Monday, December 31, 2007

Just want to cry

No clear reason

Just feel strong emotion

Want to cry

If we are female then fine that's OK

If we are male then less so, cultural no no for many

The feeling of emotion, the feeling of alone

The feeling of uselessness

It comes to most of us from time to time often at Christmas or New Year

A memory, a sadness at times gone by

Friends no longer with us

Just feeling sad at life and all it brings

Let go and also reign in your emotions afterwards

Too easy to slide into depression

Once in depression oh so hard to come out again

For all our ills and sadness do not go down that road

Get busy, walk get out, be active

Do not allow yourself to slide

Find the positive

Find something to focus on

Oh yes life can be hard

Only known way out is to embrace life

Truly looking for the positive

Do it please.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Birthdays 2

Are funny days once you get older

In one way you do not want to be reminded that time is passing by

In another sense you want people to remember your birthday

And even though we are getting older we still like presents

In relationships we certainly expect our partner to remember and do something special

When we are alone it can seem a bit sad because nobody knows or cares

And here's a couple of things you might not know about them

Several days before and after we might feel physically weak
We can feel emotionally disturbed also for a few days either side of our birthday

Possibly the most interesting though is that we will experience a heart palpitation at the exact time of our birth
And if we know the exact time and place then a good astrologer can tell you your life expectations with some accuracy
Few astrologers today have accurate mathematical models and the other skills needed to do this so be wary of those claiming to be able to do so
You might find one or two in the West although it is more likely to find such in India where mathematics and astrology are a strong part of their history
Birthdays are also reminders of our journey in this life, a time maybe to reflect on this
Be cheerful though going into sadness is not cool on such a day after all it was an amazing day for your parents, well most of them anyway!
Enjoy your birthday and see if you can feel that palpitation

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Little things

Are in large part what we live with

Getting out of bed seeing the sun or rain outside, grey day or sunny day

Breakfast, walk, drive to work

And so the day goes on small thing after small thing

Day after small day

One after another

Slipping by, speeding by

Periods of our life slide by too

No longer a teenager, no longer twenties

Thirties sliding by too

And in all those thousands of minutes what stands out?

What in all that time stays with you?

Ask yourself the question in all my life what comes to mind?

In all my life what stays with me?

Try it

One of the things that will be there is something small

Maybe several of them

Your life was going to do so much

And in the end it comes down to several small things and maybe one or two large ones

A whole life is not really what you thought it would be

Just little things interspersed with one or two big ones

And that's it

Or did you see that you do not have to win competitions or win gold medals

Do not have to feel frustrated

Just live in the moment

Accept the process of life

Live life as process

Be the best you can every day growing your life experience

Allowing life to lead you and learning when to make your move

When to push and when to accept

Living life in balance is not so easy when all those little things keep getting out of balance

But then this is one of life's great skills to handle the little things in the right way

Living with those little things in a new way realizing that they are life

Enjoying the little things contributing where we may

Little things

Friday, December 28, 2007

Gobi desert

Our present humanity started here

Not in East Africa

Not spreading out from East Africa

Here in the Gobi is where the fifth race, our race started

An area larger than Europe

Many years from now the weather will change globally

More than it is beginning to do so at the moment

One of those changes will expose unbelievable cities and towns in the Gobi desert

The sand that now covers them will be blown away

Exposing our ancestral home if you will

At that time we will become very humble as we realize how advanced they were

How primitive we are in so many ways

Out true history is so much more interesting than current speculation and hypotheses

Shambala was in this area too, maybe still is

Do not believe everything you are told

Think for yourself

Life is process and there are times in that process when we get things wrong

Like now

Our origins

Our history

Our truth is not what we are currently taught

Search for yourself

One simple challenge do you really believe that we were all descended from apes and came out of East Africa?

