Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not sleeping well

Can be because we are overtired, sick, stressed, poor feng shui where we sleep, neighbours, crying child, had an argument

In fact there can be any number of reasons

It comes to all of us at some time or another

Counting sheep is the old classical solution

Try these if counting sheep does not work for you

Review the day just past in reverse order, noticing as a spectator where you had difficulties
Mentally decide if they need follow up or can be discarded
If they can be discarded then truly let them go
Let go of the day
Check the time you need to get up and what things must be done the next day
Gently let go of thoughts
Push them away
Let your brain and mind know that you are shutting down, going to sleep
And of this does not work then after a suitable time, suitable being when you have tried and tried

Focus on something you like and look at it in complete detail

Go into every facet of it
Explore every detail it might be your motorbike, your painting, your new recipe
Gently go through this scenario
And if you are still awake
Accept the idea that you might not sleep and that it does not matter
Let go of the importance of sleep and find a relaxed position and just lie there pushing thoughts away
To help you sleep better try taking Valerian tea in the early evening
Make sure it is the twig type not the tea bag variety
Do this daily the effect is cumulative
Sleep is easy to find when we are relaxed not so easy when over tired and stressed
So try to address and remove the causes of stress

Friday, February 27, 2009

Telling lies

Current lie-detector tests should be replaced by a new way of identifying whether suspects are telling the truth by overloading their brains
This innovative approach involves giving suspects secondary tasks such as giving their version of events in reverse order, or recalling information relayed through a set of headphones.
As lying takes up more brain power than telling the truth, a guilty suspect is unlikely to be able to perform other tasks as well.
Dr Vrij criticised the conventional arousal-based app-roach. "The trouble with this is that liars do not necessarily reveal more signs of arousal when answering key questions and, conversely, truth-tellers might be anxious and hence show signs of arousal when answering.

"The cognitive-load approach is based on the idea that lying in an interview setting is cognitively demanding as liars have to think harder to concentrate on extra demands such as what others are thinking, keeping their story straight, and monitoring and controlling their behaviour so they avoid creating the impression they are lying.

"This should show up as a poorer performance in providing a statement and also on the secondary task."

Another approach is to time people

Dr Gregg, a research fellow at the centre for research on self and identity at Southampton University, found that when people were instructed to answer true and false statements about themselves dishonestly and statements about the world honestly, they took significantly longer on the task than people who told the truth.

Researchers who monitored the length of time taken to answer questions found it takes more than 30 per cent less time to be honest than to tell a fib.

The discovery followed computer-based trials in Britain of a new technique that could replace conventional lie detector tests that are not widely used because of fears over the reliability of their results.

Aiden Gregg, a psychologist at Southampton University developed a timed antagonistic response alethiometer test (Tara) which involves answering a series of questions displayed on a computer screen as quickly as possible by tapping responses on a keyboard.
The test records how long it takes each individual to answer and uses an algorithm to analyse the results.
He found that interviewees in 85 per cent of cases were slower at faking answers than when telling the truth. Separate research using the equipment suggests the dishonest responses took 1.8 seconds but the truthful answers were more than 30 per cent quicker at about 1.2 seconds.
Dr Gregg said he built his Tara test because he suspected that criminals were finding increasing ways to hide their dishonesty. He told the Sunday Times:
"We are not getting any smarter at detecting lies, and that could have serious consequences"
And yet we are all exposed to lies all day, everyday
Our media is full of so called spin, which is usually just another word for lying
So any contribution to exposing liars has to be helpful

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Once more

We see life taking us into unknown territory

Directions where no one really knows the outcome

Many might pretend

But there are too many variables in play this time

Too much interdependence of disparate elements

Try seeing clearly for yourself that change is upon us in all aspects of our lives

Adjust voluntarily or wait until you are forced to change

Notice how newspapers and the news are full of heavy stories of doom and disaster

Maybe yes maybe no

Whatever is coming our way all we can do is our best

Meaning that we must all choose how we experience these times

Where money is tight and jobs insecure

The only place to go is where money and jobs cannot touch

Inner peace has always been the refuge of choice for thinking people

Inner peace requires effort to approach because it is unfamiliar territory to most

Start by learning to slow down

Find time to do little

Try going without TV radio, computer, Internet, cell phone

Just you alone with yourself

No distractions

A few minutes every day until you begin to notice how much you surrounded yourself with noise


From this experience of spending time with yourself you can begin to map out your further direction towards inner peace

Because it is only here that you can truly find peace of mind

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walked into a strange office

And was introduced to her colleagues

Glanced up and saw one man standing on the other side of the office looking jealous and frustrated

