big pain

So take time to check that your health is what it should be

That you are doing the simple intelligent things that keep yourself in shape

Make the effort to look after yourself because no one else can do it for you.
Notice and appreciate your good health

Saturday, June 23, 2007

What to do

When you have time to spare
When you are alone

Alone to do what you want

What do you do?

Watch TV

Go online
Go out

Hang around

Funny how when we have time to ourselves we often don't know what to do

When we are busy we can imagine a thousand things we would do if we were not busy

Why is this?

Illusion and off we go into idle dreams of doing different things

Fantasy time

Reality arrives and we suddenly find reasons why we cannot do whatever it was we dreamed of doing

Ever thought how much of our time is spent in illusion and not reality
How often we zip off into "if only I had time mode"

Tighten up your life

Make it real

So that next time you have the opportunity you actually do something

Friday, June 22, 2007

Life changing

Everybody wants to feel better

They wonder what is life changing

No it is not bought in a shop

No it is not a new anything
It is a little tiny difficult thing

Being the best we can every day

This and this alone helps to propel us into a greater conscious awareness

Conscious awareness is the life changing shift we are all looking for
It leads to peace of mind

It takes time

Nature designed it this way

There are no short cuts

Day in day out being the best we can

Then one day we see why this must be so

It allows us to experience everything

Nature demands this of us if we wish to move on

So life changing is doing the best we can

Nature asks no more of us than this

Man might say otherwise
But then look around you what does he know?
Be the best you can every day
That's all

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Each generation

Accepts what it finds when it comes in as being normal

Which is how things move on

The current generation finds the Internet just a tool

Global materialism as how it is

Shopping as a major pastime

And old people as silent spectators

No more idea that the old have any wisdom

In fact no more old involved in modern life except to be a drain with their pension needs

Walled up out of sight on the edge of town

On the edge of society

Shame really one day we might wonder how things were

Might also wonder if they knew anything we've forgotten

Maybe the last days of Rome are always like this

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bar-coding children

Yes now it is getting under way

In the UK the government is introducing a scheme to fingerprint and eye scan children as young as five years old

There will of course be safeguards to protect the information

However it should be noted that the police in the UK have the right to enter any database they want and frequently do so

So yet another step down the road to lifetime tagging

Always in the interests of security or health or other such noble safeguards

Once done there is no turning back because the march of such logic knows no limits
Cannot stop or turn back

Few will understand the inevitable end point of such moves

Maybe just as well
Just a few years before children are tagged at birth
A lifetime's control with no escape

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Credit and debt

Buy now pay later

So many have debts
Pay and pay, and pay
All their lives in fact
Never get in front, never win
And then interest rates go up
What about the idea of not buying if you cannot afford something?

Credit tends to get out of hand

Funnily enough if you only buy what you can afford to pay for in cash you have different worries
You do not have all the toys that credit can buy
But then again you have no end of month stress about how to pay the interest or principle
Thought for the day
Do you really want to live in debt for the rest of your life?
Might be nicer just to be poor without illusions

Monday, June 18, 2007

Air travel today

Isn’t what it used to be

For most of us today there is always hassle

Getting to and from the airport

Checking in

Security controls

Delayed flights

Often crowded

Small leg room on most flights

Poor quality food

Frequent announcements asking us to buy something or other

Then the same all over again on the way back

No way out of it

Getting from a to b is not what it used to be.

So as this is our reality

Look at it another way

How nice to be going somewhere else

I do not mind what happens on this day .
This is my reality
How nice to be doing something new, different
Take pleasure from the experience
Make it a nice day

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Certain light

Late in the afternoon, early evening when the sun is shining

Gives things a shiny luminosity

A special light

It also gives one a feeling of appreciation at how it lifts things

If you are not too busy in your thoughts that is

Most are hurrying from point a to b

Living in cities also blurs our appreciation

Just seeing the sky here and there

Endless man signs of buildings and man clutter obscuring views

Choose to notice nature wherever you are

Life moves so fast it is no good taking occasional trips to the countryside

We need nature daily

To be at one

To experience the summer, the moods, the smells of cut grass

Make yourself part of nature not just an occasional spectator.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sudden anger

Maybe you flair up

Maybe your friend, your mother, your father does

You touched a button

Often it is not your problem

It's theirs

However in such situations better to get out of the way if you can

Because in their anger they will involve you too

Then more people get hurt

Walk away do not let them have time to press your buttons
They most certainly will because when in anger that's what we do

Then nobody wins

Learn to read the signs

Don't let sudden anger catch you out

Friday, June 15, 2007


Is how it is for most life
Human life is repetition

Can become reflexive

Often does

Familiarity as they say breeds contempt

Are you careless with your repetitions?