Does this truly resonate with you?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Too much choice

Was a time when buying a pair of jeans was simple

You had one style, which usually didn't fit very well, in one color, and one treatment

After several washes the jeans would begin to become yours and years later would be sadly falling apart

Today many styles, many colors, many treatments

If jeans didn't fit years ago it was the fault of the shop or jeans manufacturer

Today the fault is yours because you didn't make a good choice


What we are saying is that more choice makes us all responsible for not choosing correctly

We are all responsible

Today in most areas of modern life we have too much choice

Meaning in turn that we are seldom satisfied

Because our expectations are higher the best we can hope to do is to meet those expectations .
Seldom will we exceed them
Seldom can we feel really happy.
Welcome to our modern world

More than sad really that in many parts of the world they have no choice at all

While in ours we have too much

Step beyond choice and appreciate what you have

Do not buy the latest "must have" because it is tomorrow's must not have

Have just sufficient unto your needs

Focus on non material things they will often more than satisfy

Too much choice does not bring happiness

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A delegation of love

Is what we can be

Each one of us

Our thoughts are incredibly numerous, each and every day

We have thoughts all day long millions of them

And how many are of love?

Not as many as could be

Decide to be a love delegate

Send your love to others all day long

Whenever you are bored send love

It is such a nice habit

It grows and you find yourself smiling at the thought of the one loved

Just the thought is enough to change our mood

Be a delegate of love

We all need to feel love

Who knows I might even feel your love

That sudden feeling of lightness

Ever felt it?

For no reason we just feel better, lighter

Love is contagious
Let us all get in the habit of sending love to others

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The 25th of December

Few Christians are aware that there is not a single piece of legitimate historical evidence that the gospel Jesus ever existed.

The birth, life, miracles, teachings and death of Jesus are not referred to by any historians of the time, despite the fact that the centuries surrounding the beginning of the Christian era were some of the best documented in history.

Apart from Luke's Gospel, no historical sources mention the Roman census that supposedly required Mary and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem. In fact, a Roman census could not have been carried out in Palestine in the time of King Herod, for his territory was not part of the empire.

Nor are there any independent historical accounts of the guiding star (which, very unstarlike, wandered through the sky and came to rest over the building where Jesus was born!), Herod's slaughter of the innocents, or the dramatic events that allegedly accompanied the crucifixion -- i.e. three hours of global darkness, an earthquake and the rending of the veil of the temple of Jerusalem, followed, according to Matthew, by corpses emerging from their graves, including the resurrection of the saints and their subsequent appearance to many in Jerusalem!

The only Roman writers to mention anything of relevance to the historical reality of Jesus are Pliny, Tacitus and Suetonius, but they were all writing at the beginning of the 2nd century and none of them mention Jesus by name. Pliny simply says that some Christians had cursed 'Christ' to avoid being punished. Tacitus mentions that Christ was executed by Pontius Pilate, but it is clear that he is merely quoting hearsay information from his own day. Suetonius states that Jews were expelled from Rome around 49 CE because a man called Chrestus instigated disturbances among them. But Chrestus was a popular name, and even if Suetonius really meant 'Christus', Jesus was never said to have been at Rome, and certainly not nearly 20 years after his supposed crucifixion. Moreover, the authenticity of all these passages has been questioned.

Turning to Jewish historians: Philo was an eminent Jewish author who lived at the same time that Jesus is supposed to have lived and wrote around 50 works that still survive. They tell us much about Pontius Pilate, yet make no mention of Jesus. Philo's contemporary, Justus of Tiberias, wrote a history that began with Moses and extended to his own times, but again made no mention of Jesus.

Josephus, on the other hand, a younger contemporary of the apostle Paul, wrote two famous history books, one of which (Antiquities of the Jews) contains two passages which do refer to Jesus: one of them speaks of him as the messiah, who was crucified under Pilate and appeared to his disciples three days later.

For hundreds of years these passages were seized on by Christians as conclusive proof that the gospel Jesus was an historical figure. But more careful scrutiny has shown them to be later forgeries. Since Josephus was an orthodox Jew, he would hardly have called Jesus the messiah if the Jews had really put him to death for blasphemy.

