Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Plans and dreams

So many people are always making plans

Sometimes out loud to others

Usually to themselves

Endlessly modifying what they will do

If this and that comes to pass

Usually however

So few act upon those plans to make them come true

Why do they do this?

Because it makes them feel less unempowered

Less of a failure

To have a dream of another more successful world

A world where they are in control

A world where they succeed

A dream where things go as they imagine they might

And over time these dreams become intertwined with their every day life

Never or seldom spoken out loud

Lived inside their heads

Until one day many years later something obliges them to acknowledge that the dream is not going to happen

Others keep the dream going until their end days

Plans that might have been

Plans that ought to have been

If only

If only this and that had not happened

A life spent thinking if only

What a shame reality was never fully experienced

A life incomplete

A life not accepted for what it was

For what happened

Never mind they will all have to live the life over to face what was given to them

Karma does not allow us to refuse to accept what she brings

We have to do it over and over until we do accept and learn

This is why we have so many lives

To learn and grow

Observe how some people you know always seem to have the same problems

Over and over

Simply stated this is why some are less conscious than others

Those who learn their lessons move on those who do not keep repeating until they do

So if you have dreams then make them come into reality

Or let them go

Live life day by day as it is presented to you

Plans are fine

Live them or leave them though

There is nothing wrong with accepting life as it comes or as it is

Life is not about impressing others

Many think it is though

Life is about learning and growing our consciousness

Growing to be better more loving human beings

Less selfish, more loving

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There is enough

on this planet to satisfy every-ones needs

But not enough to satisfy every-ones greed

Isn't that the truth

How many more times do we have to watch greedy people grabbing more for no other reason than they can

Can grab, so do grab, even when they have more than enough

No idea what to do with it except maybe material toys, houses, boats, cars important things like that

And the media behaves like there is something admirable about this greed

A world obsessed by money

Greed is greed

And that we worship greedy people just because they have grabbed more than others is a signature of these times we live in

Silly humans we are soooooo ignorant


Because the greedy ones have no idea that they pay a very high price for their greed

Karma is not a joke it ensures that we pay to the last detail for our greed

Then we wonder why there is so much poverty and pain around us

This is karma in action

Yes this is what happens next time around

Incarnations where the greedy experience what it is like to be on the other side

Experiencing to the last centime the exact opposite of what they experienced as greedy people

For yourself choose to be loving and caring

Anyway you look at it this has to be a better option

Love allows expansion of our life experiences

Greed just creates more wanting often paranoia
Never ending, never .
Because once you dedicate your life to wanting that's what nature gives you
Bad choice greed

Monday, April 28, 2008

Two weeks

One week just full of tension and difficult situations

Nothing to do about them

No way to change things

Just having to hang in and take it

Holding tension all week

Mind spinning around with negative possibilities

Never leaving you alone

Mind insisting to go over and over nasty scenarios

Week finally ends

New week arrives

The dreaded meeting/situation occurs

The outcome is positive not at all as you had imagined

The world did not end, life did not stop

Amazing how you had never thought of that possibility

Never imagined that outcome

Relief is amazing

And then other nice things come along

All unexpected

Life is good again

Tiring too as the stress comes off

A day or two of rest with the relief pouring out

Balance returns, humor too

Two weeks, one down one up

When will we ever learn that life is cycles

Nature all around us works in cycles

Pretty well everything does

We are the same our life has cycles of tough times and others of well being

Smart people learn to flow with these cycles

All of us can handle the good times

Or can we?

Too many go over the top

So when the harder times arrive the adjustment is more brutal

The trick is to find a way to shorten the distance between difficult and pleasurable

Soften the curve if you will

Not to go so high in the good times and not to go so low in the bad

If we can learn this then life is much more agreeable

And the how?

Control of the mind

Not getting so carried away when times are good and not allowing the mind to spin in negative circles when times are harder

Same story whatever we look at in our lives

Controlling our minds is all

No mind

No stress

No not drugs they come at too high a price

Just learning to empty the mind

No thoughts good or bad

Just being

Like little children living in the moment

What will next week bring?

Who cares

Live life now in this moment now

Learn to let things go

Learn to live in this moment now

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy List

Megan Blunt - Author Chemotherapy, cakes and cancer

The British Independent On Sunday Newspaper has today published a Happy List

Which as they say is "celebrating those Britons who have given back, enhanced the lives of others and realised that in an acquisitive society there's a crying need for values other than mere materialism.

This list is as it says an antidote to The British Sunday Times Rich List which is published to great fanfare every year"

As the Independent points out a list of people who make a positive difference to other peoples lives is more interesting than a list of those who have devoted their lives to making money

"The list is, of course, a wholly artificial exercise, but our hope is that the 100 people here represent values that need trumpeting, and make for role models more worthy than £50,000-a-week footballers, their shopaholic partners and those who have done nothing more demanding than inherit lots of money."

