Monday, October 31, 2005

Mmmmm - 2

"Happiness cannot exist where truth is absent; it cannot exist in reality as long as egoism reigns supreme in civilised societies.

As long as intellectual progress will refuse to accept a subordinate position to ethical progress, and egoism will not give way to altruism preached by Gautama and the true historical Jesus. (the Jesus of the pagan sanctuary, not the Christ of the Churches), happiness for all the members of humanity will remain a Utopia."


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chattering minds

Few people ever wonder whether non-stop thoughts coming into their minds is reasonable or not.

Thoughts piling in one after the other all day and night long are not helpful or healthy.

It is modern man's acceptance of non-stop thoughts that leads him into many of his problems mentally, physically and every other which way.

Apart from creating problems man loses large amounts of energy in wasted unproductive thinking brought on by random uninvited thoughts demanding his attention.

Want to feel better?

Then learn to control your mind, yes it is possible.

Learn to meditate, a simple one for ten minutes or so every day.

It should be every day because your mind will not believe that you are serious unless it is every day.

For many early morning is the best time, for others later in the day.

in controlling your mind you are dealing with the equivalent of a very spoilt child who is used to interrupting you whenever it wants.

The meditation we suggest is just for five or ten minutes but every day.

Wear comfortable clothes, turn off the phones and any other irritating noises.

Sit in a half lotus or comfortably on a chair with arms and legs uncrossed.

Back straight, eyes shut.

Face the East, which is where energy comes from.

Breath in and out normally as you do when you are not paying attention to your breathing.

Say (under your breath mentally) in on the in breath and out on the out breath.

The idea is that if you are busy saying mentally in and out then theoretically there is no room for other thoughts.


You will notice very quickly that thoughts still come in, tell them to go away, say mentally not now, leave me alone etc.

For days weeks or months it will be a tough battle with little respite. But then this should be so because you have allowed your mind to dominate you all your life so disciplining it will take some time.

Then one day while meditating you will notice that you are not saying in and out and that you are not thinking and that you have never felt so peaceful or in harmony.........lo and behold you will know that you are not thinking...........then you blow it because now you are thinking again!

No matter now you know why you are meditating. You know it can be done.

Keep on meditating with the objective of reaching this point or space again, expanding it.

Practice this in any small moments on the bus, on the train, plane, waiting for someone.

Anywhere in fact where you have a few minutes.

If you can achieve thoughtlessness from time to time it will absolutely positively alter your experience of life.

You will find more peace of mind.

Be warned though disciplining your mind is the hardest thing a man can do.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mmmmm - 1

"Even according to the letter of the Bible, evil must have existed before Adam and Eve, who, therefore, are innocent of the slander of the original sin.

For, had there been no evil or sin before them, there could exist neither tempting Serpent nor a Tree of Knowledge of good and evil in Eden."



As a survival strategy flowers take some beating

They are usually beautiful.

They often smell good.

They are bright and cheerful and often colourful.

So when people are born we bring flowers.

When people die we bring flowers.

When we are in love we give flowers.

When we visit people in hospital we bring flowers.

When we have birthdays we give flowers.

When we have anniversaries we give flowers.

Often we paint flowers.

Perfume is often made of flower essence.

In places of worship we have flowers.

In hotels we have flowers.

In many offices we have flowers.

In homes we have flowers.

In restaurants we have flowers.

Animals seldom destroy or walk on flowers.

Flowers propagate other species.

Flowers feed other life forms.

Flowers feed humans.

Flowers provide oil.

Flowers provide medicine.

Flowers provide colour.

Flowers have few enemies.

Lucky flowers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stress release

The build up of stress is usually subtle and often we ignore the warning signs: poor sleep, irritability, twitching leg muscles, memory problems, never can relax and so on.

These signs can all be ignored while we are young but check out those in their forties and see how they are doing!

If you cannot avoid stress then at least do these simple things.

Sleep early one or two nights per week.

If you feel irritable then inhale, and count to three before you respond.

Eat intelligently which means watch what you eat, how you eat, when you eat and enjoy what you eat.

To help your memory along list things to be done each day.

Cut out or avoid smoking,

Use drugs of all kinds sparingly the addiction is not worth the price you pay.

Avoid over use of vitamins and supplements.

Exercise even if this is only walking.

Swimming is also therapeutic.

Meditate and or listen to your favourite music when possible.

Become more conscious of everything around you, try to notice nature it is so easy to close down our field of vision.

Learn to cat nap.

Take short breaks to unfamiliar places.

Take at least one ten day uninterrupted holiday every year.

Be conscious that you are responsible for your own health, because your doctor has enough stress of his own!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Love is

Some thoughts on love

Love just is

Love dissolves barriers

Love is harmony

Love is uniting with

Love is pure heart, no mind

Love is truth

Love is expansive

Love is freedom for your loved one

Love is timeless

Love is fresh

Real love is unconditional

Thursday, October 20, 2005


A child does not see what you see.

