Monday, July 31, 2006

Bury the myth

Time to bury the myth of material happiness.

Material well being does nothing if you are crippled inside.

Empty inside is all alone with your toys.

Show us a happy rich person enjoying peace of mind.

Sure being able to pay the bills is nice.

Having others do things for you is also.

But they are still prisoners of their minds.

Paranoid that people like them just for their money.

That others will take their money away from them.

Locked in an endless round of paid distractions.

Just part of their own myth.

The more you have materially the more you have to worry about.


Now tell us again what do material toys bring?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Modern ignorance

Throughout history and indeed long before we have any records there has always been the exoteric and esoteric.

That is to say exoteric meaning open to all and esoteric meaning closed, secret and open only to those who are initiates.

What is an initiate?

One who over many lives has qualified him or herself to be trusted with the secrets of nature.

For example take Plato and Pythagoras.

Both were initiates so how can a modern scholar have any idea of the true esoteric meaning in any of their writings?

They cannot.

These secrets are only transmitted orally by the master to the disciple.

They are never given out in public, often on pain of death.

There are few masters left today and they are most certainly unknown to the world.

So when modern scholars pontificate that Plato or Pythagoras meant this or that treat with caution.

Only ignorant people claim to know that which is esoteric.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ideas drive our planet.

Ideas from electronics to avionics to solar energy.

Most ideas address issues of our convenience or efficiency.

Notice that however many of these ideas come along nothing really changes.

It just feels the same.

People are still vaguely disatisifed.

So if these things do not help what is wrong?

Could it be that things can never bring happiness?

Are we buying into lies?

Lies that pretend to offer solutions that they cannot address.

Yes, we probably are.

Time to look elsewere.

Look to ideas of a soft kind.

Ideas that address our feelings

Ideas that can answer our feeling needs.

These are what we need.

Other people are unlikely to offer these

So time to look for yourself.

How about trying to love yourself?

Not as mad as it sounds because until you can love yourself how can you love another?

Most of us want to love and be loved by another.

Start by understanding what you are.

When was the last time you gave yourself some time?

Reserve some time for yourself today.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Slime balls

We all know some.

They even look what they are shifty, dishonest.

So how come they took advantage of you?

Answer, you did not look objectively.

You did not see reality.

You saw what they told you to see.

Stop it!

None of us like being conned.

We get conned enough by politicians and Hollywood films without needing more in our lives.

Look clearly, slime balls always give themselves away however hard they try to hide.

Shifty eyed.

Extravagant promises.

Something for nothing

Persuasive arguments.

Keep slime balls out of your lives.

See clearly.

Stay out of greed and illusion.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dysfunctional men

Every man has a mother.

Mothers usually love their children.

Mothers usually spend years and years bringing up their sons.

So how come so many men cannot relate to women?

Why are so many men afraid of women?

Interesting question.

Maybe it's just that such men like to remain in their comfort zone where there is no need to examine or explain.

Where there is no need to compromise with a female partner.

Maybe they are afraid of emotions,

Afraid of their feelings.

Maybe their mothers did a lousy job.

Whatever the reason we need to put this in the light.

Dysfunctional men do so much damage to themselves and others.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Many women are very tactile.

Some men are too, most are not.

If you are not then explore tactile, learn massage, do something tactile.

We need to touch.

To hold.

To experience each other.

Not talking about sex, although tactile can go that way.

Let it be what it is do not go further leave the sex out of it, just enjoy tactile for itself.

Do not be frightened to stay in it, there is no hurry.

Learn to share and savor.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Food - by request

Just a little comment here.

Eat what you want within reason.

Do not be fanatical about anything.

Move away from red meats.

Cut down the amount you eat

Drink a litre or two of water each day.

Try not to eat late at night too often.

Enjoy eating, notice what you eat.

Most important is your state of mind.


Because if you are under stress then nothing really tastes, nothing is pleasurable.

So once again we come to the state of your mind.

Where is it?

Sort this and the rest falls into place.

Food becomes a pleasure again!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Words hurt

Sure they do, more than most other things in fact.

Do you use words to hurt?

Do you get hurt?

Yes you do!

We all experience hurt or give out hurt.

So became more conscious of your words

Make sure your own words are not weapons of hurt.

Learn to say what needs saying in a positive way without hurting.

If hurt then tell the other person.

To their face ask them did they mean to hurt?

Do not leave it to later and carry the hurt around.

Resolve hurt when it occurs whenever possible.

This helps reduce stress in our lives.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Drugs - by request

They seem great until you go that little bit too far

Anyone using drugs on more than a casual basis certainly does so at some point.

This is where the trouble starts, or does it?

Actually the trouble started when you thought you could get a free ride by taking drugs to get you into a nicer mind space.

Sorry but your initial premise was wrong.

There is no free ride with drugs.

How to get out?