Origen explicitly stated in the 3rd century that Josephus did not believe that Jesus was the messiah. It was not until the beginning of the 4th century that Bishop Eusebius, the Roman Church's notorious propagandist and falsifier, suddenly produced a version of Josephus which contained these passages. Nevertheless, given the lack of any other serious, non biblical evidence for an historical Jesus, some Christian apologists still go to desperate lengths to claim that the passages in Josephus are at least partially authentic

The Jewish Talmud comprises an older stratum called the Mishna and additional matter known as the Gemara or 'completion'. The Mishna was founded in 40 BCE and was edited and amplified till about the beginning of the 3rd century CE. It contains an unbroken record of all the rebels against the authority of the Jewish Sanhedrin from 40 BCE to about 237 CE, and provides a history of the Pharisees, who allegedly put Jesus to death. H.P. Blavatsky asks:

how is it that not one of the eminent Rabbis, authors of the Mishnah, seems to have ever heard of Jesus, or whispers a word in the defence of his sect charged with deicide, but is, in fact absolutely silent as to the great event?

The Talmud does contain references to a certain Jeshu, on whom the gospel Jesus may partially have been based, but one passage implies that he lived about 100 BCE. The Talmud certainly provides no support for the historical reality of a gospel Jesus living in the early 1st century


Monday, December 24, 2007

The 24th of December

Is the day

The day to pay respect to the teachers of humanity, the Adepts and Masters

The day when the energy of our spiritual sun, is stronger than on any other day of the year

This is why the Christians continued the many pagan traditions that held this day to be so special

Long before Christianity the Chaldean's, Egyptians, Indians and most other cultures before them had understood the significance of this day

It is a day when respect should be given to those who watch over us.

Those who stop humanity doing totally stupid things

Those who give impulses and insights to those who are open to receive

A day to be quiet and appreciative

A day unlike others had we the wit to understand

And the 25th?

Another of our misunderstandings, a blind if you will

The 24th of December is the most sacred day in the year so if you want to say thanks from your heart then do so in your own way with love and respect to the most remarkable beings living in this Manvantara

Few in number are the humans who choose to search for the truth

Those who have succeeded are masters of time and space having learnt all natures secrets

Yes they exist and have always done so

It is they who truly inspire us to search for the truth

To take our first conscious steps along the path they trod

Nothing can match their courage and love for humanity

At the highest level are Buddha, Brahma and Christ

These names we use for them are expressions of level of attainment not that of a particular individual as many suppose

They do indeed manifest to teach and remind us from time to time and have done so throughout our long and unknown history

Unknown in that we do not even understand our true origin nor our personal stories through many many lives

And for now, in these challenging times, it is up to us to find our way

Do you have the courage to seek out and follow the perennial wisdom?

We hope you do because it is the only way forward to the light and freedom

Make 2008 your year to move beyond mere existence

May you find the courage and discipline..

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Car secret

Quick question, what side of your car is your gas/petrol tank filler cap?

you are anything like me, you probably can't remember right away.

solution is to uncomfortably stick my head out the window, strain my neck and look.
If you don't do this in your own car you more than
likely have done it in a borrowed or rental car.
Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to share with you a little secret
so you will no longer put your neck at risk of discomfort or injury.
If you look at your gas gauge, you will see a small icon of a gas pump..
The handle of the gas pump will extend out on either the left or right
side of the pump.
If your tank filler pipe is on the left, the handle
will be on the left.
If your filler pipe is on the right, the handle
will be on the right (see photo above).
It is that simple!

I don't know how you feel about this discovery right now, but when found out I felt pretty cheated!
Why don't the dealers share such important information with car buyers?
I don't understand why this isn't in the driver's/owner's manual?

why don't our favorite mechanics think of mentioning this to us all?
The only possible explanation can be that all these people probably don't even know themselves!
Go out and share the world's best kept auto secret with your friends ... this is information is way too important to be kept secret.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The true attitude

The Past!

What is it?



Dismiss it.

You are the past of yourself.

Therefore it concerns you not as such.

It only concerns you as you now are.
In you, as you now exist, lies all the past.

So follow the Hindu maxim:

Regret nothing; never be sorry; and cut all doubts with the sword of spiritual knowledge.

Regret is productive only of error.

I care not what I was, or what anyone was. I only look for what I am each moment.

For as each moment is and at once is not, it must follow that if we think of the past we forget the present, and while we forget, the moments fly by us, making more past.

Then regret nothing, not even the greatest follies of your life, for they are gone, and you are to work in the present which is both past and future at once.

So then, with that absolute knowledge that all your limitations are due to Karma, past or in this life, and with a firm reliance ever now upon Karma as the only judge, who will be good or bad as you make it yourself, you can stand anything that may happen and feel serene despite the occasional despondencies which all feel, but which the light of Truth always dispels.


