Friday, November 30, 2007

No courage

From their partner
Is how many experience the end of their relationship

Not even a goodbye

No explanation, no conversation

Just gone

If you experience this then how lucky you are

Lucky or your good karma however you want to think of it

If the other person does not have the courage to finish in the right way

So be it

For you how lucky to know earlier rather than later

The pain might be horrible for a while in fact it certainly will be

And as this goes and you stop obsessing about being left

Time to see that you were not in reality with that person

If they can walk out then your perception of them was wrong

Your projections about the relationship were wrong as well

Look at yourself and use the experience to learn

Learn how the world really is

Not how you think it should be

Not how you want it to be

How it is

Take the time to learn how you really are

Mentally say thank you for being free of something that could not work over time anyway

Get on with your life

Feel free learn to use this freedom

Start enjoying your own life in your own way

Do all those things you always wanted to do
Move on
No more projections about how things should be live life as it unfolds
Live your own life with courage

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Fundamentalists of all religions ‘have willingly abandoned rationality in favour of blind faith in old books’

The reason fundamentalists are so extreme is that they have an absolute certainty that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Religious Fundamentalism is an irrational pathology which leads otherwise decent men and women to become enemies of open mindedness and big-heartiness, and enlist in the service of divinely sanctioned bigotry.

Fundamentalism creates dangerously self-righteous people who turn against those who espouse the truly spiritual values of love, tolerance and understanding.
There is no negotiation with fundamentalists
There is no chance of change or compromise
This is our world today
And when fundamentalists of different persuasions meet?
Our world today

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is it what you thought

Life that is

Did you think it would be like this?

Could be like this

What do you want from it?

More to the point what are you putting into it

Does it push you around or are you making active choices

We can only do the best with what comes our way each day

However we can decide that over time we will achieve our goals

Goals to change jobs, learn more about something, change relationships

And all of these start because we decided to change

So if your life is not as you thought then consider first why did you expect it to be a certain way?

Was this wishful thinking

Was there any reason why it should have been that way

If your answers are no then time to examine what you want from now on

The past is gone let it go you cannot change it

The future can be different if you determine to take steps to cause change to come into your life

Be realistic, be bold then set things in motion

Live each day in the present moment enjoying each day

Do this in the knowledge that you are moving towards the changes you decided to bring into your life

You can now experience life as it really is, a process

Life is always process it is just that sometimes we don't realise this.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Monday

And another week
More of the same, just like last week

It might be, it's up to you

One thing we all see though is how fast the weeks go by

This year went fast too

Time is different

As a friend said to me recently

It is not the week that goes slowly

It is the weekend

Is this true for you that the week goes in a flash and the weekend is what slows right down?

Maybe it is because the weekend has value while the week is something we have to do

So today notice it is Monday and notice how you experience it

Is it semi-automatic?

Turn it round make each and every day special

It only takes one event, one situation and it will become special

Often this is a negative event

You lose something

Someone says something nasty

You make a mistake

Things don't happen as they should

This is all true and the obverse can be too it is up to you

Make this Monday special by feeling love

Love for life
Appreciation for your health

The appreciation that you have choices

Make choices of love today
Try enjoying going to work
Enjoy going home too
Be conscious of both
And the rest
Choose consciously to enjoy every minute
Time is different today

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Places are good for us sometimes to unwind
It does not have to be a rave

Not all the time either but certainly once in a
Just being in a place where the energy is buzzy

Often we forget how pleasant buzzy places can be

Places where young people are enjoying themselves

Something about the optimism of the young

Not ground down like their parents

Still with the excitement of meeting

The excitement of experiencing
Being around each other
Take time to go to buzzy places and events

A life without buzz is sad indeed.
When was the last time you went anywhere buzzy?
Or does everything seem too dangerous to you?
Too wild maybe
Carry excitement with you and that's what you find
Carry fear and that's what you find
Be around buzzy sometimes just for the fun of it

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sleepless night

Every so often one comes along

It doesn't matter what you try you cannot get to sleep

Humans need four hours of sleep to function well

This is not to say that you would not prefer eight or nine hours

Just that we are able to function on a lot less

And here's the rub often what what we tell ourselves

Or friends tell us says that no we cannot function on less than x hours sleep


That we have programmed ourselves to be more stressed than we need be
Imprinted the idea that we need x hours of sleep