Change your mind, your values, your life.

There is no easy way because if you are not prepared to change the on off drug problem continues.

If you truly want to change then this is possible.

Our warning is that this is not easy and requires will power and discipline.

Contact us because it needs support.

Doing nothing is not an option because doing nothing or denying the problem just leads to breakdown at some point.

Nothing is stronger than nature.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Women cope.

Throughout history women have coped.

Usually as a result of the situations men put them in.

Be she a mother in Iraq today or a single mother in London she copes.

And so?

Time to move on.

Become involved where you can.

See that men learn what you are coping with.

Bring change to coping.

Help educate men about coping.

Men help women cope.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Angry thoughts

It is essential to separate your true self from that which is offended and angry.

To remember that this is neither an obstacle nor a casual misfortune which is thrust upon you, but is one of the problems of your life.

Above all to realize that if you feel animosity towards anyone, or anyone feels animosity towards you, that you alone are to blame.

And as soon as you recognize your fault, you become calm


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Out of 100

Of the people you knew in school how many do you know today?

Amazing how fast the number shrinks.

Our lives take us apart into different worlds.

Marriage and relationships take us further.

Keep one or two relationships if you can.


Because people who knew us way back when know how we were before adopted our adult disguises.

Before we became what we are today.

Sometimes we need to touch base with those who knew us before.

Make the effort to stay in touch with one or two.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Long-term memory

He never forgets.

One day you will pay.

Poor man.

Imagine using your memory for storing every hurt, every pain, every imagined wrong.

Yes many do and be warned this use of memory does not make for friendships or harmony.

In this behaviour everything must be measured and examined for danger.

Every nuance analysed, noted, stored.

No time for relationships, too busy judging.

Let them be.

Find relationships where continual analysis and judgement is not the criteria.

Leave them with their long-term memories.

Life is too short.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Feelings are not words.

Funny then that we describe feelings with words.

But my words and yours have different flavours.

My experience of feelings is also different.

What to do?

Learn to be honest and accurate with your self when experiencing your feelings.

Learn to be accurate when talking about these with others.

Understand that openess is not a weakness, on the contrary very often it requires courage.

Be clear, concise and accurate.

How else can I know what you are feeling?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Why have children?

For many reasons we all know and maybe some we don't.

We have children to teach us things.




New ways of understanding

New ways of looking at things

To make us laugh

Make us cry.

Maybe more than these our children chose us as parents.

Yes in a real sense they choose us.


Before manifesting in any given life we have a unique energy profile, which is what draws us to those parents who can give us the start we need in that life.

Note not necessarily the start we might want or choose.

Rather the start we need in this life to learn the lessons we came here to learn.

So remember our children choose us as parents.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yes the mouth, just notice how it expresses your feelings.

If you instruct your mouth to smile then notice how your mood lightens.

Do not take your mouth for granted.

Exercise it for more than eating, talking,singing and so on.



Because if you do not then over time your mouth tightens, and voila you have a mean mouth.

No one wants a mean mouth.

Be nice to your mouth.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mmmmm - 28

'If we have to believe in a divine principle at all, it must be in one which is as absolute harmony, logic, and justice, as it is absolute love, wisdom, and impartiality.

A God who would create every soul for the space of one brief span of life, regardless of the fact whether it has to animate the body of a wealthy, happy man, or that of a poor suffering wretch, hapless from birth to death though he has done nothing to deserve his cruel fate -- would be rather a senseless fiend than a God.' (Key 111)

Friday, July 14, 2006


Yes it is alive and well, stoked and stirred by the media and politicians.

On our evolutionary path tribalism has been useful

Now it is getting in our way.

Time to go beyond.

Time to see that we have more in common than we do in differences.

This of course does not mean that you have to drop your football team, family, nike trainers or religion.

Just see what they are in reality.

What are they?

Devices of division that's all.

Go beyond tribalism.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Smooth as silk

We all have this liking for smoothness one way or another.

In taste



Smell even.

Question are you smooth?

Not too smooth.

Smooth in movement?

Smooth of speech?

Smooth of thought?

Slow down ten precent and you will become smoother.

That's slow down your actions.

Your speed of speech.

Even your thought process just slow it down a bit.

Try it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Moment of madness

Zinedine Zidane had his on Sunday evening in a rather public way.

Most of us have moments of madness.

Where do they come from?

From our other side in simple words.

Our entities.

To avoid these becoming more frequent.

Control is one way.

However as we saw with Zidane this is no guarantee that it will not happen.

Only real way is to get the demons out

This is only possible by getting your fears out.

Yes this is where they come from.

So start getting rid of yours.

Be open to learning.

We are here to grow.

Monday, July 10, 2006


To go deeper into why we are and what we are requires us to be brave.


Because to know ourselves is to go where we have not been.

To venture into the unknown.

This is why so many will not do so.

