Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sleepless night

Every so often one comes along

It doesn't matter what you try you cannot get to sleep

Humans need four hours of sleep to function well

This is not to say that you would not prefer eight or nine hours

Just that we are able to function on a lot less

And here's the rub often what what we tell ourselves

Or friends tell us says that no we cannot function on less than x hours sleep


That we have programmed ourselves to be more stressed than we need be
Imprinted the idea that we need x hours of sleep

Putting ourselves under unnecessary tension when we don't get x hours

Time to do a couple of things

The first is to program yourself that missing a night or two's sleep does not matter, it's fine
Missing a few hours sleep is also fine

Then program yourself when unable to sleep that this is fine and that you will learn to feel happy in spite of being unable to sleep

Yes that it is fine not to sleep with no tense thoughts about why can't I sleep

Just learn to lie there relaxed and resting, gaping out not allowing yourself to think

Smile even at this private time alone

If you can do this you will be surprised how well you will feel next morning

Then when awake check why this happened

Something worrying you?

Something you need to look at?

Or was there an earthquake or eruption somewhere on the planet?

Yes some of us are sensitive to the point where major events of this nature can disturb us

All of us will have difficult nights it's the way of life

So take a little time to learn how to best handle them.

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