Friday, December 21, 2007

What happens

When we meet our failures?

We release fear

A failure by definition carries some stress with it

Stress at a deeper level is fear

So meeting our failures and letting them go also removes their power over us

Simple but true talking about our failures and looking at them to learn what produced them and what we can do better next time releases their power over us

Interestingly the old adage the hard way is the easy way is true

So often we avoid things because we have fear of them or are afraid that they will hurt us

From now on understand clearly that confronting ones fears and failures is actually the easy way although it might not appear to be so at the time

Be brave in life it is actually the easy way

Accept also that there will be more failures and that is just fine it's the way life is

Meet life with curiosity

Risk is part of a healthy life not stupid risk but risk of meeting new people, new experiences

And at the root of it all is facing ourselves overcoming our demons, our traumas

And that's fine too it's what we are here to learn

To move towards the light in all senses

Becoming lighter if you will

Thursday, December 20, 2007

...........and my very own failure

Is so bad

I cannot possibly forgive myself

I will guard it closely all my life

I will let it make me feel bad all my life

In fact I will use it to ruin my life

There is no where else to go

Nowhere else to put it

I cannot look at it any other way.

No use telling me to forget it

And so on

Surely you must be tired of this story

Certainly all those who know you must be

Dreary, sad, negative people

Heroically brave people

Carrying this hidden or overt burden


You did not come here to play this silly game

There is not a master in history who has not done silly things, unthinkable things

So with us, this is how we learn

How we grow

Look at your crime or silly story and examine it from the angle of learning

What can I learn from this and then let it go

Move on

Holding stories to your heart does nothing because you are not growing you are using this as an excuse for not growing

Let your failures teach you not cripple you

How do you grow if you do not have so called failures?

Have you never thought that failures are critical to our evolving consciousness?

Life is amazing don't waste any more time

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Are the product of many different elements

Lack of conviction

Lack of attention

Lack of effort

Poor preparation

Over ambition

Over playing

And so on

Really the most important aspect of failure is to learn

And in truth that is all this life is about learning

Life is also process

No finishing line, no gold medals for most of us just being the best we can in whatever we do or are presented with

Bearing this in mind looking at failure brings up some familiar points

Were you honest about your abilities?

Did you chose the contest or situation or were you pushed into it ?

If you choose the situation that is one set of parameters if you were pushed another

If you chose then was your appreciation of the situation accurate?

Was your timing right?

Did you truly have the potential?

Did you sustain effort beyond the finishing line?

As any athlete knows the race is won often in the last push and to achieve maximum performance he pushes mentally at a finishing line beyond the actual so that he is still going flat out at the tape

If you were pushed into competing as happens to all us from time to time then were you resentful, were you angry, or in two minds about it

If the situation was one of relationship then in a sense the same comments apply ask yourself did you enter with faulty information, did you inform yourself, was your appreciation correct, did you give it your best shot?

Whatever the failure it is gone it is in our past because today in this moment now is where we need to live and be

Turning to the future is our interest here, because past failures are gone and we must only remember them to learn how to do better in the future and for no other reason because they are gone done and dusted

To avoid failure in the future

Consider these points

You must know yourself better, be honest about your potential and capabilities

Few people have taken the trouble to truly learn about themselves

Sounds simple and easy but is not so because to truly know myself means to drop my perceptions of things and accept them as they truly are

See life clearly and your own self in reality

This step alone will require you to adjust your present view of yourself.

Can you be this honest, if not then life and your karma will give you more failures because nature will not allow you to play games

You must stop holding back if you want to succeed and drop the fear of not being good enough whether in relationship or competition or life situations

So many people really have a fear of success not failure and as soon as they approach success they shoot themselves in the foot to avoid success.

Think about it are you afraid of success?

Prepare professionally, cover every aspect of the activity or situation, take the time to study why the winners succeed how others handle things

There is no excuse today for not being prepared professionally, the information on everything we need is on the internet somewhere

If we are talking about relationships then ask us specific questions as this blog is open and available for such dialogue

Make sure you have the correct resources, again so often people are not fully prepared with the correct resources be they physical, mental or emotional

Have in your mind, others have been here and done this, they succeeded I will too

While I am competing or participating I will be focused because frequently lack of true 100% focus is the reason for failure

Practice focusing not just for five minutes but for longer and longer periods so that focusing becomes second nature

Understand that if we are talking about relationships then focus is also required as all too often we stop paying real attention

We get lazy, we take things for granted.