Putting ourselves under unnecessary tension when we don't get x hours

Time to do a couple of things

The first is to program yourself that missing a night or two's sleep does not matter, it's fine
Missing a few hours sleep is also fine

Then program yourself when unable to sleep that this is fine and that you will learn to feel happy in spite of being unable to sleep

Yes that it is fine not to sleep with no tense thoughts about why can't I sleep

Just learn to lie there relaxed and resting, gaping out not allowing yourself to think

Smile even at this private time alone

If you can do this you will be surprised how well you will feel next morning

Then when awake check why this happened

Something worrying you?

Something you need to look at?

Or was there an earthquake or eruption somewhere on the planet?

Yes some of us are sensitive to the point where major events of this nature can disturb us

All of us will have difficult nights it's the way of life

So take a little time to learn how to best handle them.

Friday, November 23, 2007


And then there is real cold

The minus twenty five variety of cold

Cold that cannot be casually ignored

Cold that demands serious respect

Cold that shapes our lives because we have to adjust to it
We cannot ignore it whoever we are

And then there is the other sort of cold

People who are cold

No warmth just focused self interest

In a way they are worse than the weather kind of cold as there is nowhere to go with them

If people are cold then leave them be or move around them

Learn about characteristics

Characteristics that allow us to recognise different types of people

People who are cold, lack humour, have long term memories are usually characteristics of evil people

Yes evil is as real as love probably more so in these self absorbed times

So be careful around cold people they can also cause damage
In fact beware of all types of cold!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Want to believe

Are those times when we want to believe

A part of us is sceptical

A part of us knows it cannot be

However we let ourselves go along
Later to be disappointed when it turns out that yes it was to good to be true

And wasn't true

Why do we do this?

We want something nice, it to turn out nice, him or her to be nice

When things or people pretend to be what they are not they usually give themselves away

Something is not quite right

Something does not compute

Listen to that part of you that knows

Walk away before you get hurt or cheated

Listen to yourself more often

That little quiet voice that suddenly warns you

That feeling that things are not quite right

Trust your judgement

Better be alone or without whatever than to be cheated again

Appreciate what you have in life

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I nearly did it

I nearly did

How many times was the nearly a lack of effort on your part?

How many times was it just bad luck

Not my day

And so the excuses go on

Ever thought that you can increase the chance of nearly becoming I did it

Two things usually get in the way

We do not focus single mindedly

We lack belief that we can

The first single minded focusing is the hallmark of all successful people in sport or business or any other endeavour

If you are going to do something then why not focus?

Put all your attention on it, do not allow any distractions

Which leads to the second, the doubt that you can

If others have done whatever it is before you, then why not you?

If others have done it then you decide that you will too taking your self belief up that notch that can make all the difference

Let go of the fear of failure, embrace maximum effort and focus

Try it, focus and do it

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Is something many do

Usually we think of cheating in the context of relationships

One partner is temped to go with someone else

For adventure

For sex

For reasons of spite
And last but not least because they have no courage to finish the relationship when it is not working
It seems easier to just try to slide away
To gently stop seeing the other partner
If this is you then time to learn to stand up and say the relationship is .
Finishing in a cowardly way is not cool
If something is over then have the respect for yourself and the other to say so
Cheating can also seem like fun to a selfish person
To have several partners at once
Not one is receiving an honest experience
All is lies and few of us appreciate this
If you are the cheating party then be warned one day you will experience the same
Think before you get into lying and cheating
It has a price
Sexually once one partner has betrayed the other then the special private aspect of the sexual relationship changes
This change usually means that the original tension or intimacy can never be recreated
If it can never be recreated then the relationship is put under strain as it is lacking one important aspect
This in turn leads to other problems, more strain
Sexual cheating has a price apart from any health issues
Cheating makes it difficult to respect yourself
If you cannot respect yourself then this creates real problems over time
Cheating might seem easy but in truth there is a high price to pay.

