Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So hard

at times to keep our sense of humor.

Our belief that things are going to be OK

Things are just too much with misery and depression swirling around our heads

Just too much not an iffy day just ongoing misery

It might seem boring but the answers are the same

Get busy do things where you have no time to feel sorry for yourself

Build little success into every day, little steps where you can feel you achieved something

Then deep breath and accept that every human has these misery times

Does not matter if you are rich or poor we all have them

Ask around!

It helps to realize that this is normal human experience even if you are convinced that your misery is worse and deeper than anyone else's

Why does it help?

Simply because to regain equilibrium it helps to know that others have been there before you

That it is possible to come through

It is possible to create good health

Only though if you are prepared to work, to struggle

Yes it is a struggle so accept this

Acknowledge that this means fighting every day to regain some perspective and acceptance that this is how it is

Once we can reach this point then nature usually allows us some breathing space

Space to understand that once we learn a lesson we can move on

Nature and karma are not vindictive they accurately give us what we need to grow

And once we have accepted and learnt our lessons we can move on

Stronger and more aware we can move into calmer waters

Until the next challenge to our equilibrium that is

This is how life really is.

And yes the good times are there too

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