Saturday, December 01, 2007


So many people pretend

All their lives they have been pretending

For so long in fact that they actually believe the pretence, the lies

Lies that have built up over the years

Lies of omission

Lies of exaggeration

OK for many years even decades the lies might sustain or support you

One day however the lies will out

Of that you can be certain


Because karma cannot be avoided

Worse lies and deceit create more negative karma

So yes you can have your time in illusion

And then one day you pay twice

Once for the lies

And once for all the harm and damage you have caused

Lies are a common strategy

Honesty the more uncommon strategy today

Be uncommon live in honesty

Let life unfold as it will not as you think it ought

Stop trying to control everything

Stop manipulating

Let go of pretence

Keeping up a pretence is debilitating

It takes your energy

Over a lifetime this is not smart

Pretending is not a clever strategy
Being open to life is

Because you can feel self respect for yourself

Can like yourself

Can like life

Being open to life and experience is so much better than thinking you know best how things ought to be

Stop pretending

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