Monday, November 19, 2007


As opposed to being loved

The active action of loving

Being conscious of loving

Feeling it for someone or something

Being filled with love, which just is there whenever or wherever you think of that person or thing

And does it change over time?

Sure it does

If it was infatuation it wears off, it wasnt love

If it grows and morths into a deeper stronger feeling then it can well be love

Because any way you look at it love has to be unconditonal

Anything else is conditional and so is not love

This even when the other party does not reciprocate your feelings.

Loving is something that can stay with us all our lives

In fact love is the starting point of our evolution, our journey if you will

It is also what we are here to learn

How to love unconditionally.
How are you doing?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Drama queens

And other self absorbed people shout for our attention

And why should we give them our attention?

And yet we do

So called celebrity magazines and reality shows have never been more popular

If the lives of often uninteresting people turn you on then fine

If not step back, stop reading, looking at junk media

Take back your life

Leave the tv off unless there is something worth watching

Enjoy your friends

Try doing things with them

Make your life about yourself and your friends

Enjoy your own activities

Life moves so fast don't waste your energy, money or time on hyped up nothing people

Don't feed the drama queens
Let them talk to themselves
Nothing changes without us changing ourselves first
Let go of the huff and puff in modern media hype

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Is for most of us a natural part of life

We cannot have what we want whenever we want

We sometimes think we can

Usually we find that we need to compromise

To consider other people's need or aspirations

Compromise is also useful in reaching objectives

When we do not compromise we are faced with a choice to lose all or salvage something

Indeed we learn this in the playground and those who do not face more trouble later when inevitably they have to learn
Where do we draw the line and how hard do we fight or negotiate?

Our life experience helps us not to give away too much or too little

This life experience is the culmination of all that we have learned

One thought though if you are honest then compromise is clearer and more straight forward

If you are dishonest then it is more stressful because you are changing your position to fit whatever the situation in order to gain your objective

Politicians do this all the time as do diplomats

In fact in the modern world it is fashionable to accept lies as acceptable behaviour, normal almost

You can do the same maybe you already do

Be warned where you harm another human you will pay

There is no free passage for those who compromise with the truth

Compromise is fine where both win or gain

Not so good where one is made to lose because it will be your turn in the future

Choose to compromise in good faith and where the other party behaves badly nature will redress the balance in her own way and in her own time.

Compromise in good faith.

Friday, November 16, 2007

One step at a time

And life is more manageable

So often though our minds jump ahead

We are impatient and want to preempt the natural course of things

Sometimes this works, usually not though

Often in our hurry to move on we overlook the truth that life is process

Yes life is process it is not about arriving at any given point

This might help us understand why achieving a certain point or obtaining something does not bring lasting pleasure

Pleasure is in the journey

Pleasure is the evolution of something

So examine your hurrying and become conscious about what you are doing

In a hurry to get or go where?

And when you get there?

Life will be amazing


It already is but you are in such a hurry you haven't noticed

One step at a time and enjoy each one

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What makes you happy?

Is it a present?

Spending money?

Being with some one you love

Succeeding in some endeavour

A promotion. eating, sleeping

The sun shining, a walk in the park

Your children doing something, visiting a friend

And we go on and on showing that it does not really matter what the activity or event

What matters is that something feels good

Something feels lighter

An emotion in fact

Not predictable, not guaranteed nothing we can anticipate

Happiness comes and goes.

It can arrive at any time, any moment

Sure a comedian can get a laugh but that is something else

Being happy can be the result of many things however one thing that usually provides the back ground to be happy more rather than less of the time is being at one with yourself

Liking yourself

Whatever our situation if you feel good about yourself then happiness arrives rather more than less of the time

Do you like yourself?

Same old question however it is at the root of so much of our experience of life

If we do not like ourselves then life is harder less happy if you will

Liking ourselves comes from honesty believe it or not

Being honest about ourselves

Are you?

Are your values ones you truly live by?

Do you try your best at whatever you do?

