Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Softer not weaker

Learning to accept our heart that is

Learning to listen to it

Learning to act upon those feelings that come from it

Not weaker actions, softer maybe

Our hearts show the truth

Most modern men and women listen too much to their minds

Minds which prattle on all day long

Minds which are so often negative

Which enforce our perceptions
Our fears

Our inaccurate view of the world

Only way to be more objective is funnily enough to listen to your heart

Sounds easy but don't confuse heart with your perceptions

Our perceptions are from our minds

Opening our hearts can only happen when we let go of fears..

Exercise your heart, check your reaction to little children

If nothing stirs then work to be done for sure

What else brings spontaneous reactions from your heart?

Test yourself

Monday, July 30, 2007

Football again

Getting ready for a new season in the Northern Hemisphere

A time of fantasy where fans hope their teams have bought wisely

That their team will win something this season

Most will not

Most will be disappointed

So why bother?

Why be a fan?

Spend all that money
Is it a tribal thing

Because your family do this

Your friends

Whatever the reason it can provide some tension and drama in one's life

It has the illusion of a fair chance
An upset maybe

Unpredictable outcome

Not really as the Italian fixers showed they were quite capable of fixing things

Even the rules are suspect given that simple logical things that could remove suspicion are not allowed

That referees and linesmen are paid nothing in relation to the money gambled on any major game
Humans will be lured

And at the end of the day some team wins some team looses

The next morning it was just a game
Just a line in the record book
But then what else gives modern man something reasonable to identify with?.
Politicians, you are joking
Businessmen, sorry
Religion sadly no
So at the end of the day maybe football isn't such a bad allegiance after all
And as we all know hope springs eternal
So here we go again
Oh and it also allows men to avoid thinking about the serious things going on around us
To become involved in tougher games
So maybe that's why football and the rest.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Predator, prey and human

Lions, foxes, eagles and spiders kill so do other predators because that is what they do

Nature makes no judgement

Doves, pigeons, deer, and rabbits get killed because that is their fate

Nature makes no judgement

Humans kill and get killed

Often by other humans

Nature observes, karma comes into action

Because humans have no excuse to kill each other

Humans can find other ways to resolve conflict
Do you kill?
Most will be shocked by this question

Reflect do you ever think that way?

Do you wish someone dead?

Have you ever

Or do you choose to stay uninvolved when others are killed?

Are you a silent spectator

Give a few minutes of your time to be involved

Where your voice added to thousands of others can make a difference.

It is time to understand that by killing each other we are creating bad karma for ourselves

Karma that we and future generations have to pay off

Yes your children and theirs too

In fact what is going on now is humanity paying karma for deeds already committed

Make an effort it's your future too

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yes we are

Here in this life to go along with everybody else

Make no waves

Keep my head down

Do what everybody else does

Feel bad about the stuff going on around me

Just keep it on the inside

Can't do anything about it anyway.

"They" should do something about it shouldn't they?

Wake up!

There is no "they"

Only us
And yes we can make a difference

Each and every one of us

That last drop of water that last straw did make a difference

It is not your job to know if it was yours

It is your job to do what you can

Be a shame to get to the end and realise that you wasted yet another life

Let frustration go

It is not necessary to wonder why you are where and what you are

It is necessary to wonder what you can do to make this life worth while.

Friday, July 27, 2007

No we are not here to

Buy our lives away

Consume as much of everything as we can

Get more of everything than anybody else

We are here to be the best we can everyday in whatever comes our way

And this judged against the simple moral values of right and wrong

Then when we leave this life all that we take with us is our vertical or spiritual growth

If you have a different idea fine live by it

If you have not then try living by these simple but oh so hard to live by rules

It means being the best you can with all you meet

Not taking advantage of others

Being honest in thought and deed

Not being selfish, moving away from me me me to us we

Why are we writing this?