A dog does not see what we see.

Men and women tend to see different things in the same scene.

In fact few of us see the same things exactly the same way, however we do not realise this because we tend to assume that others see what we see.

The factors that determine what we see are many and varied and the following are maybe the most interesting.

Physically we can note that we have different eye qualities and these we need not remark upon.

When we are depressed then we see differently and literally our field of vision and the colours we see close down to a narrower duller field of view.

Less well known is that we see according to our level of consciousness.

Simply stated the more evolved the consciousness the brighter and more beautiful the vision seen.

Our consciousness operates like a series of filters over our field of vision and as we raise our consciousness so the beauty increases.

To literally experience a more beautiful world, raise your consciousness.

As consciousness increases so too does the ability to see with our other senses:

With these other senses one is able to see personality characteristics in others, to see disease, to see negative energies.

Taken to it!s highest levels one can see whatever one wants in others including their thought forms.

So the next time someone says I see do not take it for granted that they are seeing what you are seeing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


How many times a day or week are you saying............I want?

Or the other favourite......................I wish that?

Throughout history our best minds have said that nature is organised so precisely that at any given moment in our lives we have exactly what we need, but not necessarily what we want.

Wanting does nothing for you today so why not let it go and focus on being the best you can in the present moment?

So much energy is wasted on wanting.

Happiness cannot be found in wanting.

When you posses whatever it was that you wanted the satisfaction is for a limited time only before the wanting starts again.

Happiness however can be found in being the best we can every day, in the simple things.

The return on investing our energy in being the best we can each day gives so much more than wanting.

Let go of wanting!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bad News

Being exposed to bad news every day is not good for your health.

In an experiment in London several thousand commuters stopped watching, listening,reading and paying attention to the news for three months.

The results were startling with a large majority saying that they felt better and less stressed.

Interestingly many decided to carry on with the no news approach and also observed that they were doing other things with the time hitherto spent on absorbing the daily bulletins of bad news.

Conduct your own experiment.

Watch no TV news, read no newspapers, listen to no news programs.

Cut news out of your life for just a month.

Don't worry others will tell you if something really unpleasant happens.

Try allocating that time to something new, something that you never had time for.

Start today!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Accelerating pace of change

The pace of change in our lives is by most definitions accelerating rapidly.

Spiritually however our pace of change is glacial.

Technologically our pace of change is ever faster.

Psychologically the pace of change is stressful.

Our experience of time has changed, it feels that it is going faster.

What this means is that individuals, organisations, governments and countries, in fact most of us with few exceptions are faced with a faster moving life.

A certain percentage of us will adapt to these changes.

Those who cannot adapt will be under increasing pressure.

There is no hiding place.

Learn to accept change, learn to adapt.

Stark situation?

Yes, but then it is only modern man who has been insisting on the illusion of permanency.

In reality there is no permanency, everything is change.

Some thoughts on this:

Even two hundred years ago our ancestors had a slower simpler life in which they had to process information differently. They used their minds to remember things, to store things. This is not to say they were simpler people just that they had different things to remember in order to function effectively.

Over the years and generations man has had to process ever more information. The move from living your day by the sun, the seasons, to watch based time, to the internet has been our journey.

At times during our history we have had to adjust to changes and this is what is now taking place, another adjustment.

The volume of information we currently need to process has caused our minds to drop the retention of unnecessary information.

We no longer need to use our minds in the same way, we do not need to be able to do addition or multiplication, we have calculators. We do not need to know how to make bread we buy it.

We need instead to be able to find things to use our minds to locate, to sort, to sift information, not to retain it so much as in the past.

We are letting go of everything that creates overload.

So we have dropped yesterday, we don't need it.

We have dropped relationships that are not immediate.

We relate physically only to those around us and to the rest through electronic communications.

Do not waste your life looking forward or backwards it does not help you live your life now.

Nature is encouraging us to focus on the now, there is no other reality.

Oh yes!..................... and there is no time to do otherwise anyway!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Heart and Mind

Mind cannot feel pain

Mind cannot feel fear

Mind cannot feel taste

Mind cannot see

Mind cannot feel sound

Mind cannot feel love

Mind can only analyse

Only heart can feel

Can you feel?

Monday, October 10, 2005

What's going on?

Nature is shaking our cage.

Nature is not amused.

Nature will not allow itself to be abused.

Nature is giving us a wake up call.

Will we heed it?

The signs are not very encouraging.

Have you ever thought that nature responds to human behaviour?

In fact have you ever thought about your own human nature?

What is your behaviour as a human?

Are you aware that one way or another you contribute to the stability of our planet?


Because thoughts are the single most powerful energy in the Universe, which is why what we all think is what the world becomes.

In ancient times this was well known in many cultures.

Our thoughts every day in every way do make a difference.

Please remember that you are also making your contribution one way or the other.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lies are bad for your health

In many ancient cultures lying was considered to be the ultimate crime.

