Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Is so difficult to say sometimes

We all need to be able to say sorry

There are times when we do not feel it is we who should be saying sorry
However that may be understand this

When we have bad, angry, jealous, or negative thoughts about someone

Or an argument with them

We create a negative energy between us

This tension remains until we mutually or unilaterally remove it

Often this remains for life

Look a the bad blood in families and between once best friends

The negative energy can be removed

This is done by either of the two parties doing so directly with the other

Or by one party through an open heart asking forgiveness from the other party
This is done mentally

Taking the form of saying forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, and then thank you, thank you thank you

In both instances being totally sincere even if you feel you were not to blame

This is not the point the point is to break the negative energy between you, and by the time you do this hopefully you will have mellowed out and be able to see that you want to finish things and therefore choose to ask forgiveness

The thank you is just that as the experience has taught you some lessons
The universe can hear and feel your sincerity so do not play games

Do nothing rather than invoke more karma by being dishonest

Once you have done this exercise the negative energy between the parties reverses and goes back to both with a positive charge

One reason that most humans operate at about 35-40% of their potential is for this reason they have negative energy between themselves and so many others

Sad really because before they leave this life or just after they will experience double the pain and harm caused to the other party

Learn to truly say sorry

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So hard

at times to keep our sense of humor.

Our belief that things are going to be OK

Things are just too much with misery and depression swirling around our heads

Just too much not an iffy day just ongoing misery

It might seem boring but the answers are the same

Get busy do things where you have no time to feel sorry for yourself

Build little success into every day, little steps where you can feel you achieved something

Then deep breath and accept that every human has these misery times

Does not matter if you are rich or poor we all have them

Ask around!

It helps to realize that this is normal human experience even if you are convinced that your misery is worse and deeper than anyone else's

Why does it help?

Simply because to regain equilibrium it helps to know that others have been there before you

That it is possible to come through

It is possible to create good health

Only though if you are prepared to work, to struggle

Yes it is a struggle so accept this

Acknowledge that this means fighting every day to regain some perspective and acceptance that this is how it is

Once we can reach this point then nature usually allows us some breathing space

Space to understand that once we learn a lesson we can move on

Nature and karma are not vindictive they accurately give us what we need to grow

And once we have accepted and learnt our lessons we can move on

Stronger and more aware we can move into calmer waters

Until the next challenge to our equilibrium that is

This is how life really is.

And yes the good times are there too

Monday, October 29, 2007

Some mothers

What can you do when your mother intrudes into your life?

Many mothers use their children, grown children that is, as substitutes for their own lives

Meaning they live their lives vicariously through their children

Children of thirty forty and fifty years old that is

Are you one such?

If you are then check out how you are controlled and manipulated as if you did not know already

Are you able to break free though?

To spend your life prisoner to one's mother is not a pleasant way to spend one's life

Selfish mothers are evil

Using every device known to control and manipulate their daughters and sons

Wake up and see them for what they are

Selfish dysfunctional women
Start by creating distance
Do not share what you do or where you go, this is your business not hers
Do not communicate every day or frequently
Do not say yes to her demands, invite her to focus on her own life
Understand that it will take time to change things around
A battle for your own life no .
Understand clearly intrusive mothers have no shame or consideration for those they use.
To take your own life back is not easy but the fight is about your life no less.
Literally you have to be brave and clear that you have rights too
Rights to live your life making your own choices

Some mothers!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So light

Can be the day

Look to the light

Shut your eyes

Imagine a beautiful scene, your favourite

Hold this scene
No thoughts just the scene

Then open eyes and see the beauty continuing

Just hold it leaving other thoughts aside

Therine lies the real challenge

Beauty is easy to see if only we can leave our minds aside

No thoughts, just observing the beauty of life around us
Even city scenes can be beautiful if we look
Trouble is we do not see the beauty
We are too busy listening to our minds
Stop the useless chatter of your mind and beauty is all around us
If the scene around you is ugly then look up at the sky
Notice how we get out of the habit of seeing beauty
It's a habit so shut out mind chatter and use your eyes to see light and beauty

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Someone dying

In your life is not always easy to help

What to say?

Avoid the subject of death?

Talk about it?

No straight answer as everyone approaches this in their own way

But if they do want to talk about death

Do you know what death is?

Is the death of the physical body death to you?