Because it is time to figure out why you are here
Life is not a random one off accident
Nor is it a casual consumer pig fest
It is a difficult demanding journey in the direction of consciousness evolution
All of us can play, no barriers to entry, all humans are welcome
No longer do you have to see yourself a failure because you are not important, successful or heroic
Nature is interested in whether or not you have the wit to work out why you are here
What your life is really all about
To act upon this understanding
To contribute through selflessness
The more of us "get it" the greater humanity's chance of survival
Your choice, actually your chance
Will you?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Patience and then more patience

Is what we often need in our day to day lives

At work

At home

With the traffic

On the phone

With colleagues

With machines

On line

Never mind today just look at patience

If we want patience then we need to understand that we are unlikely to find it unless we are prepared to make an effort

The first effort necessary is to let go

Let go of making everything important
Making what you want important
Is it really?
Are you really important?
Learn to accept reality

Reality is what is in any given moment

So today just focus on acceptance of what is

Sure it would be nice if he picked up the phone, said something nice and yet your reality is how it is

And if it is as it is then why waste energy getting up tight?

Patience is accepting reality

Learning not to worry about everything

Letting go once you have done what is possible

Moving on

Patience is our ability to accept, to tolerate, to live with


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"After all is the victim of his surroundings while he lives in the atmosphere of society"


And often that society has characteristics that are not very admirable

Your government does things that are morally dubious

Ethically obscure

So notice them and make sure you do not buy into them

Be clear of your own morality and ethics

One of the challenges in life is to be clear about what is right and what is wrong

Yes it does make a difference because it is the basis for how you experience the world around you

It hardens or softens your perceptions

Your life is lived through your perceptions and these in turn are formed by your values

So do not buy into your society's wrong behaviour

Live in it's better qualities, add your positive thoughts to your society

We do shape the society we live in through our thought forms

Add yours.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


One day your life is filled with certainties

The next it is upside down

Your life totally changed

Every facet altered

This is what we have been seeing on TV

Rather them than me is what most of us are thinking

Be warned all of us will encounter life changing events in this life

Times of predictability are gone, over

Take each day as special

Time and events are not as they were

We are in for a bumpy ride

Be warned and enjoy each day to the max

If nothing else the stress level has just gone up another notch
Feel compassion for those who are suffering floods now
It can be our turn next
If not a flood then some other life changing experience
None of us will walk through life untouched
Certainty was ever just an interlude an illusion.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Be clear with yourself

Accepting bullying is no solution

It eats away at you

It changes your life

It brings you down

Far too many people accept bullying

When you give away your self respect

Everything else suffers

At some point you have to start taking it back

One small step at a time

Take back your self respect

Learn to find space for yourself

To say no

To learn how to resist pressure

To do those things you want to do for yourself

To take time for yourself

To walk away from abuse

So start today by looking at your situation and seeing it for what it truly is

Bullying is common

Are you being bullied?

Take back your power
Sometimes we tell ourselves we have no choice
We always have choices
Be clear with yourself

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Is something we all do from time to time

Whatever our direction of travel we will all meet pickpockets

Do you carry money in your pockets?


A wallet

Too much?

Too easy to lift?

Pickpockets are often very good
They work together in teams

One bump is all it takes, the hand off is quick

Only later do you find you have lost your wallet or money

Take time to buy a money belt

Zipped pockets

Anything that makes it difficult

In crowded places learn to observe who is where

Pay more attention

Be aware

Losing personal possessions is never nice..

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Is not an easy thing to live with

Powerlessness is something that many have to endure

Married to a bully

Living with a selfish person

Dominated by someone

Amazing thing is how many see no way out

Unable or unwilling to understand that we always have choices

The idea of stepping away often seems impossible

The implied or real threat of violence from the other party

The idea of being alone is often too frightening for some

Whatever it is you have been or are telling yourself there is still no reason to spend your life in misery

You have this life to live so live it
Decide to make a choice for freedom
Set up your choice so that you can move away without danger
If you are unable to learn how to solve this situation in this life then you will have to learn it in the next
Sobering thought so learn to stand up or walk away in this one!

Friday, July 20, 2007


And you see how beautiful our world is

But travelling is one thing living in that beautiful place quite another

Quite another to live somewhere else

Where you have no friends

No knowledge of how to get things done

How to adjust to new norms, language, customs and so on

The effort can be worth it

But only if you are prepared to make the effort

Will you move in this life?

