Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Understanding ourselves

Is not easy

First thing to understand is that what we see and experience is through filters

The more filters the less we experience of reality/nature

Filters of fear, worry, preoccupation and tiredness

These filters affect what we see, feel, hear and taste

To remove these filters is in a sense our life journey

For many it is easier to ignore and to focus on man made distractions

For most it is not even known or suspected

That what we see, hear or touch is not the same for everyone

This is how it has always

It is the few that lead the way always

The few that are more conscious

The few that are prepared to experiment to find out for themselves

Nothing is given away we have to earn, deserve it.

So the starting point is to acknowledge that we want to grow throughout our lives

We want to understand the how and the why

Because then things make more sense

To feel nature and be at one with her is to remove the filters

Removing filters is done by seeking reality

Learning where we pretend
Learning where we distort

Finding the truth about ourselves

And as we do so nature becomes brighter

So we find ourselves increasingly at one with nature

We reach out towards our birthright

Removing those filters if you will

Understanding ourselves is our life journey

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