He didn't look very honest either

Shortly after we were introduced

We shook hands and briefly smiled at each other

Later his image of frustration came back to me and I thought about him

Day after day in an office he finds unappealing

Week in week out
Month in month out

Not liking his colleagues

Disliking the repetitive work

Not liking their jokes
Hating the commute

Aware only that he has to survive

Aware that he is stuck with no promotion and or anywhere else to go
Going home to a difficult life with little or no respite there either
Maybe I exaggerate a little but I suspect not
Can you imagine how many hundreds of millions of people this image relates to?
Literally hundreds of millions of people trapped in lives they hate
Feeling their lives slipping away
Feeling the time has passed when they could have moved or divorced or changed their jobs
Nothing to look forward to
Just carrying their frustration through every day
And yet in many ways they are in a prison of their own making
How we choose to see is our choice
Wherever we come from
However we started out
Whatever our job in life
It is our choice whether or not this becomes a living hell or a vibrantly powerful experience
In the office I visited they do work that is certainly repetitive and might also be considered dull
Or alternatively with a little imagination it could be seen to be worthwhile and rewarding
The man I met saw it as frustrating, she my host told me how she was proud of her work and felt it to be rewarding and worthwhile
How do you see your work and life?
Don't let your life slip into frustration
Do something about it

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So difficult

The following quote is from the Master Kuthumi and is given to show the enormous work to be done before one can become master of oneself

"Your best method is to concentrate on the Master as a Living Man within you.

Make his image in your heart, and a focus of concentration, so as to lose all sense of bodily existence in the one thought

The great difficulty to be overcome is the registration of the knowledge of the Higher Self on the physical plane.

To accomplish this, the physical Brain must be made an entire blank to all but the Higher Consciousness

When the Brain is thus rendered a blank, an impression from the Heart may reach it and be retained; and this is what is spoken of with regard to the Chela (student), who is able to hold only parts of the knowledge gained

In acquiring the power of concentration the first step is one of blankness.

Then follows by degrees consciousness, and finally the passage between the two states becomes so rapid and easy as to be almost un-noticed"

He who can do this at will has become an Adept, and can "store the knowledge he thus gains in his physical memory"

The above might seem a bit obscure as an idea but taken literally is the work to be done

Only through meditation and concentration can one access the higher self

And only through the higher self can a human advance to mastery of himself

Only through mastery of himself can man escape constant rebirth

And this is what all the old books and teachings are about, the road to initiation

Ponder on the above

Monday, February 23, 2009

Every time

An explosion, an argument usually over something out of the blue

No hint of danger coming

Just an explosion of violence

No chance to win whether or not you are right

Just a huge emotional outburst

Followed by threats of termination

One or both parties pressing the nuclear button

Excuse me!

Termination of years of relationship over this


And while they are in this state no discussion is really possible just more violence

No point trying to explain anything

Not easy to go away either because once the nuclear button is pressed both will fight to heap ultimatums on the other and going away often just allows both to find further reasons why the end is inevitable

Time usually calms things down though

Then if you are smart once things are back to normal you have a look at what is going on

If you ignore then be warned back it will come

Out of the blue again bam!

So what is going on?

Simply stated your entities provoked and encouraged you to destroy your relationship

And once the attack starts your partner's entities get involved and encourage him or her to fight back

Entities have a vested interest in your destruction as this is what they do so once one starts the other joins in and they both egg the parties on to destruction

Your job is to isolate them and not feed the situation

And begin to fight them once you understand what is going on


The only known way is to understand that they feed on your fears

So what are your fears?

Get them out because they have less power once exposed to the light of day

Get your partner to address theirs too

In calmer times find out what is going on in the hidden areas of your partners mind

What is disturbing?

What is not working?

What needs changing or working on?

Take the time to discuss preferably in a neutral environment away from home

Be patient and listen please

Hear what is being said, really

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It will pass

Is a simple little expression and one that many of us might have heard

Have we paid attention to it?

Or thought about it?

