Saturday, July 01, 2006


The Past!

What is it?



Dismiss it.

You are the past of yourself.

Therefore it concerns you not as such.

It only concerns you as you now are.

In you, as you now exist, lies all the past.

So follow the Hindu maxim: "Regret nothing; never be sorry; and cut all doubts with the sword of spiritual knowledge."

Regret is productive only of error.

I care not what I was, or what anyone was.

I only look for what I am each moment.

For as each moment is and at once is not, it must follow that if we think of the past we forget the present, and while we forget, the moments fly by us, making more past.

Then regret nothing, not even the greatest follies of your life, for they are gone, and you are to work in the present which is both past and future at once.

So then, with that absolute knowledge that all your limitations are due to Karma, past or in this life, and with a firm reliance ever now upon Karma as the only judge, who will be good or bad as you make it yourself, you can stand anything that may happen and feel serene despite the occasional despondencies which all feel, but which the light of Truth always dispels.


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