The death of the brain maybe?

Do you have any idea about what comes after death?

Interesting that death is a certainty for all of us

Yet few have ever looked at the prevailing ideas about what it is and what it is not

Taboo almost

Ignorant certainly

The truth is that death is transition, but transition of what to where?

If you want a better life then inform yourself


Because if you know how it works then psychologically you feel more secure

You live your life better more freely

Less getting up tight as you get older

Western ideas are based on deliberate falsification of original Christian teaching

Basically the current ideas give power and influence to the church

Free yourself and inform yourself

So that you can help that person dying to feel better about death

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mmmmm - 52

'There have been times when "a considerable portion of enlightened minds" were taught in our schools.

Such times there were in India, Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

But the adept is the efflorescence of his age, and comparatively few ever appear in a single century.

Earth is the battle ground of moral no less than of physical forces;

and the boisterousness of animal passions under the stimulus of the rude energies of the lower group of etheric agents, always tends to quench spirituality. . . .


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Over time

We lose contact with people we knew

They just faded away

We did not make the effort

They went their way we went ours

Our lives consume us

So many things to do

So busy

Never seem to have time

Time to notice the changes

That as we change so does our need for friends

When we are in relationship some friends stay

Others do not fit any longer

So they slide away

Being at the center of our lives we hardly notice

Time to tho' because this life is so short

Friends, true friends that is do not come along so often

Usually they are those we have know from when we were young
We trust them
We know each other so well .
So cherish the ones you have.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As in hurt by someone

Is something most of us go through

At the time it seems like the end of the world

And in a sense it is

The end of a relationship

The end never to reach the dream or expectations one had

Never to reach fulfillment

The one leaving the relationship is often fine because they are going somewhere

To someone else so they have the expectation of something new exciting even

The one being left is the one who feels the pain

Why did it happen?

Often we cannot understand that we did no wrong

Just that the other party wanted to leave

For whatever reason that is OK


Because it takes two to say yes and one to say no

If one says no then better let him go

It will not work if based on lies or false perceptions

So while it might seem like the end of the world better to finish now before other complications like children come along

Time is the only healer

Time and keeping busy

Keep busy doing all those things you never got around to while in relationship

Do new things explore other possibilities, go away take breaks in new places

Difficult but easier if you keep busy and understand better to be out of a relationship where the other party does not want to be there for whatever reason

Yes it is painful and yes it is not easy however it will pass and often we can look back later and see how lucky we were that things happened this way

Nature is so often smarter than us

Trust that life will show us the way
Pain is pain and only we can end this pain
By letting go, truly letting go

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Food tasting

Is yours developed?

Do you pay attention to what you eat?

Notice how many vegetables nowadays look good and taste empty

Chemicals give us a more pronounced taste in many of our foods today

Too much added sugar and salt

Hiding poor ingredients

Take back your taste awareness

Learn about food so that you can taste something real

Something natural

Choose your food with more care
Trust your intuition when something tells you that you want some particular food
The more conscious you are the more you can taste the differences
Eat slowly take time to taste what you eat
Actually enjoy what you eat .
After all food is your energy of life
Putting rubbish in is not a good life strategy

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sexual performance

Is something much written about

Much fantasised about

And oh so dangerous!

Where sex is fun it's great

Where it becomes laboured

Not so great

Sexual effort and pretence is just the harbinger of other troubles

If you are pretending then time to check out

Or ask yourself why am I doing this?

How long will I go on doing this?

Answer until I get real

Two choices carry on and find a way to improve your performance

Or admit that it is never getting better and time to talk and maybe check out

Either way it is not just the body

The mind has had it's say

Be honest because over time there is no hiding when the sexual urge has gone

When it's gone it's gone

If the relationship has other dimensions maybe fine if not then time to say goodbye

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Is never nice

Thinking that another has betrayed you

That the other has deliberatley lied

We all know people who lie

Learn to leave them alone

And those you are obliged to live with

Such as family

Work, bosses, colleagues

See their lies for what they are


Move to a point of decision

If you can get out of their lives

Refute the lies

Fight the lies

Better still maybe

Smile, move aside refuse to support or be drawn into the lie game
Once in you are part of it

You are part of the lie game

Stay away from lies

They are damaging to your health!