In the context of our lives and the many things we experience probably not
We are too busy
With a little thought most of us can see that many of life's difficult times will indeed pass
Although whilst in them they might seem absolutely endless
Situations where we are busily looking for ways out
Relationships, work, money all sorts of situations qualify for that endless quality that gets us down
Yet our very worrying is seldom very helpful
Our desperate actions might also be for the worse
The simple phrase "It will pass" might be something to pay more attention to
Observing also that everything has a beginning, middle and end
Again a simple proposition and again often we ignore and let ourselves get into panic or stress mode
Just take a deep breath see where you are and remember that it will pass
Or note that you are now in the middle or end phase of whatever
Time is different today
No real past any longer it slides away so fast
The present seems quicker too
The future is impossible to see so enjoy the moment
It will pass whatever it is that seems to dominate your life now
It will surely pass

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finding each other

Butterflies can find each other over amazing distances

We can too over the Internet

Nearer to home is often more practical

So how come it seems so hard

When filling in forms describing ourselves
Finding that best photo

To write reasonably about ourselves
Can it be that we feel we need to exaggerate?
To extol our virtues
To gloss over this 'n that

Yes it is, so many distort or exaggerate their charms

Agencies try to filter these claims
Difficult though
The client is paying
So agencies try to steer clear of challenging the profiles expressed

Leaving the hidden character flaws presented by the clients

And then people wonder why they do not find matches

Because even when the profile proffered is not too far removed from what others might observe there is still that all important chemistry
And this chemistry is something that makes that instant impact
Some have it others do not
Not something learnt
Although many can hide their negative aspects
Chemistry is there or it is not
If this is no problem then good luck
If it is a problem then here's a thought for the day
Focus your energy on developing those aspects of attraction that are under your control and do not waste your time or energy on those that you cannot alter
All of us can learn techniques but if after the technique we have nothing then what's the point?
Meaning that being honest with what we are is best
Being clear about what we like and do not like is best simply because when we hide or distort our features or character sooner or later it comes out
Better to be disappointed ten times than to live with someone who is no match and only an illusionary fit
Listen to the other person
Learn what you can about their needs and hopes
Be clear about what you hope to find and if your mental list is ridiculous then stop and ask what am I really doing?

Indeed why do you have a list?

To make sure you do not get hurt, then time to look at yourself again clearly, why do you have a list?
Try to keep from making dates life and death situations

Why not even enjoy them?
The more you lighten up the more you can enjoy your meetings whatever the outcomes
From a relaxed non judgemental date something might have a chance to emerge

This is highly unlikely if you go in with a mental list of points that you imagine are necessary

Give each other a break!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Requires effort
No it does not loving does not require effort
It is innate in us
One could argue either way however what is clear is that loving as an act is a powerful help to our well being and good health
Like smiling loving influences other things in our lives
So first question what and or who do you love?
Actually count them
How many people, animals or things do you actually love?
Next question do you nurture these people, animals or things you love?
Do you nourish and look after them?
Do you pay attention to them?
Loving we say should be active and not passive
It should be a conscious act
Better still it should have our attention our focus
Our best efforts to promote and protect
If your loving is passive then shift it to a proactive energy
Extend your loving further
Does your loving only extend to people or things where there is a direct payback to yourself?
Then is it in reality a deal, a transaction rather than love?
If this is so then determine to bring loving to people or things where it is solely to help them and not yourself
Where there might be no direct payback or maybe none at all
Loving just for the sake of it and to help others
As an aside this is what helps us to become more open and aware of the needs of others
Our journey of evolution amongst other things is about opening up to others
Loving them for no other reason than it feels like the right thing to do
Nature appreciates our helping others
One day someone will show you their loving in an unexpected way
Then and maybe only then will you fully appreciate how great it feels and is so obviously important for all humans
Make loving a conscious part of your life

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coming our way

The time of immutable law

Not of charity, but the time of just retribution

Not mercy, which is merely an incentive to evil doing and to a repetition of it

But the understanding that appeasement is not acceptable it is finished

Evil has to be confronted wherever it is found

Over and over evil must be met

We are responsible for what happens not some mystic God

We humanity are responsible

The greatest crime that was ever perpetrated on mankind was committed on that day when the first priest invented the first prayer with a selfish object in view

A God who was made to bless the arms of the worshipper, and send defeat and death to millions of his enemies

It is this idea of a God that has fostered selfishness in man and deprived him of his self reliance

As Socrates said

"Our prayers should be for blessings on all, in general, for the Gods know best what is good for us"

But official prayer - in favour of a public calamity, or for the benefit of one individual irrespective of losses to millions - is the most ignoble of crimes, beside being an impertinent conceit and superstition

Look at football players and sportsmen crossing themselves as they run on to the field!

As if any God is going to support one team against another, or one army against another

So coming our way slowly is the recognition that religion or in the name of religion has done more harm to the peoples of this planet than probably any other single thing

Slowly slowly we begin to lift our eyes and observe the nonsense of modern religion

Slowly we see the damage wrought in it's name

The crude manipulation for political purposes

The blatant corruption of its teachings for power and control

No God no Master ever condoned this behaviour conducted in his name

So why have the Gods or Masters not intervened?