Or will you stay where you are?

Moving a few times shows us so many things about ourselves

Try it, unless you do you will never know those interesting things about yourself that moving shows

Your call

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Is not something we come across very often

In our daily life the accumulation of knowledge seems to be the way to go

The more knowledge we have the better we can make our way through life

The easier we can navigate life's challenges

Or so it seems

Ever thought that much of our modern knowledge is based on assumptions

On lies

On half truths

Most official pronouncements are spun one way or another

At work truth is limited to fit corporate or organisational objectives

And as for religion the original teachings and truths are long gone

So why is the pursuit of wisdom so difficult?

Because wisdom is letting go of knowledge

Going beyond perceptions

So much of modern life is built on perceptions, illusion

Which is why we feel so dissatisfied

So empty inside wondering why life is not more

More than feeding the senses

Wisdom on the other hand is based on the truth and that is rare in today's world

Consider your own journey

Is it in pursuit of knowledge or wisdom?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Understanding ourselves

Is not easy

First thing to understand is that what we see and experience is through filters

The more filters the less we experience of reality/nature

Filters of fear, worry, preoccupation and tiredness

These filters affect what we see, feel, hear and taste

To remove these filters is in a sense our life journey

For many it is easier to ignore and to focus on man made distractions

For most it is not even known or suspected

That what we see, hear or touch is not the same for everyone

This is how it has always

It is the few that lead the way always

The few that are more conscious

The few that are prepared to experiment to find out for themselves

Nothing is given away we have to earn, deserve it.

So the starting point is to acknowledge that we want to grow throughout our lives

We want to understand the how and the why

Because then things make more sense

To feel nature and be at one with her is to remove the filters

Removing filters is done by seeking reality

Learning where we pretend
Learning where we distort

Finding the truth about ourselves

And as we do so nature becomes brighter

So we find ourselves increasingly at one with nature

We reach out towards our birthright

Removing those filters if you will

Understanding ourselves is our life journey

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So many people are arrogant today

For what?

Makes them feel superior

In what way have they reason for this, more money?

Somehow this is being confused with superiority

A truly superior being will certainly not be arrogant, because this would be a contradiction in terms

Truly superior beings are humble.

Inferior beings are not

Have pity for inferior beings with inflated egos based on money and nothing else

Do not even wonder about how they obtained their money

That's another story

Often not a very pretty one

Just understand that arrogance is the cover of fools

Only fools go around considering themselves superior

Let arrogant people be

Nature will take care of them over time

Monday, July 16, 2007


And we can always be a little better too
Nicer can be your ongoing experience

If you choose to lighten up

Don't take yourself so seriously

Smile more

Simple idea

Get honest with yourself

All of us hide things particularly from ourselves

Find your fears get them out in the light of day

Choose to let them go

Bring different elements into your life

Let go of some old habits

Life can get nicer

We can always be nicer

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Truth and how we know

But how do you know that it’s true?…………………………..

For thousands of years, one initiate after another, one great hierophant succeeded by other hierophants, has explored and re-explored the invisible Universe, the worlds of the interplanetary regions, during long periods when his conscious soul, united to the spiritual soul and to the ALL, free and almost omnipotent, left his body.

The mysteries of life as well as death, of the visible and invisible worlds, have been fathomed and observed by initiated adepts in all epochs and in all nations.
They have studied these during the solemn moments of union of their divine monad with the universal Spirit, and they have recorded their experiences.
Thus by comparing and checking the observations of one with those of another, having been able to ascertain that the visions of adepts who lived 10,000 years ago are invariably corroborated and verified by those of modern adepts, to whom the writings of the former never do become known until later --- the truth has been established.

A definite science, based on personal observation and experience, corroborated by continuous demonstrations, containing irrefutable proofs, for those who study it, has thus been established.
HPB, CW V 50-51
This was written in the late 1870's and is as true today as it was then.