The criteria used were "those who make the lives of strangers happier, that this is their prime motive in doing what they do (as opposed to a side-effect of it), and that their example deserves celebrating. And, after considering the conditions under which community happiness tends to flourish, we elected to look for candidates in 10 categories: philanthropy, charity, mental well-being, physical health, pleasure (ie those in the media and culture who make us feel better), environment, innovation, volunteers and time-givers, community activity, and entertainment."

The list is new and contains names unknown to many

How nice that such a list has been created along with insights into what they all do

How pleasant that we can celebrate something other than money for a change

Think how much of our media is to do with money

The media in and of itself exists to make money

Advertisers are there to make money

Politicians are often talking about money

Articles on fashion, cooking, homes, cars and the rest are often about money one way or another

Unfortunately most of us are obliged to spend money all day long as everything today from communications to water to travel is about money

It would be interesting to measure the happiness of the people on the two lists

No contest!

It is difficult to imagine making money as bringing much happiness compared to the satisfaction that is brought by helping others

And in your life are you helping others?

Are you bringing happiness to others?

Saturday, April 26, 2008


They stand silent and empty all through the winter

Then about now they all turn green


Just amazing

Ever thought of the technology that allows hard wooden trees to produce soft green leaves?

Leaves of all shapes and sizes

Blossoms that appear almost immediately afterwards

Diffierent colours

Beautiful smells

Amazing shapes and clusters

And for most of us we do not even notice

One of the most powerful major outpourings of energy seen in nature

And we remark casually how nice it is to see green trees again

Often oblivious to the wondrous events that they presage

Animals and birds alike joining each other to start the process of procreation

Humans too seeing each other in new ways

What a cycle!

Take the time to experience the beauty of nature in full flow

Pay attention to your local fauna

Get out and enjoy walking in nature

Be alive to our world as it blossoms and grows

Spreading new life over the planet

Times might be stressful but nature is our balm if we do but use her offerings with wonder and appreciation

Appreciate your world

Today and every day

Friday, April 25, 2008

Higher food prices lead to

Global instability

Local psychological nervousness and sometimes rioting depending on location and culture

Throughout history that is

And is there any reason why these times should be any different?

One of the more alarming recent developments around the world is the steep increase in many food prices

Many reasons are given from commodity price increases to bio fuel growth

Can leaders really be so slow as not to have realized that growing ever larger quantities of subsidized and lightly taxed bio fuels would result in increased food shortages and higher prices in many countries?

Apparently it is so

Politicians encourage bio fuel growth when many people on the planet have no affordable food

Things are seriously amiss when politicians encourage policies that lead to steep food price increases

This is how it is today with pundits telling us that prices will not come down again because of multiple factors

Again and as usual for the consumer this is force majeure

In countries where most are poor events can spiral out of control

In the West events might be different but the political fallout can be as unpredictable

We all need to eat so must change our foods or buy less

Eat differently

Eat out less

Cook more at home

Stop buying so many ready made meals and take aways

And while doing so observe with interest how the price of food is an emotional topic anywhere

Indeed it is one that politicians ignore at their peril

And we the consumers pay as usual for politically manipulated crop subsidies and incentives pandering to special interest groups

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family choice

Families are often portrayed as islands of harmony in a world of disharmony

Once in a while they are

Some siblings like each other

Some children love their parents

Often they do not

One way to feel more comfortable with your family relationships is to look at them differently

In truth our parents are only our genetic parents

Our spirit is our own and is not shared with anyone

Seldom does one spirit move down one genetic line meaning we have all experienced life in many different families and cultures

We have all been male and female

We choose our parents because they can best start us off on this life in the way we need to learn the lessons we came into this life to learn

This does not mean that they necessarily love us or are even very kind

It does mean that they shape us towards what we came here to learn

Often our brothers and sisters and other relatives are those we have know in other lives and with whom we have unfinished business

Our karma puts us in relationship with each other so that we can resolve these relationships and learn to treat each other correctly

Once this way of looking at your family is understood then many things become easier

We do not need to accept manipulation by family members

We do not need to pretend to like each other

Yes we do need to behave with kindness and consideration

No we do not need to spend time with each other if we do not want to

Families are great teachers, often tough ones

So be it so is life

Clear your thinking about your family and you free yourself in many ways to get on with what you are really here to do

There is no choice about the family you are born into

There is a choice about how you understand this relationship

A choice about how you behave

Family choice if you will

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


People can sometimes be amusing

As can frivolous events

Times where things are not serious

However frivolity can sink into crass behavior quite quickly

Then it is no longer amusing

We have all been present when behavior goes beyond what we feel acceptable

What do you do?

Look away, pretend not to hear

Pretend not to see

Ignore it

Then if it is repeated or continues

What do you do?

Tells a lot about you

Tells a lot about any of us

In life there are many things we cannot prepare for

There are others we can

Behavior getting out of hand is one where if we know ourselves we can react immediately as and how the situation demands

This is truer when we are clear with ourselves

When we know without any doubt what is and what is not acceptable

Then we act as we feel is appropriate

Our life journey prepares us to some extent

Our moral and ethical values the rest

Then it is up to us

Are you clear with yourself?

