Thursday, July 19, 2007


Is not something we come across very often

In our daily life the accumulation of knowledge seems to be the way to go

The more knowledge we have the better we can make our way through life

The easier we can navigate life's challenges

Or so it seems

Ever thought that much of our modern knowledge is based on assumptions

On lies

On half truths

Most official pronouncements are spun one way or another

At work truth is limited to fit corporate or organisational objectives

And as for religion the original teachings and truths are long gone

So why is the pursuit of wisdom so difficult?

Because wisdom is letting go of knowledge

Going beyond perceptions

So much of modern life is built on perceptions, illusion

Which is why we feel so dissatisfied

So empty inside wondering why life is not more

More than feeding the senses

Wisdom on the other hand is based on the truth and that is rare in today's world

Consider your own journey

Is it in pursuit of knowledge or wisdom?

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