Yes there are beings who have gone beyond time and space

Yes there is such a thing as truth

Yes it is known and in your soul you know this too

Saturday, July 14, 2007

No questions

Are asked if you have a really good best friend

They will be there when needed

Just action for whatever it is needs doing

No money can buy such support

Which is why we value true friendship so highly

Then later something happens and that friend is no longer

Leaving us with a void

A loneliness

We adjust and move on

However the price we pay is that nobody else is likely to take their place

Because such friendships are built over time usually when we are young growing up together

As we get older we meet and trust others less easily

Partners often fill the void but in a different way

Best friends are special so make the effort to keep yours because once that rift appears it is unlikely that another can take their place

Friday, July 13, 2007

Slowing magnetic field

Yes our planet has one

NASA's website shows a map indicating that it has been slowing for the last century and a half now

And from time to time it reverses

This can be anywhere from 5000 to 50 million years

What is clear though is that we are headed for one

Unfortunately there is not too much memory around as to what happens when it does flip

So the truth is we do not know

Also we have increased magnetic storms at the moment

Not too much knowledge about the full effects of them either

So if you find yourself unusually tired or twitchy then it just might be something related to this

Not everything is global warming

Ever thought it might be the other way around?

That global warming comes from the solar energy effects on our planet?

Is in fact just a function of these solar energies

Time to think for yourself

Inform yourself.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yoga practice

Today in the West there are many practitioners of yoga

whose goal is to restore physical health and alleviate where possible,

some of the unusually stressful conditions people are experiencing in these crucial times.

We would be well advised, however, to stop short before undertaking sophisticated breathing and other techniques that could,

if unwisely pursued,

interfere with the proper functioning of the pranas.

Prana is a Sanskrit term for the five or seven “life-breaths” that circulate through and maintain the body in health

In other words normal yoga exercise fine

Special breathing techiques not fine

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Of the good sort

Is really neat

Why not build some into your life?

Living life in a rut is how many pass their lives

No real anticipation of anything special life is just endless repetition
Change yours build in some anticipation
Excite yourself

Do something new

Go somewhere different

Once a month do it

You are not going to find anticipation if all you do is repeat things you already know or do

Create anticipation of the good sort in your life.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Softly is the way to go

Violence does not usually help

Nor do the majority want it

Violence is the method of choice for those who cannot offer anything else

Nothing constructive

Just killing with imagined justice on their side

Will the world adjust to the random violence of fanatics?

It did before in other times

This time everyone everywhere is involved it affects us all in one way or another

Softly may not appear to be the answer

However hearts and minds must be won if success is to be gained

Alienated young must be reached

To see the error of violence as a means of obtaining their masters ends

Efforts must be made to end the glaring inequalities around this planet
Walls will not help

They never have for more than a short time
No reason to believe they will now
Education and discipline must be the twin approaches
Education to lead the majority away from violence
Discipline because the line has to be drawn with no compromise for those who would murder
And your role?
Be clear, be conscious one day it will affect you

Monday, July 09, 2007


Are a dirty game in most places

Can anyone think of a place where they are not?

Often masquerading as democracy

Voting once every few years for greedy men and women

Is not an appealing proposition

People who will then spend other people's money

As they and various interest lobbies see fit.

Leading us into foolish directions

Avoiding critical issues trying to find the easy way out

Our choices?

Stay uninvolved

As many do

Or start exploring Internet forums

There are many groups today who are very active

Over time these groups are finding their way to make themselves heard

Add your voice

Life is too important to be left to politicians.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Is stimulating

Is refreshing

Is important

We all get into daily habits and routines

Without noticing we do the same old things over and over

Make it your business to do something new this summer

or winter depending on where you live.
Go into nature

Enjoy our beautiful planet

Do something new

We all need new

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mmmmm - 49

‘Do not be the slave of the vagrant mental tramps that run through your mind. ...
When the thoughts chase through the mind as unruly steeds do not struggle and waste your force.

Picture to yourself the things opposite to those you hate.

Picture the things that you really inwardly love, really love in your heart, and which you know are helpful. ...