Can you respond reasonably?

Even with humor?

Without anger or frustration?

Be clear when things go beyond the frivolous

Action is usually needed even if it s merely to move away

Sometimes though it might demand that you take a stance

Do you have the courage?

Be prepared because the time will come when you will find yourself in such a situation

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mobile phone radiation

The case against mobile phones is gathering momentum

Evidence of dangers to people from mobile phones is increasing.

But proof is still lacking, largely because many of the biggest dangers take decades to appear

Cancer, tumors and other diseases are likely to be increased although most research has so far proved inconclusive.

But an official Finnish study found that people who used mobile phones for more than 10 years were 40 per cent more likely to get a brain tumour on the same side as they held the handset.

Equally alarming, Swedish research revealed that radiation from mobile phones killed off brain cells,

This indicates that today's teenagers could go senile in the prime of their lives.

Studies in India and the US have raised the possibility that men who use mobile phones heavily have reduced sperm counts.

Certainly young children under eight should not be using mobile phones

Most countries have done little to warn their citizens of these potential dangers

If you use a mobile phone, and who doesn't, then please observe the following simple rules

Keep conversations to a reasonable length

Use extension devices where possible and practicable

Hold mobiles slightly away from your ear when using mobile only.

Concern about long term effects is real and in such a situation it is smart to limit our possible damage as much as we can

Be smart

Monday, April 21, 2008

And the flowers

Pollution is dulling the scent of flowers and impeding some of the most basic processes of nature, disrupting insect life and imperiling food supplies, a new study suggests.

The potentially hugely significant research – funded by the blue-chip US National Science Foundation – has found that gases mainly formed from the emissions of car exhausts prevent flowers from attracting bees and other insects in order to pollinate them. And the scientists who have conducted the study fear that insects' ability to repel enemies and attract mates may also be impeded.

The researchers – at the University of Virginia – say that pollution is dramatically cutting the distance travelled by the scent of flowers. Professor Jose Fuentes, who led the study, said: "Scent molecules produced by flowers in a less polluted environment could travel for roughly 1,000 to 1,200 metres. But today they may travel only 200 to 300 metres. This makes it increasingly difficult for bees and other insects to locate the flowers."

The researchers – who worked on the scent given off by snapdragons – found that the molecules are volatile, and quickly bond with pollutants such as ozone and nitrate radicals, mainly formed from vehicle emissions. This chemically alters the molecules so that they no longer smell like flowers. A vicious cycle is therefore set up where insects struggle to get enough food and the plants do not get pollinated enough to proliferate.

Already bees – which pollinate most of the world's crops – are in unprecedented decline in Britain and across much of the globe. At least a quarter of America's 2.5 million honey bee colonies have been mysteriously wiped out by colony collapse disorder (CCD), where hives are found suddenly deserted.

The crisis has now spread to Europe.

Politicians insist that CCD has not yet been found in Britain, but the insects have been declining here too, and the agriculture minister Lord Rooker has warned that "the honey bee population could be wiped out in 10 years".

The Independent - 20.04.08

We know so little

We have so little time.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Are responsible for the pollination of most of the world's crops

Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, "man would have only four years of life left".

And bees are now disappearing from Europe as they have from the US

Concern started in the US last autumn, and has now hit half of all American states.

The West Coast is thought to have lost 60 per cent of its commercial bee population, and the East Coast 70 per cent .

It is called
Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and occurs when a hive's inhabitants suddenly disappear, leaving only queens, eggs and a few immature workers,

The vanished bees are never found, but thought to die individually far from their hives.

The parasites, wildlife and other bees that normally raid the honey and pollen left behind when a colony collapses will not touch it

The implications of this spreading situation are alarming.

CCD is now occurring in many European countries from Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece and Italy with an English commercial bee keeper stating that 23 of his 40 hives had been abandoned as other bee keepers in Scotland, Wales and North East England have claimed losses as well

True to form the British Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs insisted: "There is absolutely no evidence of CCD in the UK."


Leaving British officials aside elsewhere scientists have begun to suspect radiation from mobile phones and other hi-tech devices could be responsible

The theory holds that radiation from mobile phones interferes with a bee's navigation system,

German research has long shown that bees' behavior changes near power lines.

Now a limited study at Landau University has found that bees refuse to return to their hives when mobile phones are placed nearby. .

Dr George Carlo, who headed a massive study by the US government and mobile phone industry in the Nineties on the hazards from mobiles, said: "I am convinced the possibility is real."

Time will show but as with many other things we may not have so much time left

Poor bees

Poor humans

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Each generation

Accepts as normal what it finds when entering this life

Whatever they find is how it is

This even if older observers consider the country or society to have gone to the dogs

No matter the new generation just gets on with learning what they are fed by their elders

Later some might challenge what they have been told

Some might rebel

Most buy into the system and become part of the whole

Some make contributions

Others just while their lives away

And what have we got to say about what we are leaving them?

Have we learnt anything?