Happiness is a function of these

Liking ourselves, liking how we are and if we do not like ourselves as we are then happiness is less likely to visit us

Armed with this clue if happiness is your goal then create the conditions where it is more likely to appear

Happiness cannot be ordered to appear but it can be seduced into visiting us more often.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mmmmm - 57

Also it is necessary to remember constantly the ruinous effects of irritability
Irritability makes our vessel fragile

The poison of irritability, with all it's consequences are dire

This poison corrodes the precious precipitations of psychic energy

And what can be achieved without the accumulation of psychic energy?

Stupidity and destruction will be the results

Of course everyone has the free will to destroy himself, but it is criminal to spread this dreadful infection


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Being together

Spending time together

Should be the best

Time with our partner is so precious but often we behave as if it is ordained

We get casual and take each other for granted
It will always be there
So silly

Time goes so fast today how can we treat our most precious relationship so casually?

Value it cherish it

Time changes us, relationships change, and so often they do so because we did not pay attention

Our choice to nag the other, control the other, even bully maybe, putting the other down

Whatever your behaviour you will reap what you have sown

So enjoy being together, teach other what you need

Show each other your appreciation for each other

Being together is special keep it that way

Life is so fast today make the most of every moment together

Monday, November 12, 2007

Does it get better?

Life tends to be wave like

Some periods are fine while others are bumpy

The fine periods we quickly adjust to and expect to last forever

The difficult periods we find tough and feel that they go on for ever

If we do not learn and grow then the bad periods are never going to get easier

If we learn and grow then yes the bad periods are easier to live with

For example being in a bad period and worrying about it all the time just makes it worse

The worrying seldom helps to make it better but most of us do this

Deciding to let go is what is best but how to let go when things are falling in on us?

Let go of thinking about the past

It has happened, it has gone we can't change it so let it go

The future is also not worth thinking about too much as it never works out as we imagine it will

Yes we can point ourselves in a particular direction but that is about all

It is this moment now that offers us the most protection from hard times

Just appreciate all you have without worrying about what you don't have
Live in this moment now keeping your mind on what is around you and not wandering off worrying
If you practice forcing your mind to stay here and now then yes things can get better
It is the worrying that causes the trouble
For sure things can be bad, however the worrying does not make things better
Staying in this moment now does help to balance us in troubled times.
Yes it can get better when we learn to let go and not take ourselves so seriously

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Short term gain

Get what you want any way you can

No moral scruples or rules that cannot be bent or ignored in the pursuit of self interest

Lies are openly used

Lies are used and spun with a coating of justification

All moral and ethical considerations ignored

Be warned you play with nature at your peril

Where you harm or hurt others through thought or action karma will make you pay

No doubt, no argument, no discussion the law of karma governs everything in our solar system

You might not see the other paying for his actions

You might not see karma being enforced

No matter it is absolute

Nature enforces karma to the last grain of injustice

So next time you think someone or something is fair game be warned

There is no free ride

The journey of life is about testing our courage to do the right thing

Our self discipline to behave ethically

Our love for ourselves and others

Life is about our growing evolving consciousness

Our ability to live with and overcome obstacles

Life is not about cheating others
Short term gain is invariably long term pain

Saturday, November 10, 2007


For anyone wanting to grow vertically this is mandatory

The ability to embrace antitheses

What is antitheses?

Examples of antitheses are:

A complete indifference to fame but at the same time self-affirmation

Renunciation of possessions but at the same time life in the midst of possessions

Complete freedom from worldly desires but at the same time profound interest in worldly work

All these antitheses should be harmonized in the consciousness of the one wanting to grow

The main thing to comprehend is that all renunciation primarily is achieved in .spirit

There are so many people who appear indifferent to their possessions and yet in their thoughts are constantly coveting more.

And so many self-styled "unassuming" people, who "would not even think of any publicity", in their inner selves are hoping that they will be noticed

And what about those who fast and who are yet longing for the renounced food?

And those who are hoping to be doubly compensated for their labour and sacrifices?

Poor self-deluded prisoners!

Who can explain to them that their efforts are useless and will never bring them liberation but will rather harden their hearts

Vertical or spiritual liberation is not achieved by force but by the realization of the heart.