Are your relationships careless repetitions?

Do you care any longer or do you take them for granted

Pay attention one day it may no longer be there

Relationships can appear stable and then bang all over

Just because you did not pay attention

It had become a repetition

So much of our lives is repetition

Change this

Pay attention to everything you do today

See if you can be better with all your repetitions

Improve the way you do all those humdrum everyday things

And with people give each one something special
A smile

A word

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone did!

You start first

Be love for someone today

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bad boss

He owns me

He is a bully

He expects me to drink with him after work

He takes up all my time

He puts me in charge then questions everything, all the time

He is always phoning me asking for things

There are bosses like this, many

And you?

You feel like an abused prisoner

Under stress, tired out, jumpy

So why do you stay?

Amazing how many people present reasons why they cannot move

And yes they are prisoners

But not of the boss but of their own minds

Get real see life as it is

Decide to move and then make plans to have it happen

There is no excuse for wasting your life in a miserable situation

Plan, execute, move.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why try?

Because it's what humans do

Throughout history it's what we have been doing


All our progress and achievements come from trying

Without this we are nothing

What are you trying to do?

How are you trying?

We cannot all be heroes and neither does nature want this

Nature wants to know that you doing your best

Each and every day

Do your best

Try to understand

Why you are here

Ask how can I grow inside

All our growth and understanding is on the inside

You can wear all you like on the outside

But if you are crippled inside then it makes for nothing.

As John Lennon said

"You can’t hide when you are crippled inside"

It's what we do

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Is not a word used by polite people in these politically correct times

However we all know liars

People who cannot be wrong

People who prevaricate

Who will never admit

Some lie right to our face

Be warned do not share confidential information

Do not confide

They will use this to advance their own interests

Liars seldom change

Lying is their chosen life strategy

To the end

Poor people

Leave liars alone

Lying is evil

Yes evil so call it by its proper name even if only to yourself

This way you will not make mistakes with these people

There is no friendship with evil only advantage to them

Until they have exhausted your use to them

Then chaio

Do not be a pawn

Leave liars alone

Monday, June 11, 2007


Is something we all experience from time to time

We live in a world where we know all the answers

Where we are sure that our way is the best

Few humans have this knowledge

Let alone the wisdom

Unfortunately we all know some people who know the answers to everything

Leaving them aside confusion comes to all of us on occasion

Confusion comes from the unfamiliar, the unexpected, the incomprehensible

When this comes as it will at some point, stop, observe look again then act

There are situations where we are required to act immediately, still time to look twice confirm before acting.

Might be only a split second however this second look is often the one that determines whether or not our actions are the correct ones.

Confusion comes in many forms and only the most extreme might require immediate action

For others take more time, share if there are people around

Better to ask than put yourself in jeopardy

Confusion is challenging

Meet it with equanimity and prior preparation
There are many situations that can be made easier with a bit of prior planning
On a simple level if your lights fail do you know where the fuses are?
Know where your torch is?
Take this up a level and you can see that a little thought about many things can avoid confusion
Prepare for the unexpected that often involves confusion.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Experience and pain

Are our teachers

Difficult to accept without understanding karma and reincarnation

So if you want to understand why you experience so much stress

So much fear

So much pain

Then learn about karma and reincarnation

Learn that what you are you created yourself

What you willl be in the future you are even now creating

Each thought has energy and creates what will be in the future

So you are litterally what your thoughts and actions were some time back

Unfortualtely most of us learn only through pain

We try to avoid pain

We do not want to change or acknowledge the need for change
Nature does not accept this so more pain until we do
Experience and pain are our teachers

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mmmmm - 45

Love and hatred

Are the only immortal feelings

But the graduation of tones along the seven by seven scale

Of the whole keyboard of life are numberless

And since it is those two feelings

or, to be correct shall I risk being misunderstood again and say

those two poles of man's soul which is a unity?

That mould the future state of man

Whether for Devachan (heaven) or Avitchi (hell)

then the variety of such states must be inexhaustible


Friday, June 08, 2007


Big pharma so called because of it's power and size

Huge industry

Huge profits

Huge manipulations

Check what pills you take

Consider throwing them all away

Consider listening to your body

The more you take the more you rely on them

Ever thought that none of them have been tested against each other?