Don't see too many jumping up to apologie for the mess the world is in

And what wisdom are we sharing with the next generation?


We have not even looked at what we are doing ourselves let alone being able to discuss this with the next generation

And what do you understand as being the reasons?

Could it be our greed?

Our obsession with economic growth maybe?

Or our lack of spiritual values

Our selfishness

Whatever the truth the fact that we are not even conscious that dialogue about our world is the starting point is not very encouraging

In your own life become clear about what you are here for

So that at least you can share your thinking with your own children

The next generation are smart and they deserve at least a dialogue

Sticking their heads in the sand and hoping things will magically work out is not an option for them.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Time to move on

Yes it comes to all of us from time to time in our lives

Has it come to you yet?

Did you have the courage to move on or did you sit still and rationalize that it was safer to stay where you were?

Our friends might suggest we stay, it's safer, it's such a good job and so on

Sometimes this might be good advice however it is your life not theirs

Life is about change amongst other things

Trying to avoid change is like trying to stop the tide coming in

It doesn't work

Our lives are composed of major and minor periods

In each of these we have to learn lessons and once we have learned them then nature allows us to move on

Our karma also dictates that we experience things over and over if we do not learn

So the trick is to know if the decision to move is the right one or not

There are opportunities that we should not take

Others that we should consider

And those we should take

Your life view will help determine what you do

Your values will add something too

Then there is that inside voice which whispers to you

Do you listen to it?

It is known as our higher self by some

Whatever the name if you are honest with yourself and know this to be true
then that voice will be the best help you can get in making those decisions about whether or not it is time to move on

If you work at it this voice or feeling can be used more and more

Try this

Last thing before you go to sleep think of something that is on your mind and ask the question directly of your higher self

When you wake in the morning often the first thought you have is important and often that thought can answer your question

It might not be what you expect

It might not seem relevant

Hold it without challenge

Without modifying it

Look at it later in the morning

Act upon it if it feels right

This can be done more and more with questions and situations that arise in our lives

And not just asking questions when we go to sleep

The main thing is to be open to this voice or feeling and this takes practice like everything else

After a while you realize that what is happening is beyond mind

It is indeed your higher self

Beyond mind

Our minds get us into so much trouble because they are forever comparing, evaluating, judging

Because that's all they know how to do

And when we do this naturally all our perceptions and prejudices are factored in, which is why we make mistakes

Learn to find that voice in you, this is usually easiest if you let go of the worrying and think about other things

Change the subject

Do other things


It will be there however it takes time so stick with it

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Helping others

Sometimes we can see that it takes a very wise man to do good works without danger of doing incalculable harm

A highly developed man might know who to relieve of pain and who to leave in the mire

Because the mire is their best teacher

Poor people will tell anyone who is able to win their confidence that disastrous mistakes are made by those who come from different classes or backgrounds and endeavor to help them

Kindness and gentle treatment will sometimes bring out the worst qualities of a man or woman who has led a fairly presentable life when kept down by pain and despair

None of us know the darkness which lurks in the depths of our own natures until some strange and unfamiliar experience rouses the whole being into action

As soon as one begins to understand what a friend and teacher pain can be, thinking man must be appalled before the mysterious problem of human life

And though he may long to do good works, equally dreads to do them wrongly
until he has himself acquired greater power and knowledge.

Indeed so

The above is from an old nineteenth text and while not politically correct today is thought provoking

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Is something that comes into our lives from time to time

Or is it really there all the time?

Leaving aside your favorite magician or illusionist

And your politicians, how can they do what they do, a mystery indeed!

Consider how many mysteries are there in your life?

Or do you feel in control of everything

Is your life so simple and sure that there are no mysteries allowed?

Some people very much need to be in control

And so they construct lives of simple actions and beliefs so that they can pretend to be masters of their lives


Not one of us can honestly say there is no mystery in their lives

How about consciousness where does that come from?

Love how does that work, why did I fall for that person?

Life where did that start, and death what really happens?

Is there a God or are there lots of them or none as the Buddhists say?

So what is your chosen mystery?

Most humans have one or more that keep coming back to them through their lives

Think about it what mystery is with you?

Often they start when we are still young

What have you always wondered about and yet done nothing to examine?

If you do agree that there is at least one mystery then take a minute to understand honestly why you have never done anything about it?

There are answers to most things it just takes some determination to find the answers

Could be that the mystery you sit on is the key to why you are here in this life

Staring you in the face waiting for you to finally get around to doing some research into it

Is this true for you?