Decide that you are ready for success and truly want to go wherever it takes you

Read this blog and ask questions because failure is a big subject and cannot be fully addressed in such a short space

Good luck for all of us

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Credit crunch time

Is coming, not if but when

Talk is appearing more and more often since the American sub prime mortgage situation

At first there were to be no knock on effects

Then when that became obviously wrong

Talk about consumer credit problems becomes more frequent

It does not take rocket scientists to work out that times are a changing

So do you have credit cards?

If yes then time to pay off what you can

Conditions are unlikely to get better immediately so pay down those out standings

You may not find this easy

However if you want to sleep better at night then this is the way to go

Credit has been an insidious facility since time immemorial

With generation after generation falling for the soft voice of those offering credit

All goes fine until one day something changes

And this something might and often does have nothing to do with you

However you will be caught up in it

Base your life on what is possible with your earnings not your fantasies

Indeed if your life has no slack in it moneywise then any slight tightening will catch you out

Build your life on reality not credit

A cruch is coming.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Disappointment comes along now and again

How do you handle it?

With humour?




Whatever your style; you know

So pay attention it shows you where your consciousness is

If angry; violent; moody or frustrated then time to understand that you have work to do

Work to control your emotions because if you do not then they will get you into more trouble

If they haven't already

Learn to let the anger and frustration go.

Life will not allow you to get all you want whenever you want

Sure you are disappointed however life gives us these experiences

Move on it's over finished

Let it go

Not easy

The more you invest in things the harder the disappointment

So learn not to invest so much

Learn to move on

You might not like this but nature gives us everything we need to grow in every second of our lives

whatever the situation

So think about that next time you are disappointed

You have everything you need to grow

Not what you might want but what you need to grow

Why else did you think you are here in this life

If not to grow?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Living with physical pain

We adjust we have to

Pain can be alleviated to some extent by pills, marijuana, morphine

But if it goes on then it is naturally very debilitating

Gets you down

Life becomes reduced

Down to what we can bear

Ever been there?

If you have then maybe you found that pain has levels

Has features, distinctive differences, pain is not just one universal type although certain aspects are

Pain has nuances

Going into these nuances can help you handle it better

An old Buddhist technique is to go into the pain until you know every facet

Know every detail

Next time you find yourself in pain

Go into it

Learn every dimension, every facet

It might not remove the pain but it will change your experience of it

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Love is unconditional

True love that is

And that is the only true love, unconditional love

Unconditional love means without strings

Asking nothing from the other person

Being able to give love without demanding anything in return

And this requires a consciousness that is free of fear


Because if you have fear you cannot know unconditional love

The love must be tempered or conditioned by your fear

Only once you know and love yourself can you truly unconditionally love another

Look around you, notice how many relationships break up

How many people are not in love with each other, just using each other

More and more because the starting point was unrealistic or not honest

No, loneliness is not a good way to go into relationships

Need is not such a good basis either

Nor greed

Nor ambition

So many people go into relationships confusing their desires with love

Projecting desire and illusion onto the other party

True love is simple it comes a calling once we sort ourselves

This might not be what you want to hear however it does give some clues as to why so many relationships do not survive.

Love is unconditional

Love can only be unconditional

Friday, December 14, 2007


How was it for you?

How did it unfold?

Good and bad up and down probably

Went too fast maybe

Where did it go

What did you learn in 2007?

Are you happy with where you are now?

Do you like yourself?

If not then better try harder in 2008 because that will flash by too

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your self then decide to change

You are the only one who can do this

Not your brother, your mother, your sister, or friends only you

Decide to be a better person in 2008

Let go of your games and illusions

Choose to be the best you can

If you can do this then your life is more fulfilling

Then 2008 can be your year

Be warned though 2008 will not be easy for many.

Make 2008 your year, in fact choose to make them all your years

The years of your life.