Confront lies do not live with suspicion

Suspicion is so damaging to your health.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Approaching fast

Free time approaching fast too

How will the weather be this weekend?

In the greater scheme of things the climate has always changed

The medieval warm period was hotter than we are now

It lasted for many hundreds of years

So our changeable weather is nothing new even though some would have us believe it to be so

What is new is the hysteria and exaggerated drama around anything to do with weather

For sure the old certainties are gone

What about your weekends then?

Still the same?

Or are you changing them too?
Doing new things

Getting out and enjoying the weekend

Sitting at home watching TV

Whatever your choices be prepared for more change

Weekends are changing too
For some the weekends feel like the only reality
They find the weekend goes slowly and the weeks pass in a blur
Time flying by with only weekends being real.
And fro you?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nice thought

Is like a nice surprise, it feels good
Nice thoughts are also a means to change our life

How come?

Because if we cultivate nice thoughts they become a new way of thinking for us

They become a natural part of our life

Nice thoughts generate more nice thoughts

Before long it is natural to think nice thoughts frequently

Nice thoughts in turn generate nice actions

The imprint of nice becomes more ingrained

One catch if you are suspicious, paranoid and deeply miserable then the above will be quite a stretch

Negative ways of thinking will tend to obviate the possibility of nice being a reality for you

The basic condition for any positive change in our lives has to be that we want to find and be nicer

If we do not then nothing is going to change our negative imprint that the world is not a nice place

Nice is habit forming just as the opposite is

Choose nice as your imprint

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Life understood

Is a life experienced differently


Because once life is understood you have no more fear

No more worrying about what others say or think

No more doubts about yourself
No more doubts about .
And how do I get to understand life?

By studying the perennial or ancient wisdom

Yes there is such a thing

It is out there find it in the writings of H.P.Blavatsky, William Quan Judge, Max Heindel and Helena Roerich.
It is also in the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita but these are more difficult to read and understand

And if you have no interest in doing this then understand

Your many lives are about growing from selfishness to altruism

From me to we

A long long journey of many lives learning one or two lessons in each life

And once this has become your journey in consciousness then it can be a life understood

Life understood is better than one confused and full of stress

Peace of mind comes with a life understood
As usual it is your call

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Is all in our electronic electrically powered world

Pull out the plug and everything comes to a screeching halt

Even those battery powered devices are not much good when the battery runs out

We don’t think much about this because as usual there is not much we can do

If our water stops the same not much we can do particularly if we are urban dwellers

The list goes on and in most if not all cases there is not much we can do

Our parents remember a time when people knew how do basic things like grow vegetables and fix the car if it broke down, which they often did

Today many cannot cook let alone grow anything

So we play roulette and trust that all works well

For ever

Is it likely?

Not very

So what to do

Take those steps which allow you to survive for a short period of time without your modern resources

If it is a long term problem then too bad we are all in the same situation where we find out how organised our governments are

If it is short term then yes it makes sense to have a plan b)

So consider your plan b)

Better still have a plan b)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still grey

because I cannot stand my husband

I hate my boss

I hate my job

My family are impossible

Absolutely so

No way out I just hate it

First thing is the way you look at these issues

Using the word hate does not help even if he is the biggest bastard on the planet

The thought forms we use have power so hating someone will inevitably create a boomerang effect further along in our life

Change your hate to something positive such as I am going to leave at the earliest opportunity

The next step is the truth of your situation

If it so impossible then why don't you leave?

You say it is impossible you have to stay for the children or you need the job and there is no other

All might seem true, might be true but until you change this perception or truth as you see it nothing will change

So the real truth is what?

A hard unacceptable situation or one where you perceive this to be true?

If it is impossible to change then somehow we have to live with the unacceptable

Yes and make the best of this because it is the only possibility for the time being

Time being because there is a beginning, middle, and end to everything

It can well be that your life is tough even horrible and it might last all your life

Probably not if you can learn from this horrible situation

Nature usually lets us move on once we have learnt our lesson

So what is your lesson in this situation?

Can you see it?

Are you perhaps also not such an angel?