Most people push their mystery away even when it concerns themselves and their own behavior

Mysteries usually have something to teach us

And you?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And you have failed

Something we all face at some point

Be it a driving test, an exam, a promotion, a relationship breakdown whatever

How did you handle this

Did you go on and on thinking about the reasons why

How unfair it was

How it was not your fault

Did you go back and try again

Did you give up and walk away

Sometimes better to walk away but often we have to or need to take it again

To try again, prepare better, understand more, why we did not succeed

In life failure is a hard lesson and can really get to us

Learning not to obsess is also difficult as our minds turn and turn on the why of failure

Not leaving us alone over and over

Accept when there is nothing to be done, really let go not just the words while continuing to secretly worry

Till time calms us down

Again we can see how mind controls our life

Our mind that obsesses

Determine to learn to control your mind because if you do not then it will do more damage to you than anything else

Keep busy

Stay in the moment

Look at your life in a broader context than this failure

Appreciate what you have in life and do not put yourself down for the failure

Be honest enough to acknowledge if it was really your fault

Failure comes to us all at some time prepare yourself mentally with how to deal with it

Do not go into your next situation with the idea of failure for that is a sure fire recipe for creating just that

Failure and what it means is something worth looking at because it can shape and change your life

And it comes to us all at some point

Monday, April 14, 2008

Modern nomads

Humans have always migrated and traveled, without necessarily living nomadic lives.

What is now being called nomad ism is not about taking journeys it involves much more

A modern nomad is as likely to be a teenager in Berlin, San Fransisco or London as some senior businessman

They may never have traveled anywhere, been on an aeroplane or moved address

Even if they stay in one place in a small town their relationship to place, other people and time is what makes the difference

Indeed, how far they move is completely irrelevant.

It is the permanent connectivity that defines the modern nomad

seems that these people, who are growing in number, build stronger relationships to those they already know such as family and friends

This is at the expense of meeting new people or expanding their relationships in the physical world.

They move from place to place throughout the day doing emailing, work and play

Little distinction is drawn between work and play all merges into the day

More and more of their essential information is stored on line rather than in any one place or machine

Only a few years ago this was impossible as machines and connectivity were clunky and difficult to carry around

Today a mobile phone, Blackberry or laptop is all that is needed

By tomorrow one device will suffice

At this point social implications become more important as the machine is no longer the marvel as they will be familiar to us and taken for granted

The social implications are not clear today however rules of etiquette are emerging as to where mobile phones and Blackberries are acceptable and where they are not

We can observe that they are pushing their way into more and more places, the next being aeroplanes


Are you part of this?

Do you store more and more of your files, your life and work information on line?

Pay attention to your own life and see if where it is going is what you want

We are all caught up in this the question as usual is whether or not it is on our terms or those of others who lead the way or drag us with them

Make conscious decisions to take the best from this movement

Make equally conscious decisions to bar or prevent yourself from becoming totally beholden to technology

Be aware how these things are changing your life and that of your friends and acquaintances

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Male sex drive

Loss of libido isn't a problem we associate with men.

The myth is that if men have a sexual problem, it's that they can't get enough,

Women are the ones who invent headaches and feign sleep.

In fact, this isn't true.

For many men there is the problem of lack of desire or erectile dysfunction.

And this has become increasingly common over the last few years

There could be many reasons for this new caring sharing man feels more comfortable talking about this or.we are expecting more of ourselves, and men, like women, are feeling the pressure.

Men are meant to be not only breadwinners, but also caring, hands-on dads who deliver mind-blowing orgasms.

The myths say that men want sex from puberty to death but, in reality, a man's sex drive can fluctuate for all the reasons a woman's can.

He can be stressed, unhappy, tired or under pressure at work.

Sex is about desire emotion and expectations and these go up and down and sometimes disappear

In America, loss of libido in men is often attributed to the age-related drop in testosterone and treated with hormone supplements.

Testosterone levels fluctuate, with some men enjoying an active sex life yet recording low levels of the hormone, while others have higher levels but a lower sex drive.

Where does that leave us?

Current wisdom is to talk and discuss the situation with each other

And then?

Separate or accept that this is how it is

Such is our current wisdom

Here's another thought

The population is meant to go down there are more than enough humans on this planet

Loss of sex drive in males and females is part of this adjustment

Sex becoming a drive for procreation only is also predictable

Sex disappearing as a form of entertainment is also likely

Men and women seeing each other as sex objects would also decline

Men and women wanting sex would also decrease as an urge or need

Leading to different relationships

Relationships based on other criteria

Interesting thought

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Softer times

Spring summer a softer season is nearly upon us

A time when trees become softer leaves emerging

Flower blossoms appearing everywhere

Birds in spring song mood

Color increasing all around us

Days longer, nights shorter

And humans we too shed our winter coats

A time for softer behavior as well

A time to engage each other would be the old way

Sitting outside, smoking, talking, drinking

Modern citizens should stop smoking, cut down on drinking and anyway there is not much time to sit around

Sitting around is becoming a holiday activity

Drinking, eating, letting go are not so easy to fit in with our running around and endless busyness

Decide to give yourself more social time this spring and summer

Not so much rushing around

Organize to explore places, meet people, do new things

Have some fun whatever the other conditions in your life

Do not buy into media fear of harder times

Money comes and goes you are the one who decides where your head is at

Difficult times are even more reason to enjoy other things

Things of beauty, things of nature

No excuse for not enjoying each day

Taking some time to chill out

No prizes for nervous breakdowns and ill health

Consciously enjoy every day

Softer times can be so refreshing and rejuvenating if we accept their beauty and become so ourselves

Softer times, softer style, smiling at this the time of our lives

This time now, there is no tomorrow

Friday, April 11, 2008


Is a three in one vaccination being forced on English school children

Mumps, Measles, and Rubella are the three

Many parents are concerned that this vaccination can cause problems such as a heightened risk of autism

Various problems that only appear in the late teenage years or later include MR, extreme tiredness and other symptoms of ill health

Nonsense say the government it is perfectly safe

Two concerns

How can you know the long term effects of a vaccination that has not been tested over many years?