The secret is inner visualization ...

‘If you find yourself gloomy, if you are ashamed of thoughts that are in your mind, do not struggle with them, do not fight them, forget them. ...

If you are obsessed by uglinesses, picture to yourself scenes of beauty. ...

See things of a high and noble character and visualize them forcefully.

Visualize to yourself a success in fine things.

Visualize things of beauty, of inward splendor.’

(GPE 42-6)

Friday, July 06, 2007


When something goes wrong that has been working perfectly well for a long time

Scratch your head and wonder what the h.... happened

Then check everything

It all looks OK

Batteries fine

Leads OK

Connections seem fine

No luck
Ring service center go through normal nausea of trying to talk to a human

Human finally comes on line and runs through trouble shooting list

Still nothing, repair call out will cost a million Euros/Pounds and that's without spare parts

Repair man arrives and spends thirty seconds fiddling

Voila it works

Thank you and normal life resumes
Item does not work

Go and buy new unit

Either experience gives you a little jolt and plenty of fiddling around finding service manuals, calling service centers and so on

Notice how quickly life changed with one little inconvenience

Did you get irritable?

Or did your equanimity remain tranquil and undisturbed?

Like most of us you could probably have done better

These experiences are real life

See if you can improve your life performance
Over time it saves a lot of grief and stress.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Morning laugh

We would be pretty sorry people without it

It keeps intolerable situations tolerable

Don't know if you do but it's a nice way to wake up

Go on line and open your mail and find some jokes there

Send them on and lo the day is better

Nice to laugh at the jokes if they are funny

And nicer to send them on

Something about sharing makes them funnier

Knowing your friends will laugh

Feeling good that they will feel good

Pass humour around we all need it

Have a laugh today

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Is no longer a fun or sexy thing
Now it is out

No longer fashionable or cool

Dope fine that's something else

Talking here about nicotine

Notice how companies are offering to help you stop smoking with patches and pills of guess what?


Are they kidding?

Giving you more poison direct into the blood system

More poison?

Thanks a lot

If you want to give up smoking then find a higher hierarchy

Something more important than cigarettes

Like good health for the rest of your life

So that you do not arrive at the end sitting in a hospital bed filled with tubes to keep you alive

Choosing good health for life makes it more likely that your determination to stop smoking can be successful
Using poison to stop smoking is not the best way

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not only time

But our energy levels have also changed recently

Our experience of time changed after the last full eclipse of the sun
The past hardly exists any longer

Energy levels have been variable since then as well


That you will feel suddenly very tired and sleepy

All you feel like doing is to go and lie down

If you experience this and can lie down then do so

Even if only for ten minutes

We are into a period where many things are changing

The weather everywhere

Time for all of us

And now our energy levels as well
Be aware

Monday, July 02, 2007


TV people, pretending gravitas with today's must know stories

Breathlessly reading their auto cues

Story gone tomorrow, but oh so important today

Have you heard, didn't you know?

Who cares?

An overload of spin and deceit

Dis-empowering because none of us can know which is which
Few of us can do anything with this information except to wonder why
Why so much pain and unpleasant behaviour?
Do humans really have to behave this way?
And then as surely as night follows day
More important visual fragments and sound bites.
Let them be
Life can continue much more agreeably if you cut them out
For one month go without
Oh and don't worry if the world really has come to an end someone will tell you.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not just words

You cannot talk all the time

Some try, but usually wind up being alone

Relationships thrive on emotions shared not just words

Men often find trouble sharing emotions

Why is this?

Cultural reasons might explain a little

No education in this area is another possible reason

Parents who spend little time with their children is another

Parents who never experienced this themselves is more likely

How do you share love if you never knew it yourself?

How do you share emotions of love if you have never seen them

How do you create a loving family if you have never seen one

Been in one

And here's the rub so many have never experienced these things

So next time your partner or friend shows no understanding make sure that they know what you are asking for

You would be surprised how many have no experience of sharing emotions

Simple idea emotions shared

Equals emotions understood

Simple idea yes

Reality no

Realise that words do not mean the other person understands