Find out get input from others to help you understand what you can learn

Then again it might be perception in which case you change the perception as a first step

Then change the situation by taking risk

Sometimes we say it is impossible when we mean we do not want to accept risk

Without risk many situations will not change

So the bottom line is your situation might be hard grey and yes that might be your lot on the other hand there might be a way to change things if you learn your lessons

Whatever, the starting point is inside you

It is always inside us, so start there

Reexamine yourself

Monday, October 15, 2007

Grey people

To be found in most major cities particularly in the Northern Hemisphere

Why there?

Because this where so many stressed people live

Plodding along day in day out trying to keep up with their bills

Trying not to see the greyness of their lives

Looking forward to escape by tv in the week

To freedom for a couple of days at the weekend

Feeling powerless to change things

Maybe not even thought that this might be possible

Possible to experience a freedom from grey

For those wishing to escape grey

As they say it's all in the mind
Your mind
Do you enjoy going to work?
Do you enjoy coming home?
Do you enjoy consciously
Do you consciously enjoy things in your life?
Decide to enjoy what you do
Stop just doing
Just getting there, just eating lunch, just being at work
Decide to enjoy today, enjoy the idea of this blog
Please enjoy your day I cannot do it for you only you can do that
Consciously enjoy your life
Banish the grey

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sure we are all unsure from time to time

Wondering what to do

Afraid to get it wrong

Take a deep breath next time, let go the tension

Divide your thoughts on the issue into positive and negative, pros and cons

Into two piles if you will

Create a third pile called whats right, morally if you want

Think will the positive or negative options hurt or damage anyone?

If they will then be very cautious about choosing this option

You might get away with it however it will come back on you in the future

So better get in the habit of choosing only those choices that do not hurt others

Simply put that old rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is pretty neat

It works because ignoring the impact of our decisions on others blinds us to the fact that sooner or later we pay,

Usually much more than the original damage that we did to others

Then we do not understand why our "luck" is so bad

Simple there is no such thing as luck

Just karma or what goes round comes round
Of this you can be sure
So banish selfish decisons and replace with respect for others and yourself.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mmmmm - 51

'There never was a time within or before the so-called historical period when our predecessors were not moulding events and "making history,"

the facts of which were subsequently and invariably distorted by "historians" to suit contemporary prejudices.

Are you quite sure that the visible heroic figures in the successive dramas were not often but their puppets?

We never pretended to be able to draw nations in the mass to this or that crisis in spite of the general drift of the world's cosmic relations.

The cycles must run their rounds

Periods of mental and moral light and darkness succeed each other, as day does night.
The major and minor yugas must be accomplished according to the established order of things

And we, borne along on the mighty tide, can only modify and direct some of it's minor currents. . . .

A Master

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hope gone missing

Hope springs eternal or so the saying goes

Not for the British apparently

In a recent survey 70% of the people in Britain rate terrorism as their greatest fear

Hang on few people get killed by terrorism in Britain

Thousands get killed in car accidents though

What is going on?

Terrorism has been around one way or another for thousands of years

We do not know how our ancestors reacted to terrorism but can guess that it had a lesser effect because communications were very different

Today fear of so many things pushes in upon us, it never stops

One disaster or act of violence follows another

Decide to let go of worrying about violence

The odds on it happening to you are remote

So live life in love not fear

The switch from useless worrying to loving life is literally life changing

If you want a good life then take it
Enjoy it share it

Find pleasure in your life

Funny thing we all can

It is down to us

No one but ourselves can do this

Truly you alone are responsible for what you think or worry about

Others might be paid to scare us and sensationalize disgusting acts of violence
Tune out

Find light and leave thoughts of fear behind

The more you live in love the less likely violence is to find you

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Are just children grown older

You in fact

Often they have learnt little about being parents

Often afraid of life

Life just happened

Help them grow
Give a parent your support today

Say a nice word to your parents

No one really trains parents

Just how it is

Just links in a chain

An endless chain

Of our parents, then us, then our children, and their children.............................