Secondly parents can with difficulty obtain the vaccinations separately and on the indications for the individual vaccinations it is clearly written do no have other vaccinations within one year


And the government is promoting three in one vaccinations where if there are long term problems these cannot and will not be known for many years

Many doctors in other European countries are on record as saying that this is not a safe or reasonable approach particularly on young immature immune systems

Nature does not give anyone three illnesses at the same time

Too often governments are riding roughshod over parents forcing them to accept things that they do not feel are safe or proven.

What to do?

Examine the different websites giving information on this subject

Our own point of view is that nature intends young immune systems to experience flu, chicken pox and some other diseases in order to strengthen these systems.

Giving young children multiple vaccinations is not natural nor does it help the immature immune system develop in a normal way

Others diseases such as TB are certainly better protected by vaccination but not more than one at a time

As adults we are obliged to make choices for ourselves and our children

Make your choices after taking the trouble to inform yourself as to what is said about the various options

If that choice leads you into disagreement with government or other bodies so be it

It is your life

Do not surrender your individual choice to others

Choice should not be surrendered without careful thought and consideration

Thursday, April 10, 2008


A word used by advertisers to persuade us that their latest offering should be bought

A word used to describe so many things that are not

And yet it still has power over us

We look, we read in hope of finding something better

New is a strong tool to catch our attention

But what is really new?

If you think about it there is little that is really new

True there are countless innovations

Countless innovations hailed to solve ever more problems

And yet as we use our computers and other modern devices we are aware also of the time they take to use

The concentration and attention they demand of us

Time that in other generations was used for social intercourse, playing, relaxing, enjoying life

Time that has gone, no longer available to us as we scurry through our modern lives

New ideas are not so frequent variations on a theme yes, plenty of them

The point?

That it is necessary for all of us to experience new thoughts

Which is why the word new always catches us

Just as new products bring pleasure or curiosity so new ideas can do the same

New ideas in what area then?

The restless area deep inside all of us

The small voice that queries is this all there is?

Is this really what it is all about?

Surely there should be something more

Are there any new ideas about how it all works

Why I am here

What it is all about

These ideas come in all shapes and forms today

Plenty of books explain

Plenty of people profess to know

Do they?

No they do not

If they truly had the answers then these would resonate powerfully within us

They would resonate with the truth

A truth beyond words, beyond doubt

With todays new ideas for a short while the placebo effect might work on us, then it wears off and we are back where we started

So maybe new is not where we should be looking

Some of our ancestors were pretty smart

So smart that they did not leave the important stuff lying on the table for idiots or evil people to pick up and abuse

So what did they leave and where?

They left in every millennium teaching to guide us on our own individual journey

All of them said over and over it is an individual journey

Each of us must undertake this journey by ourselves

As one said "no one saves us but ourselves"

"No one can and no one may"

"We ourselves must walk the path Buddhas merely show the way"

And so it has ever been

Therefore the next time you see the word new beware

Maybe new does not have the answers that old does

Keep looking, keep questioning

If you truly try and are sincere then one day nature will give you some clues

And then you can start your conscious journey towards the light

It might take many more lives however one day you will understand that it is the only way

The teachings of the Perennial wisdom that is

Good luck

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mmmmm - 58

The enemies which rise within the body,

Hard to be overcome - the evil passions

Should manfully be fought;

who conquers these

Is equal to the conqueror of worlds

Kiritarjuniya of Bharavi

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Is considered one of life's major attributes

Learning patience however is another thing

Some say fishing is a good way to learn one type of patience

And here is the challenge there are so many different variations of patience

Our lives are stressful and patience is needed in so many different ways and situations

Patience in your car when people are driving badly around you

Patience when stuck in traffic

A boss who does not listen, a selfish neighbour

Sitting at the airport, on the metro, in the check out line

Family members who drive you up the wall

And so the list goes on

How do we improve our patience?

Acceptance of some things is a start because while we can control or influence some aspect of our lives others are beyond us

Accepting them and letting them be as parts of our reality is helpful

And for the difficult ones deep breathing occupying the mind with other thoughts is one way

Another is to drown out the situation with your ipod

And the real challenge is to understand that there will always be things in our lives that require patience

Knowing and accepting this is another step along the way to becoming more patient

Notice also that as with so many other things it is our minds that are the key

If I can control my mind then my patience improves

Simply stated I can control my emotions and I have more patience

It does not get to me

So yet again I can see that our minds are key

And your mind?