They go so fast, ever faster

Take the time to look at your 2007 and consider what went right and what did not go so well

Enter 2008 clear about what can make it your best year so far

Thursday, December 13, 2007

So short

Your time in this life is precious

It might seem like you have all the time in the world

Not so

Our time in this life is so short

Look at it this way

Until we are about twenty or so we are learning about how the world works,

Then we are having fun meeting people, starting to look for a partner.

Settling into a life of work and play

Then we have job family and children and before we know it we are middle aged and beginning to worry about security, health and relationships.

In most of the above only dimly have we thought about questions such as what are we really here for

Accepting without question the stories of our times and culture

None of which are very helpful or convincing

Usually we push any such thoughts to one side with just a funny feeling that they don't seem to fully resonate with us they don't feel quite right

The feeling persists that there ought to be more

Something that explains the violence and seeming senselessness of life

Often even if we have looked we have met bullshitters or other unsatisfactory answers

So we let it go and focus on our material world

Judging our life by our possessions, our position in the system

And as we age the sadness grows at the utter futility of what we are part of

Corruption everywhere - in everything, religion included

Sleaze and greed

By now we are feeling the effects of declining health, broken relationships

And cling on we must for to look elsewhere at other possible ways of understanding life is to acknowledge the waste of our own lives

So we just cling on to the end

So be it

Or is there another way?

Could it be that those stories we heard about love and light have some merit after all?

How can love and light work in this insane world?

Indeed they can and if we look around we can now and then spot someone living by these rules

Not the incense burning weekend spiritualists or the professional love children in their white robes and false smiles

No once in a while you can glimpse someone who looks healthy

Someone with an emanating calmness

Yes there are those who have understood life

A smile and sureness that indicates some other life

No fanfare just quietly moving through life

What have they found?

What is it they know?

How can they be love in such a screwed up world?

How can they be so serene?

Have a look it might work for you too

Who knows maybe there is a way to understand and contribute with meaning

Maybe there is even a truth out there relative or absolute who knows?

What did you think this short brutish life was really about then?

Can the complexity and intricacy of nature really be some random accident?

Did consciousness really evolve without guidance?

Could it be that there really is another way to experience life?

The truth about our history is really so much more than Hollywood ever dreamed

To find this is your choice each and everyone of us must make our own choices

Use your life wisely it really is so short

Of course you will have thousands more but that is not the point

Use each life to learn the truth of things

To find how you can grow in each life

Start by finding out what the perennial wisdom is

What has been a constant throughout history

Why is it that only love matters?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Warm hats

Were at one time almost obligatory in most cultures
From wool to fur

From the warm lands to the North Pole

And today in Europe hoods are also everywhere as many clothes come with hoods

Hats serve more purpose than just the ornamental

In cold weather they prevent 25-30% heat loss

So if you are in a cold climate wear a hat and do your system a favour

Hats are useful particularly if you have to stand around in the cold for any reason
Wear warm hats

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Comes and goes

Sometimes it's the coffee you drank too late

Too much food too late or maybe the wrong food

Other times it's worry

And then there is the shift in our weather

Something global or maybe local

We cannot see or understand all these variables that cause sleeplessness

We can understand feeling bad in the morning though

Waking up feeling bad is unpleasant

It can stay with you if you feed it

Better to starve the bad feeling

In fact it is always better to starve negative thoughts as they lead to more negative thoughts

The thoughts we have first thing can change our whole day

Determine to find positive thoughts before you brush your teeth

Enjoy the feeling of a fresh mouth

The idea of breakfast

Do not allow yourself to get into negative thoughts every morning it can become a habit

A bad habit

And those sleepless nights

They come to all of us so learn to relax and accept that you cannot control how sleep comes

You can control your mind as you lie in bed

Not easy, but find the way to stop your mind

Learn how to turn it off

Then sleep can come more easily

Enjoy the idea of going to bed

The day done

Appreciate life consciously and then sleeplessness is more likely to go

Monday, December 10, 2007

Impotence of the mind

Is not something we think about too much

Time though to understand how it damages you

If you feel disgust at the behaviour of grotesque greedy leaders, businessmen and others

