Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Is so difficult to say sometimes

We all need to be able to say sorry

There are times when we do not feel it is we who should be saying sorry
However that may be understand this

When we have bad, angry, jealous, or negative thoughts about someone

Or an argument with them

We create a negative energy between us

This tension remains until we mutually or unilaterally remove it

Often this remains for life

Look a the bad blood in families and between once best friends

The negative energy can be removed

This is done by either of the two parties doing so directly with the other

Or by one party through an open heart asking forgiveness from the other party
This is done mentally

Taking the form of saying forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, and then thank you, thank you thank you

In both instances being totally sincere even if you feel you were not to blame

This is not the point the point is to break the negative energy between you, and by the time you do this hopefully you will have mellowed out and be able to see that you want to finish things and therefore choose to ask forgiveness

The thank you is just that as the experience has taught you some lessons
The universe can hear and feel your sincerity so do not play games

Do nothing rather than invoke more karma by being dishonest

Once you have done this exercise the negative energy between the parties reverses and goes back to both with a positive charge

One reason that most humans operate at about 35-40% of their potential is for this reason they have negative energy between themselves and so many others

Sad really because before they leave this life or just after they will experience double the pain and harm caused to the other party

Learn to truly say sorry

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