A person who is free from all worldly attachments will not talk about them because his renunciation will be natural simple and taken for granted

This "taken for granted" attitude is the most important achievement because if there is left even the slightest regret, or condemnation of others, all the efforts will be fruitless

H. Roerich

Friday, November 09, 2007

So difficult

It does not matter what the subject

Nor the effort involved

Some people always have excuses for not helping

Always always they are too busy

It's too much effort

They do not have the time

They would love to help but

They would certainly think about it but not at the moment

Not just now

What's in it for me?
And so the list goes on

Some people are just selfish and totally self preoccupied
You know some?

Cut them out

They do not change

So asking them for anything at all is a waste of energy

Do not upset or disturb yourself by even asking

Accept how they are

Get them out of your life

And where you cannot ignore them

For a real stretch feel compassion for the locked in misery of their lives!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Young people

Often look the same size as adults

Sadly their self control is often lacking

Violence can spring suddenly into view

Violence that shocks their fellow citizens

Where did that come from?

Could it be a lack of discipline?
Could it be that modern values of self indulgence are hitting society in ways it does not like

Blame the young

Societies that do not understand the need for their young being taught self-control can hardly complain when those young behave without self-control
Politicians, many of whom created these very conditions, now rant about the young

After all many of the young do not have the vote yet

Tough being young in a hypocritical world

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Love not like

Yes it is possible to love and not like someone

In fact many of us find ourselves in this situation

Often with parents

And usually it makes us feel bad, guilty


Because we believe that we should like our parents

It is a sort of inbuilt unquestioned cultural thing

We should like our parents

Stop and think a minute

If your mother is a bitch on wheels why should you like her?

If she is a manipulative control freak why should you like her?

If your father is a violent drunk or abusive and puts you down why should you like him?
Extremes maybe but for many not far off the mark
So why should you feel guilty if you do not like them?

Love them for bringing you into this life yes

For giving you healthy genetic traits yes

But like no

Realize that they are your biological parents only

Your spirit is yours alone and owes nothing to them

Indeed is nothing to do with them only you

Your parents physically brought you into this world

Yes we should honor our parents but not like them if they are unpleasant

The above is subtle think about it

Love yes, like no

That's fine and for many this is how it is

Feels good though to finally know how to feel about them

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


You realise that things have changed

Often it only takes change to one element in our lives to suddenly throw all the rest into confusion
Drama arrives in our lives

The road closes

The office moves

We have tooth ache

The metro is shut

The restaurant is not open

The cash machine does not work

We lose our wallet

And so on and so forth

We all know the feeling suddenly our secure little lives are thrown into confusion

Stress is what comes next

We have to adjust, make other plans

And so?

Notice how easy it is to disturb our balance

To change our priorities

How well do you handle these situations?

Bet you can do better

The key to doing better is to be able to put things into perspective

To step back and look at what is important and what is not

So often we make things important that are not

We identify with things that should not upset us

We attach great significance to things and events that in the wider scheme of things are not really so important

Look at what you consider to be important

Is this really so or is it because you do not want to face up to life?

To yourself perhaps?

Check what you are doing just look at your life

Are you doing what you should or are you just head down running through each day

Time goes so fast the head down out of my way I am busy approach is not so smart
Because one day nature will stop you in your tracks or you will suddenly realise how life has passed you by and all those plans are no longer going to happen
Take time to look at your life
Are you really doing what is truly important to you?
If not why not?
No excuses only you are responsible for your own life.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Modern magic

Do we all believe in magic?

We have to when our senses cannot handle what we experience

In point of fact there is no magic
Only things we do not understand

At our level of consciousness we can be fooled easily

Today Hollywood, politics, and the media are using special effects unimaginable only a few years ago

We cannot believe what we see as many images are manipulated

We cannot believe what we hear as sound is easy to change

We cannot believe what we taste or smell as so many foods are artificially altered

So magic is not the word we would use to describe many things today

Manipulation is
Distortion is
We are steadily being manipulated in more and more areas

