Monday, June 11, 2007


Is something we all experience from time to time

We live in a world where we know all the answers

Where we are sure that our way is the best

Few humans have this knowledge

Let alone the wisdom

Unfortunately we all know some people who know the answers to everything

Leaving them aside confusion comes to all of us on occasion

Confusion comes from the unfamiliar, the unexpected, the incomprehensible

When this comes as it will at some point, stop, observe look again then act

There are situations where we are required to act immediately, still time to look twice confirm before acting.

Might be only a split second however this second look is often the one that determines whether or not our actions are the correct ones.

Confusion comes in many forms and only the most extreme might require immediate action

For others take more time, share if there are people around

Better to ask than put yourself in jeopardy

Confusion is challenging

Meet it with equanimity and prior preparation
There are many situations that can be made easier with a bit of prior planning
On a simple level if your lights fail do you know where the fuses are?
Know where your torch is?
Take this up a level and you can see that a little thought about many things can avoid confusion
Prepare for the unexpected that often involves confusion.

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