Friday, October 07, 2005

Sunny day

Sun just coming over the horizon here in Southern Spain and it's already after eight oclock in the morning............what will today bring?

One thing is for sure whatever comes my way today it is my choice as to how I receive it.

How you chose to experience the day is how it will be for you.


Yes even the difficult things that come along, it is up to you how they impact upon you.

Choose to experience life consciously and when problems come your way, buy time sleep on it.

Try not to react immediately unless of course it is the kind of problem that demands immediate reaction.

When you go to sleep that night go over the problem and ask for help

When you wake in the morning capture the first thought that comes into your head.

Very often this thought will be helpful for the resolution of your problem.


Do not modify this idea, take it as you find it even if this appears unlikely.

Whatever our problems life has a way of showing us which way to turn.

Give life time, try not to rush your decisions, and conversely do not put them off when deadlines are upon you.

Try it!

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