So be nice to parents

It's us

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Anger can go on for years
Every time there is a new argument out come all the old alleged crimes

No way to move on, because the list gets ever longer and over time becomes embedded in the mind of the accuser

Comes the day when one must decide to move or stay

Move out from an intolerable situation

Not easy because other factors, little things like the house, way of life, friends, children are often involved

Either fight every time an argument arises, which gets very tiring

Relapse into silence

Find other places to be, other activities that keep one away

Or choose to leave

Leaving might not be a panacea either

Financially it can be difficult

Emotionally too

No easy choice however being true to yourself is probably the most important aspect

If you are not true to yourself then life is even harder
Life can be very challenging sometimes but living a lie is more so
Choose to live with integrity and honesty
Wherever that might take you

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Don't come close

So lonely, shy little things

Many a woman

Predators Irritable, calculating machines
Know the price of everything and the value of nothing

Has the perfect scenario in her head

The perfect life all mapped out

Down to the minutest detail

Big house, money, big car, second home, yacht maybe all the essentials
Children, middle age, happy homes the lot you name it

So along comes a man who shows interest

For a few meetings all goes well

Then out come the stories about how he is lacking this and that

Once or twice more they meet before he fades away

More loneliness until the next

And so it goes on the years passing by

Middle age beckons

Too late nothing to do

Just living life alone

A poodle and a few acquaintances maybe.

Shame really how so many never find reality
Never compromise
Never get real or honest
Never accept that they are the problem
They are the reason why nothing came of their plans
What a waste
A timeless story

Monday, October 08, 2007

Smile 35

Yes a smile every thirty five minutes please

Why 35?

Because it will stick more easily in your mind than thirty minutes or one hour
And why smile?

Because we alll respond to smiles

Smiles help us feel better

They are certainly more good for you than a controlled mask

So many walk around with masks on

Masks that hide feelings

Masks that project sad

Masks that project tired

Nothing will change this planet unless we all contribute

If kids living in refugee camps can smile what is your excuse?
Look at the smile in the photo above, so natural
So beautiful
We all look better when we smile
Go on you be the first and watch it go round the world

One day it will come back to you

Neat here comes my smile I sent it all the way round my country

Smile every 35 minutes please

Every day not just on weekends or with friends

Smile 35.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Huff 'n puff

Life can appear so vast and sophisticated

Agreed some of our technology is moving right along

Agreed we are understanding more

But for the rest it is this:

Get out of bed, clean, feed

Go to work, eat

Go home, play, rest, feed


Guess what
This is pretty well all it is

All that hustle and bustle is nothing more than all of us doing that

Going about our daily lives

So next time you think wow it's so complex

Just look closer and observe

.All we are doing is walking, sitting, and standing
whether it is for work or play

Just see how we all do the same things

Just a difference of taste, style and maybe velocity

See life for what it is

Go beyond the huff 'n puff

Make your life more than this.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dangerous frequency noise

Is often all around us

And because we do not notice we can do nothing

In nightclubs often the repetitive notes put out in hip hop and other music forms are dangerous

The level of noise in most modern cities is certainly not good for us

The frequency of many noises is yet another level of attack

As are certain car and other alarms

Police, fire and ambulance alarms are often bordering on the dangerous

Undue noise and high frequencies through earphones

So what to do?

Protect your ears when aware of this assault

For that is what it is

Ensure that your own environment is not producing or accepting undue noise or frequencies

Where this is caused by neighbours then yes ask them to turn it down

Be conscious that noise does damage our health

Be more aware of noise and high frequencies as danger not just as nuisance

Friday, October 05, 2007

Lonely in relationships

Lonely people are inclined to believe that those in partnership and relationships are better off

Sometimes of course this is true

However one can be lonely in relationships as well

Relationships where there is no love
No communication

No interest

Often the lonely party feels trapped

Too frightened to move

Too scared to talk about it

If this is you then wake up

You did not come into this life to spend it in fear

Decide to sort things out

If this means losing the illusion of security (money) then so be it

If this means losing the illusion of status (money) then so be it

Decide to live for the moment in freedom

Freedom is so much more valuable than a life of lies to yourself and others

Be honest to yourself because at the end of the day you only have yourself

Yourself to blame if you stay in loneliness.

Loneliness is a choice

Nature and life are all around us we never have to be lonely if we choose not to be

It comes down to choices

Choices of honesty with ourselves

Do you have the courage
That's something else
Take back your life and chose to live in freedom..

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Hair salons are one of the few places where modern humans sit and look at each other

Over time that is

So one has plenty of opportunities to observe the games people play

Why do so many feel the need to be one up on each other?
To show off

Looks, glances

Loud comments

Boastful improbable stories

All apparently to impress unknown strangers

Are their lives really that shallow and empty?