They are afraid to go into the unknown.

If you want to go there then start by finding your fears.


Because journeys into the unknown are harder and more dangerous when we have fear.

Start from your earliest trauma, then work your way through to today.

Then a journey into ourselves is more possible.

Journeys into the unknown can be exciting and need not be frightening.

They do though need preparation as any expedition does.

Make no mistake the journey into ourselves is an expedition.

Prepare thoroughly before you try to go deeper.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mmmmm - 27

'It would be utterly meaningless if we simply appeared on this earth for one short earth life and then vanished and no good came of it, or mayhap no retribution for our evil doings. . . .

We are here because we have been here before, because here we sowed seeds of destiny, and we come back on this earth to reap those seeds which we sowed. . . .

Our very being here . . . is a proof of reincarnation.

Otherwise we must say cosmic law put us here by chance.

And who believes that?

If fortuity governed this world we would see the stars in their courses and all the planets running helter skelter all over the cosmic spaces without law, without reason, without order, without intelligence, without system.'
(WoS 274-5)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Walking around

Time to walk around not drive, walk.

Seeing, smelling, feeling are all things we tend to miss in our motorised insulation.

Walk more this summer in the evening if it is too hot in the day.

Go where you do not normally go.

Walk around.

Your body will appreciate it too!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Life thoughts

You spend years getting an education.

You spend years qualifying for this or that.

Yet you expect to get human relationsips right with little or no thought.

How come?

Time to put as much energy into your relationships as you did that education.

Only then can you reasonably moan if you do not get it right.

Be fair on yourself!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Deep fear

Always there, deep down inside.

Influences everything.

Spoils everything.

Touches everything.

Won`t go away.

Well you are the owner of these fears.

No one else can talk to them only you can.

If you let them be then they will control your life.

Do not doubt this fear irrevocably changes your life.

Finding a way out is possible if you are wanting to move on.

We have talked about this before.

Here we want to be clear fear controls and dominates more lives than anything else on this planet.

Look inside is this true for you?

Get your fears out, look at them, let them go.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Letting off steam

Was in Paris when the French beat the Brazilians with what they all call an old team in the World Cup.

Apart from an amazing game the reaction of the Parisians was equally amazing.

Every horn, every person whistling, shouting, cheering along the streets down the subways everywhere.

No sleep for hours all the young out and about.

Great atmosphere even the next day.

Smiling people.

Energised by their team.

So few places to let off steam today.

So many controls.

So many restraints, so much fear.

Often it seems that the authorities are plain scared of their citizens.

Time they backed off a bit.

Go too far and all the controls become counter productive.

The world needs to let off steam now and again.

Nice to experience, make sure you let off steam sometimes too!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Why is my life so confusing?

Nothing seems to be going anywhere.

It just seems like one long day after another with nothing changing.

For many this is life.

Moving on from here is possible.

Start with this.

Be clear about your job if it is unpleasant then take steps to move.

Before trying to move be clear what is truly important to you.

Then try to find a job in this area that is important to you.

Going into any job for the money alone is likely to lead back to more disappointment.

Be clear what is truly important to you.

Do you even know?

Take time to find out.

Knowing what is true for you is more important than you might realize.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mmmmm - 26

'The Law of Karma is inextricably interwoven with that of Re-incarnation.

It is only the knowledge of the constant re-births of one and the same individuality throughout the life-cycle . . .

That can explain to us the mysterious problem of Good and Evil, and reconcile man to the terrible and apparent injustice of life. . . .

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The eyes have it

Those old sayings about shifty eyes are true.

If someone cannot look you in the eyes then beware.

There are plenty of books that tell us about eyes.

Here we just want to mention one aspect.

The eye is the gateway to the soul so start observing the depth.

How far can you see in someone's eyes?

Learn to observe the depth, it is an indication of the level of consciousness evolution of that person.

Then there are more things to learn about eyes but let's just learn this first.

The depth is in the pupil.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


The Past!

What is it?



Dismiss it.

You are the past of yourself.

Therefore it concerns you not as such.

It only concerns you as you now are.

In you, as you now exist, lies all the past.

So follow the Hindu maxim: "Regret nothing; never be sorry; and cut all doubts with the sword of spiritual knowledge."

Regret is productive only of error.

I care not what I was, or what anyone was.

I only look for what I am each moment.

For as each moment is and at once is not, it must follow that if we think of the past we forget the present, and while we forget, the moments fly by us, making more past.

Then regret nothing, not even the greatest follies of your life, for they are gone, and you are to work in the present which is both past and future at once.

So then, with that absolute knowledge that all your limitations are due to Karma, past or in this life, and with a firm reliance ever now upon Karma as the only judge, who will be good or bad as you make it yourself, you can stand anything that may happen and feel serene despite the occasional despondencies which all feel, but which the light of Truth always dispels.