Meaning there are always but always unintended side effects whenever you take more than one at a time.

Be clear the more you introduce into your system the more you disturb

An amazing and subtle self regulating system


Leave the pills in the bottle

Seek out other ways to sustain good health

Choose a life free of snake oil

Thursday, June 07, 2007


We all have them

Ever lost yours?

Quite a shock

What to do




Did you have spares hidden away?

With some friend

Your family

Or were you stuck?

Horrible feeling of being totally, but totally inconvenienced

Make some back up keys today

Life can be like that

Going along smoothly and then bang out of the blue something hits you

And what is your back up?

Not a spare life we can't have one of them

We can have protection in the form of our attitude

Our approach to life

Prepare yourself for that shock because for sure it will come one day when you least expect it

Develop flexibility and equanimity

These are truly our keys

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Is something we all collect

One way and another we all have lots of stuff we never use or wear

Even our kitchens are normally filled with spices and other ingredients we will never use
We keep books we will never read
Things we will never get round to using or fixing

Why do we do this?

Maybe a throwback to earlier times when things were not so plentiful

If you want to feel free then have a big throw out

Give away all those old clothes

Pass on those books so that others can read them
It really does feel good to have a mega clear out once in a while
Try it
Let go of junk for that is what unused things are.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nothing wrong

with drink



in moderation

indeed so,

Most of us go over the top sometimes

indeed so

Ever really thought why you take them?

They make you happy

They give you excitement

A lift

And over time they change your reality by altering your mind

Each one has a price and unfortunately most of us have paid that price at some time or another

Often we do not realise the price until quite late in the day


Over time they lose their novelty value and with some you need to take more just to get to the same state

Look at yourself are you enjoying life as you thought you would?

If not then consider moving to another state

One where you need no artificial stimulants

Make nature your drug of choice

Change your perceptions

Change your mind

Nature costs less than man made stimulants

It might not sound so much fun

Over time though you find how pleasurable it is

No downside

No recovery necessary from beauty

Just keeps growing

Your choice

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sensory overload

Sound everywhere

Noise everywhere

Visual overload everywhere

Now along come the other sensory elements

Smell and touch

Not a trick is missed to grab our attention

Tune out

Block unnecessary calls for your attention

Take your senses back under your own control

Control who gets your attention

Tune out intrusions

Keep your senses your own

Sunday, June 03, 2007

No slack

Camera catches you speeding doing 40 in a 30 zone on a sunny day with no danger in sight.

Photo is taken, you are fined, points are taken, get a few more and you lose your licence.

Constant controls on everything we do increasing day by day

Argument is that terrorism or safety effects are enhanced

Net result is more control on our lives

Means more subtle pressure

Endless remorseless

Never stops

Brave new world

George Orwell's 1984 did not get the half of it

No way out of this situation

On the surface that is

Throughout history man has experienced extreme pressures

This one requires that you learn to go where the cameras cannot follow

Beyond mind where peace and beauty may be found

Yes it has come to this

Peace of mind cannot be found in modern materialism as more and more people are realising

Start learning to control your mind

Then move beyond mind

This is where freedom has always resided

Find your own way
These controls might not be in your country yet but come they will.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Don't see it

Next time you are right

Consider you might be wrong

More than that you lose, because you do not listen
When you are busy being right
You are deaf to other points of view

Can you be wrong?

Or are you stubborn

Is it important that you be right

Is your life built around being right

For many this is the case

Sorry about that because it means that you have a way to go

A long way


Because anyone who needs to be right has problems with self esteem

Self worth

Try to let go and be wrong for once

Say sorry

Be wrong

Experience the feeling

Learn about yourself
Let go of being right

Friday, June 01, 2007


Scientists have established that many Europeans became more depressed during the 1950's

In the Second World War this was not the case

Then again they found that this went away to an extent in the 1960's only to reappear in the 1990's.

Today depression is coming earlier with many being depressed by the age of only 26 years old.

OK if this is true are you one such?

If not then fine, if yes then time to sort it.

Depression can be very subtle with people not being aware that they are in depression.

If things look negative to you then check your perceptions with those around you.
Ask others what they see
Do they also see things so negatively?.

Only real way out is to alter your understanding of reality.

This rests in your mind.

How to change your mind?

Ah, no easy fix here

Work and more work.

Are you up to this?
Start by working to fix your attention outside of yourself
Stop endless thinking about yourself and your problems
Live in this moment now
Stay busy with things outside yourself.
Be disciplined in this