Yes and if you should go into certain restaurants the game is the same

Some holiday resorts likewise

Nightclubs even more so

Anywhere in fact where they can be seen and heard

A little world of nothing except vain narcissism and often malicious gossip
Lives spent flaunting themselves in public desperate to be noticed

And inside just a relentless focus on the next opportunity to show off

Their lives relentlessly dedicated to themselves

What would we do without them?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mmmmm - 50

'[T]he members of the Great Brotherhood . . .

are continuously acting as a Guardian Wall . . .

around mankind, shielding and protecting it against dangers both of a cosmic and terrestrial character, of which the multitudes know less than nothing.'

(ET 1058-9)

'What are these evils?

They are simply entities and powers and influences and forces which,

were they to enter our human sphere, would wreak evil upon us because they are not . . ....

in sympathy with us, though in . . . their own spheres, in their own lands, they are no more evil than we are.'

(Dia 3:293)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Political power

Is the addiction of choice for certain types of humans
Humans who have a desperate desire to control
To grab what they can and then some more
Never enough
They are happy to compromise anything in order to stay in power
To lie without thought

Wheel and deal.

Spin stories about themselves

Who love to see themselves in the news, on TV

Once hooked they cannot let go

How many go gracefully?

Which is why we need strong constraints on the abuse of power

Unfortunately these are often amended by those in power to allow themselves to continue

The reason for wanting power so often has nothing more important than they want it

No idea to improve or help those they rule

Just a desire for power

To have someone open the car door

People to do their beck and call

To preen and strut

And once they have grabbed all that they or their future generations can use

One would think that they might then do something constructive

Something to help their country, their constituents

To make it a better place

But no just endless intrigue

Clinging on until the next leaner, meaner competitor comes along

Then killed or removed and off we go again

How long before we find another way to select leaders?

To elect those who understand service and do what they should do?

Utopia for the moment

Power is the preserve of the greedy

Men and women who are driven at all costs to take power for the sake of taking it

Poor world, only over time can we hope to remove the greedy
Slowly, slowly more light is shone on the hidden deals that are essential for the behaviour that protects greed
Not spectacular but slowly progress is made
Do we have time for this slow way of attrition?.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Scientific dilemma

Scientific man, to believe the press, is really on top of his game

Science knows this 'n that, we are making great progress in many fields

True we are making progress in some areas, often technical ones

Notice though how every time science or the journalists say we have got somewhere, awkwardly for them we then realise that the result produced has not finished the question it has just exposed more work to be done, more questions to be answered

Classic example is the genome project, which made some lucky scientists very rich, and was going to unlock the secrets of life and so many other things

It did move us forward................a bit......... and it also revealed that DNA and RNA are much more important than they had understood and no we have not unlocked what we said we would.............. so back to the drawing board.

In other fields the same, more problems, more money please, with lots of spin when things do not work out.

What is clear though is that reductionism is coming to the end of it's useful working life in many fields.

Reductionism being the basic belief system of current mainstream science

It cannot take us where we need to go


Because moving from particulars to universals (reductionism) cannot answer key questions

An example would be consciousness

Understanding consciousness is a critical area where we have moved hardly at all

Some scientists might claim that we know a lot

Not true when we cannot satisfactorily define consciousness let alone explain it

Also because we barely understand the basic plumbing that tells us what twitched where in the brain let alone why

Consciousness is the most basic and most important area we need to understand

Because it is at the root of everything humanity is involved with

Reductionism cannot handle this subject at the centre of everything

Reductionism cannot define or even explain consciousness

Consciousness is beyond mind and reductionism is all about mind

Reductionism only uses mind

So we are reaching a dead end

How to move further than reductionism?

With difficulty because reductionist scientists will fight to the death to defend their position and status

This has always been the way when old thinking no longer answers mankind's needs

So leaving aside politics where do we need to go?

Beyond the mind

How do you go beyond the mind?

By learning to control the mind

By shutting it down

Stopping mind from working

By experiencing what comes beyond mind

By letting go and listening and learning about your greater self

By learning to listen to your heart

Heart is way beyond mind

And through these experiences emerges truth

Truth that can be validated repeatedly, confirmed by others

An understanding emerges that leads to truth

Beyond mind we find that we do not need to fight nature

We can work with nature

We are part of nature

And this is very frightening to many scientists

Hence the current dilemma between old and new science..