Is it a support or hindrance to the things you want to achieve?

It is one of the only things over which you can have complete control

Not easy in fact the most difficult thing a human can do is to control the mind

Can you?

Do you?

The benefits are enormous they change your life completely

Having patience is one of the most challenging yet rewarding attributes man can attain

Develop yours consciously

Conscious focusing of the mind is a beginning.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Quiet reduces stress

Amazingly trite remark and true

If your heart is filled with fear, or stress as some prefer to call it, then for sure the wear and tear is greater than if you are feeling quiet

Such a simple concept that it does not need elaboration

So how come so many forget this?

The speed of modern life, constantly doing things

Modern media and life make it hard to hold onto quietness

Constant bombarding of the senses our forced acceptance of this bombardment

First clue we allow ourselves to be subjected to constant noise both external and internal

The external we all know

The internal is less obvious it's all those things the external persuades you are important

That you should worry about

Things like your success in life as measured by your possessions

Your worry about relationships

About doing everything that needs doing

Not making mistakes

Undoing mistakes

Finding time

Sticking itunes into our ears is only a partial solution to noise reduction

Yes many stick itunes and MP3's into their ears to reduce noise

Going into their own choice of sound and diversion

Brave effort but unlikely to succeed when the internal noise is so pervasive and persistent

Peace and quiet do not come through noise so easily

And if peace and quiet do not come through noise then our stress is likely to increase

Want to reduce stress then find quiet

Quiet to meet yourself

Quiet to experience emotions free from the stimulus of noise

The movement from stress and fear is not easy when you never let go

Never experience the quiet that allows you to understand where your fears are hiding

And hide they do

Nobody wants to hold their fears in front of them

Real peace and quiet are found when we treat ourselves with respect

When we have time and energy for ourselves l

Time to meet those fears and reduce that stress

Quieten those worries by putting them into a better perspective

How much time do you give yourself?

How much quiet time do you give yourself?

Bet you've had other thoughts while reading this

Give yourself a break

Quietness is the gateway to peace of mind

Noise is the gateway to breakdown

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bigger conspiracy

Another idea making the rounds

It is current and topical so why not have a look

The dictionary defines a conspiracy theory in this way:
    A theory seeking to explain a disputed case or
    matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance
    rather than an individual or isolated act.
A conspiracy theorist, therefore, is a person who formulates such a theory.

There is a certain negative undertone to the term "conspiracy theory" in today's society.

Detractors will point out that many conspiracy theories contain certain features that undermine their credibility.

From an individuals point of view it is easier to dismiss ideas that sound outlandish or just different

However it is thought provoking to take some ideas on board and let them float around until you become clear about your own reaction and point of view

Where the ongoing events are not clear it is hard to judge whether or not they are credible

Where they are in process this is also difficult

Where various components are not visible and the conspirators not approachable it is tough to evaluate

Even if you do not like the whole concept of this particular conspiracy theory certain aspects such as electronically chipping people are already here today.

Not theory they are already here on prisoners and others tagged in the name of security

It does not take much consideration to see how several other features of this particular conspiracy could also quickly become reality

You then arrive at the tipping point where it is too late to take action against the conspiracy

And what action would you take anyway?

Maybe the lesson from exposure to this topic is to think about what if anything you personally might do

Or do you believe that it is not possible to fight back?

That you are dis empowered and have no chance to contribute to anything so big of this nature?

That the government and others should do whatever is needed

"They", the famous they, maybe they are the ones who should do things

Is it all too far away from you?

Being electronically tagged is very personal and not far away

So even if the other aspects are not close to you tagging is

And what will you do about this?

If not for you then for your children?

Think now not when the situation is already decided

This is our world today things of this nature are happening and are evolving

Not a dream, not a nightmare

A reality of these decades now

During our lives now

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Olympic Torch

Is due to arrive in London today

The media is discussing if the brand, the Olympic brand that is, will be damaged by possible protesters making a noise or disturbance for Tibet

Not if the Tibetans should be supported

Not if the media can help the Tibetans in anyway

Not whether or not the Olympic movement has always been about politics

Not whether or not the Chinese have brought this upon themselves

And so it is in our modern world a preoccupation with the business aspects of the Olympic movement

What are your thoughts about Tibet?

Add your voice as you feel is appropriate or did you already

Or did you feel it is not really to do with you?

What did you feel?

Do you feel?

Our thoughts on issues like Tibet define us as much as the clothes we wear and the words we utter

Moral issues will be with us all our life

They help define who and what we are

They shape us and our lives

Tibet is one such

Friday, April 04, 2008


Can sometimes be breathtaking

The British Prime Minister announces that in spite of his Government Advisory panel stating that cannabis should remain a class C drug that he intends to reclassify it as a class B drug

His reasoning?