Fooled by images, words and smells

Be conscious of this and think twice before buying, agreeing or accepting things

It is truly an era where we need to be vigilant

To pause before agreeing or accepting things that do not ring true

Listen to that intuitive voice

When things are almost right stop and take another opinion
Do not accept pronouncements that feel wrong
Look for the truth in things
Search for the integrity in pronouncments
Sadly our world is one of manipulation and distortion not magic as we once knew it.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Is something we think about for our cars or motorbikes
And women for their nails
All those physical things
Even our teeth although they are not everyone's favourite
But when thinking about maintenance we do not usually think about our minds
If you think about it our minds work all day long every day
In fact they work too much and if we are smart we learn different ways to shut them off
Listening to music or other diversions are the usual releases
Sleep of course works fine until we start worrying too much then it gets more difficult
For some it is drugs of choice such as alcohol or marijuana or even harder stuff
Unfortunately they all exact a price
So rather than resting us they strain us further
Coming back to the mind maintenance is one of the most neglected yet important areas of human preservation and well being
The more tension you put on a mechanical component the more likely it is to
The more stress you put on your mind the more likely a breakdown .
Breakdowns typically occur in middle age often after years of abuse
Then suddenly your life is changed often irrevocably
Shame really that you did not pay attention to those warning signs
Nature always gives us signs
With the mind negative thoughts and pressure add up over the years to produce breakdown
To avoid or mitigate this scenario learn to let go
Learn to control your mind
Learn to stop your mind
Modern man thinks constant thoughts are normal
Not so
Just that in our modern world we worry more so the mind is constantly working
Check your mind are you always thinking?
Can you turn off?
If not then time to pay some attention to this area
Minds are controllable
Learn to control yours please before problems arise
Mind maintenance is a smart move

Saturday, November 03, 2007

True or false?

Just been asked to look at a website claiming to be a hidden truth for mankind

So I did and the website is well presented well laid out

The material is huge covering videos, paintings, philosophy, speeches and other information

It claims to be the truth and as usual with such revelations has indeed some truth

Problem is which is the truth and which is pure invention?

All of us face requests from time to time to look at some amazing discovery

Some amazing guru or master

How to know what is real and what is bullshit?

Notice pretend revelations are rambling and hard to understand

A real master has no problem being clear and precise

Pretend revelations always have a hook somewhere usually for money

Seldom do pretend revelations hang together they are not consistent
Often they are plain ugly
Usually there is some sinister conspiracy

They are not clean, they usually show the mindset of whoever put them together being uninformed about true spirituality or love

Is it true or not, can it be substantiated?

If what you are reading does not resonate for you then leave alone

If what you look at does not feel harmonious leave alone

Love is not hidden in dark alleyways

Love is open and clear

The truth is love

Use your own intuition to feel wheether or not something is real or just another con

Friday, November 02, 2007


is such a simple word and one we sometimes forget to use

Please sets the tone

Please softens the request

Please is used to manipulate

Please is used to cajole

And yet when under stress or pressure we often forget it at just the time when we need to remember

Ever noticed how under pressure we often forget things that we normally do without thinking?

Pressure and stress are conditions we try to avoid however they have a way of reappearing in our lives

If please is embedded in us then the chances are it will be there when needed

If it is used only to manipulate then the chances are that it will not be there when we are under stress

This tells us that under stress or pressure it is easier to see our real character

What is your?

Does please come out when you are under pressure?

Check yourself and if it is just anger or defense that emerges under pressure then time to do some work on yourself

No one likes violence and anger

Much nicer if you are a please type person

Thursday, November 01, 2007


And waiting for something to happen

Life can be like this just waiting and hoping for change

Something to help us know what to do

It seems like there is no way out

No answer

Nothing to do

And yet there is always something to do

Usually it is where we least understand

Where we do not consider looking

Usually our thoughts are focussed firmly outside on the issues in our lives

Those things that drive us crazy

Try considering that what can be done is to change ourselves

Change our attitude

Change our perceptions

Change our behavior

Change our expectations

Yes this is what can be done in almost all situations

Change yourself and change your world

So often we live blinkered lives unwilling or unable to see

Every situation is open to change if not the physical facts then certainly our understanding of it

When waiting in frustration try challenging your understanding of the situation

Once you can do this often the situation will magically shift

Waiting is fine for a while but do not use this as an excuse to avoid other actions

Your actions on yourself

Actions to use the waiting time to grow yourself

Waiting need not be about passivity

Waiting can also be an active time

Use your waiting times wisely