Today politicians and many others seem to think that lying or spinning as they quaintly call their lies is just fine.

Many others feel that telling a so called white lie is also just fine.

Sorry a lie is a lie.

And so why is lying bad for my health?

All humans have a personal finite amount of energy and most for various reasons run on only a fraction of their energy potential.

When you lie you make a conscious decision to deceive and go against what you know to be the truth.

Over time lying is very wearing as it requires a decision to deceive each time.

Living with deceit is wearing.

Cumulatively lying is taking your life energy little by little.

It is wearing because you must remember which lies were said where and to whom.

Evil people who lie all the time often become paranoid because the effort of remembering or inventing new lies is very tiring, hence the paranoia.

So if your game is lying think twice it's not a very clever life strategy.

Lying once in a while is also not helpful because the tempation to do it whenever under pressure is always there, whereas if you never lie then there is no pressure, no decision.

Give up lying today!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Impossible birds - an answer

Please note that we call the following "an answer" because we are happy that what we say is the truth.

This will unfortunately not be comfortable for those who can only accept reductionist scientific explanations.

This not withstanidng the fact that many young scientists today would be the first to acknowledge that science knows little about polarity changes in the bird population during flight.

Our answer

Birds are able to fly long distances, which according to modern science are not possible (for their power to weight ratios) because they are adept at changing their polarity.

By changing polarity they reach a stage of partial levitation which makes their physical weight lighter.

Science is suprised that birds are able to stay in the air longer than their muscle capacity allows.

The above explanation is the reason why.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Sunny day

Sun just coming over the horizon here in Southern Spain and it's already after eight oclock in the morning............what will today bring?

One thing is for sure whatever comes my way today it is my choice as to how I receive it.

How you chose to experience the day is how it will be for you.


Yes even the difficult things that come along, it is up to you how they impact upon you.

Choose to experience life consciously and when problems come your way, buy time sleep on it.

Try not to react immediately unless of course it is the kind of problem that demands immediate reaction.

When you go to sleep that night go over the problem and ask for help

When you wake in the morning capture the first thought that comes into your head.

Very often this thought will be helpful for the resolution of your problem.


Do not modify this idea, take it as you find it even if this appears unlikely.

Whatever our problems life has a way of showing us which way to turn.

Give life time, try not to rush your decisions, and conversely do not put them off when deadlines are upon you.

Try it!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Buddha thought

By Ourselves is evil done

By Ourselves we pain endure

By Ourselves we cease from wrong

By Ourselves become we pure

No one saves us but Ourselves

No one can and no one may

We Ourselves must walk the path

Buddhas merely show the way

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


What is a friend?

Someone who is there for you when you ask.

Someone who is there for you when you do not ask.

Someone who is happy when you are happier.

Someone who asks why when you are about to do something stupid.

Someone who cares.

Are you a friend?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Keep growing

Recent research is showing that those who keep learning live longer healthier lives.

No great secret surely, those of us who exercise physically live longer healthier lives too, provided we don't overdo things that is.

So to hear that the brain needs stimulation and exercise comes as no great surprise.

The quesion is how much do you learn every year?

Are you actuallt just repeating what you have always done since you left school?

Do you have curiosity, do you wonder, do you find out? Do you?

The challenge is to move beyond our natural instinct to resist change.

Embrace change, keep growing!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Nasty nasty manipulation

Ever had one of these?

The following beautiful message will change you life and bring you great good fortune..........and then says pass this on to all those who you want to bring good fortune...................and IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS THEN BAD LUCK WILL COME YOUR WAY

Excuse me!!!

First you offer me great good fortune and then you threaten me with dire bad luck unless I do what you say and send the message on to x number of people within the next short period of time.

This is evil.

Press deleate and tell your friends never to send such unpleasant threats to you again.

Nasty nasty manipulation.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Is it Scientifically proven?

How many people ask this question when being told something new to them?

Many people.

So where to go?

Mobile phones are dangerous, scientists say
Mobile phone are not dangerous, scientists say

Living near power lines is not dangerous, scientists say.
Living near power lines is dangerous, scientists say.

Prozac is safe scientists from the manufacturer said, today we know this to be untrue.
Butter is better for you than margarine scientists say, not true say others.
British Government scientists also said at first no worries about mad cow disease.

And so on and so on, chose your spin there is a case today for any proposition.

Maybe all that can be said is to use our common sense and not get carried away by the hype or spin.

We can also observe that certain organisations and structures are very resistant to change.

So again maybe an open mind and common sense are our best guide.

As Heisenberg said there are no absolute truths.

Maybe only 10% of scientific "facts" are beyond challenge in our present culture.

According to the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers there are more than 2,000 scientific publishers worldwide. They publish more than 1.2 million scientific articles each year in some 16,000 journals.

Which ones are scientifically proven then?

Today this one tomorrow that one.

Open your mind, inform yourself!