We need to send a message that it is unacceptable to smoke cannabis

It is fine and legal to smoke cigarettes and increase your risk of lung cancer

It is fine and legal to drink alcohol and become an alcoholic

Cannabis kills few if any people in any given period

Cigarettes and alcohol kill many thousands every year

British politicians like those in most other countries are incapable of being honest about this subject

Prohibition does not work

It does not work

Young people in Britain are having their DNA taken when arrested for possession of cannabis

Labelled criminals for life

Their elders drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes without fear of legal action

The idea that all dangerous substances could or should be subject to similar treatment is never discussed as an option

Hypocrisy rules

Can it be that this man and others around him perceive some political advantage from trying to look tough?

Bad advice he is already perceived as a wimp by bottling out of calling an election

Shame that so many will have their lives affected because of his silly decision

Silly because he has not the courage to address the wider issue of how society could best handle all dangerous drugs

Now there's a chance for him to do something really useful.

Sadly as ever hypocrisy rules

One day.......................

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just unimportant

My life is unimportant

I am unimportant

My life adds up to the square root of nothing

Nothing I do makes any difference

How I live is so average, so boring

For many this is their strongly held belief

And so it is

Condemning themselves to unnecessary unhappiness

Where our minds go so go we

If you want this to be true then say it often and believe it to be so

Bring everything you do into support of your perception

Make it, live it, wallow in self pity

If that's what you want then go down the road of misery and failure

Please try not to take others with you

Most of us would like to find meaning and satisfaction in our lives

Through different eyes we can

Let your eyes, convey images of life and love

Negative and boring or light and loving you process information as you will

For what our minds absorb becomes our reality

For many life is amazing filled with things to do and learn

Your perceptions help create your reality

We might be nobody however the only true judge of this is our higher selves

Not our fellow man who is busy struggling with his own demons

Let others be, focus on your own experience of life

When we choose to live our life in a positive way then so it becomes

Even the most trivial thing has meaning

A meaning to our higher selves

A meaning which over time brings peace of mind

Every day is there for us to do our best, the best we can

To make some contribution every day with whatever comes our way

Unimportant to others maybe but for us it is our choice, we are doing the best we can every day

And that's just fine

Over time this attitude changes us

Moves us from fear and loneliness to being at one with nature and the world around us

Where our minds go so go we

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


As we might be sometimes nevertheless we need to keep our cool

Not to show our shock

Not to say something inappropriate

Not to turn away

Times like these can be really testing

How do you do in shock situations?

Depending on the type of shock we can see how we handle such situations

How we react to different situations

Some of us avoid anything that might expose us to danger or shock

Other people move away

Make some excuse and stay away

What do you do?

Can you handle shock?

Better learn it's part of our experience in life and a useful indicator of where our control and consciousness is

No leadership

Was a time when humans had a purpose

Had a direction right or wrong they knew what they were doing and why

A shared vision even

What is our purpose today?

More bland life accepting rules and constraints, muddling through each day?

More what?

Once upon a time leaders lead

No more

They are guided by opinion polls, which tell them what to think

Lobbyists who prevail upon them to support their narrow interests

Global issues that they are enjoined to support

Apart from a sad lack of leadership mankind is aware of the damage he has done and is doing to his planet

As a result few believe in a bright future

Previous generations did

Previous generations looked forward with hope towards the future

And today?

What can we look forward to?

Global warming, exhaustion of resources, overcrowding, social problems, more opportunistic diseases and so on, a litany of modern fears

It is at such time that leadership is required

Leaders who can see a way to reignite human hope

Leaders who can see a way out

Sad truth most modern leaders are created in societies that demand they come up through the structure of politics

A structure in most places of corruption, greed and self interest

A structure divorced from it's constituents

Time to break out

Time to find a way forward

There is a way, but not through more of the same

Not through compromise and sell out

Only through vision and the articulation of that vision can we move with excitement and enthusiasm again

Through the articulation of ideas that resonate with truth

Reminding us maybe of things forgotten

Things we need to overcome our current malaise

Will such a leader appear?

We have to wait and see

He or she is out there somewhere.

Is it time?

What's your guess?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why now?

Is Planet Earth experiencing so much change?

Global warming, financial problems, social problems you name it

Well many answers are being given

Many being searched for

And still most of us feel nervous as the answers proffered do not satisfy

They do not hit the button

Our lives seem empty in some ways

There seems to be a feeling that there ought to be more

More than what we experience

To which one could reply in many ways

Here's one

Mankind senses that the way we are behaving is not right

We make excuses for things that have no excuse

We go along with bullshit that is just plain wrong

We pretend not to notice the lies

Inside we know things need not be like this

Political correctness is out of control no one says what they think any longer

Everything is dressed up in spin and distortion

Mankind intuitively wants truth

Mankind wants to live in love and harmony

In our hearts we are fed up with violence



It might be beyond us to change the world

But if you do want to then start by changing yourself

Always yourself

Get honest with yourself

Live by values you truly believe in

We want truth

Then live your own life in truth

Find the courage to say no to the lies which come your way

A life lived in truth is bearable, one lived in pretense and fear is not

Listen to your heart

Act on that faint whisper

Live in love

Let the fear go