Then over time this creates a feeling of powerlessness

A powerlessness which in turn creates depression

A depression that we are nothing

That we can do nothing

That our lives are worth nothing

Nothing we do makes any difference

That we are obliged to watch and hear about endless scandal and wrong behaviour for the rest of our lives

This might be true if you choose to let it be this way

However this ignores nature, which even the most negative of us would acknowledge has power over man and not the other way around as some try to suggest

Just one flood, earthquake, pandemic or hurricane and it is clear who is boss

Nature does not just act globally, nature also acts upon us individually through the operations of karma

Every second of every day we create and experience the actions of karma

Karma is the basic rule of the universe and all are governed by karma

So if you want to feel impotent at the vile actions of leaders, fine it's your choice
However understand they will pay.

Maybe it does not appear so

Probably we will never see it

But pay they will

So do not waste your time worrying or feeling impotent

Get on with your own life lead it in a moral and ethical way

Grow, learn, and move on understanding that your future lives are a function of how you behave now

The choices you make determine how you experience karma

So if you choose to live a productive, generous and healthy life
If you do this then something remarkable occurs

You can begin to experience for yourself the positive power of nature or karma

Sure we will know more pain in our lives because this is how we learn

How we pay off our negative karma

We will also begin to experience the positive effects of karma

These are what initially we think to be nice coincidences
And when they keep occurring we begin to realize that they are not just coincidences something more must be at work

They are the actions of positive karma

Karma rewarding us if you will

Slowly we begin to realise that whatever our role in life it does not matter

It does not matter being rich or poor, clever or not

What matters is being the best we can every day

Whatever our job sweeping leaves, boring office work it does not matter

What matters is that we understand that we are here to do the best we can in whatever comes our way

So no life is small only our understanding is small

Nature gives us all that we need in order to grow in any given second of our lives

Yes what we need to grow in any given second of our lives

Not what you might want but what you need

So back to impotence

Impotence is just a sign of us not understanding what it is all about

Stop wasting your energy on nothing

Focus on being the best you can

Be generous with your love and life

Live life to the max every day in every way

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Was literally that at one time the Sun day

A day to pay homage and respect to the sun

Giver of so much on our little planet

Without the sun we are no more

Yet as with so many things we hardly notice let alone pay respect

Today Sunday is the day of kicking back, doing what you want

Just feeling relaxed or maybe doing some sport, watching some maybe

Spending time with the family

So many of the old meanings of things have disappeared

So much forgotten

Then along comes a flood or tsunami and we are reminded why people did not live there or do that

Myths are regarded as just that stories of impossible times gone by

Beware you do not personally fall into this trap

All myths are based on some long ago knowledge

Usually on some truth

Ponder next time a myth comes your way

What did it really mean?

Not all our ancestors were fools

Any more than the majority of humans today are so smart

Notice how nature works in cycles

Ever wondered where we are on those cycles?

Ponder once in a while you might find some interesting things about our history
About where we are today
It makes sense to think for .
Also it is intriguing to wonder why something came to be the way it is
It was Moon day

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Is it so hard

To tell the truth?

Modern PR people would say no as they deal in lies all day long and so feel that the truth is something they create to fit any given situation

In fact they would not know truth if it came and sat on their heads

So leaving aside modern cynicism and casual corruption of the truth

Truth at our level of consciousness is relative

Absolute truth is something we cannot approach at our level of consciousness

Tough but there it is

So relative truth is still pretty useful


Because amongst other things it allows us to function more comfortably

If you are always wondering about the truth of things you place stress on yourself

This over time will lead to health breakdown or other serious problems

To live with the truth of things requires that you know the truth about yourself otherwise you have no platform to work from

Knowing the truth about yourself needs an understanding of right and wrong

Morals and ethics

Simply stated the Christian ten commandments or the Buddhist eight precepts are fine and easy to understand

Both are taken from the teachings of the perennial or ancient wisdom

The perennial wisdom being the basis of all major religions and teachings

Once these are your chosen base point then truth is easier to find in any given situation

When you chose to live in truth it takes away one source of stress in life

A major one at that

Over the course of a lifetime truth will aid your journey through life

Not so easy as it requires courage and discipline

So yes maybe it is so hard, but the alternative is harder

Believe us it's the truth!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Spot the nasty guys

They look like everyone else

They often seem nice

They feign interest in you when they want something

They turn on you when in trouble

They have no humor

Little or no tolerance

And a long long memory for any real or preceived injustice

Hold grudges

When you know people fitting this profile beware

Generally speaking they will only use you

They have no capacity for warmth or relationship

Only using others

Stay out of their way they will certainlyl harm you if not now then later

Leave nasty guys alone walk round them, do not engage

And where you must engage do so openly with absolute clarity that they are not your friends

Can never be and therefore are to be treated with extreme caution at all times

Any financial or other involving business to be conducted through legal channels

Nasty guys are just that nasty

Be warned

They move amongst us usually pretending to be nice guys.

What better place to hide?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pre-programmed brain

Just try this.

It is from an orthopedic surgeon ............

This will boggle your mind and you will keep trying over and over again to............

See if you can outsmart your foot, but, you can't.

It's preprogrammed in your brain!

1. WITHOUT anyone watching you, they will think you are weird

and while sitting where you are at your desk in front of your computer,

lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your Right hand.

Your foot will change direction.

I told you so!!!

And there's nothing you can do about it!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Felt buzzy lately?

Do you even go to places where you might?

Places with plenty of life and action

Not necessarily nightclubs or raves although if you are of the age where these appeal then fine enjoy

If you are not so keen then places where there are young people and action

People who still believe that life is fun

Is positive and exciting
Being around such people is interesting as they exude a total preoccupation with themselves their peers and what they are doing
Which is probably why they feel good because they are not thinking about or interested in what other age groups might think of them
Nor how others might judge them
Or what they might feel or say
Maybe a lesson for everyone else
Get on with your own life
Think less about what others might think or say
Maybe you can find some buzziness for yourself
Try being free of what others might think or say
Just put some zest into your own life
Live it like it is fun even try experiencing it as fun

Monday, December 03, 2007


Is required for us to live happily in these overloaded times

Overloaded in the sense that there is os much of everything we use or come into contact with

And yet when we go shopping it is often difficult to find what we want

A surfeit and yet a drought at the same time

Look at your own life plenty of some things and not enough of others

Creating a better balance is one of the skills of life

How to organise things better?
Start by noticing how many things are surplus to requirements
Cut out all those things that do not bring you anything helpful
This means if you have not worn those clothes for some time then give them away
If you have not eaten those things in months then do not buy them or store them
If you did not contact them in months then let them be

In other words time to refine and adjust your life

With so many things demanding our attention it is easy to build up clutter in our lives

Clutter that we do not notice is draining our energy and taking our time

De-clutter your life and you have time to do those things you truly want to do

Once you refine your life down to the critical few then you can add things that bring pleasure

And if you do not know what brings pleasure then start experimenting

Do something new every month.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Virtual sex

Is for many people an escape

Another nicer world

Their own private world

No one says no

No one judges

No one controls
And the attraction of avatar sex is what?

Watching your created dolls simulating sex?

Maybe this is it a vicarious release.

More likely to avoid real relationships where the other party talks back

Has an opinion

Expects reasonable treatment
Wants to relate to you in real time, in the real world
So virtual sex might be your choice but think on this

Isolation in a pseudo world only removes you further

Further from learning about yourself

From learning to master and control your emotions
From handling pain and disappointment

Isolation is not the best way to achieve this.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


So many people pretend

All their lives they have been pretending

For so long in fact that they actually believe the pretence, the lies

Lies that have built up over the years

Lies of omission

Lies of exaggeration

OK for many years even decades the lies might sustain or support you

One day however the lies will out

Of that you can be certain


Because karma cannot be avoided

Worse lies and deceit create more negative karma

So yes you can have your time in illusion

And then one day you pay twice

Once for the lies

And once for all the harm and damage you have caused

Lies are a common strategy

Honesty the more uncommon strategy today

Be uncommon live in honesty

Let life unfold as it will not as you think it ought

Stop trying to control everything

Stop manipulating

Let go of pretence

Keeping up a pretence is debilitating

It takes your energy

Over a lifetime this is not smart

Pretending is not a clever strategy
Being open to life is

Because you can feel self respect for yourself

Can like yourself

Can like life

Being open to life and experience is so much better than thinking you know best how things ought to be

Stop pretending