They may not interfere with man since he has had the freedom of choice as a result of gaining self reflective consciousness
Man must make his own choice to stand up to evil

In whatever guise it hides

Man himself must choose to fight for morality and justice

Man must begin to reject incompetent dishonest leaders

It is time man notices the lies and deceit passed off as truth

The manipulation of the media, the manipulation by the media

The silence of the media in the face of obvious injustice

This happens all the time even in places where the naive believe the press to be free or unbiased

Collectively and as individuals man must make his choices

No shining knight is going to come into town and do this for us

It starts with your own life

In the choices you make

The involvements you choose

A better world only comes when we care enough

When we through our own choices make our own personal contributions

Coming our way is the recognition that life is not a spectator sport

We are all players

Start playing and making your contribution please

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stubborn silence

When we do not want to change

We do not want to listen

Just ignoring the signs around us

Preferring to continue doing what we have been doing

Just hoping everything will continue as it is

Then lo and behold things stop working

Then we blame everyone and everything for our bad luck


There is no such thing or is there?

Looked at through modern eyes there is good and bad luck

Things beyond our control

Out of the blue



Just good or bad luck

And yes this is the fashionable way to look at life

No responsibility

Just bad luck

Looked at from where we sit though there is little or no luck just karma

Everything in our lives is a function of karma

Yes karma comes in different flavours too and is both good and bad and in between

Karma adjusts our lives giving us what we have created with our previous thoughts and actions

Thoughts and actions in this life where we behaved in bad or selfish ways

These thoughts and actions determine what so called luck comes our way

And yes we can influence what we experience

Through better behaviour

By working on our weaknesses

By trying to be more loving

By these and other thoughts and actions; which we know inside us are the way we should behave

Thoughts as much as actions create our karma

So be aware the life you experience is what you have created

And what you think and create today will bring what you call good and bad luck tomorrow

Hard to believe maybe but there is little luck merely karma

And yes it really is all down to you

So which do you prefer to believe?

That life is full of good and bad luck or that it is tied to our karma?

If you believe the former then life is just one great big lottery

Good and bad luck coming along as they will when they will

If you believe it is karma then make it your business to find out how it works

There is a truth about things

Make it your business to find out what it is

Good luck

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where's the problem?

Can you say that or do you go and look for the problem?

Are you the problem?

So many people spend their lives looking for problems

Guess what............... they find them everywhere

They find problems in everything

Their lives spent worrying about problems


And imaginary

Nothing can be as it seems there must be a problem in it somewhere

Everything that comes their way they determinedly look for the problem

Sorry people they miss so much of life

What is sadder most of us get tired of being around such people

We cut short our time with them

We do not confide in them because we know that they will find a real or imaginary problem in anything we tell them

Who needs it

And under this problem searching lurks fear

A fear of not being right

Of being cheated

Of something going wrong

All of us through our life experiences learn to take precautions, think twice, or look again

And having done this we can live with life, smile and enjoy ourselves

Not so the worrier

If this is you then stop it

Become conscious of what you are doing and stop it

Over a life time this will translate into disease or illness

Absolutely people who look for problems will find their health going

Nature is tolerant up to a point and then she sends us a real problem

So unless you want this, time to lighten up however hard your life

Find the good in it

Find lightness

Smile even, it changes your energy profile

No problem, just new experiences, living in the moment

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mmmmm - 53

'It was [the] Great Ones and their followers,

many in the aggregate, but singularly few when

compared with the Atlantean masses,

who for the salvation of the many, and for the

initiation of the chosen worthy few, finally

during a period of culmination in evil-doing

and spiritual wickedness, established the

first genuine spiritual

Mystery-Schools of the globe.

This happened many hundreds of thousands of years before the great Atlantean Race sank into unregenerate weakness leading to its final disappearance; and these Mystery-Schools have thus existed for some four or five million years . . .

[T]his refers to the actual establishment of the ancient mysteries as Schools or Esoteric Colleges,

each one presided over by a hierarchy of initiates, in regular serial line of succession, this being the first instance of such serial successorship in the history of the globe during this Fourth Round.

The foregoing must not be misunderstood to mean that it was only during the before-mentioned period of Atlantean degeneracy that the Spiritual Teachers and Leaders of mankind first began their sublime work of assembling and instructing the multitudes of men,

for this last work had actually been going on for millions of years,

but dealing rather with individuals, numerous enough in the aggregate, than with actual established Schools of secret and formal instruction. . . .

The Silent Watcher of the Globe, through the spiritual-magnetic attraction of like to like, was enabled to attract to the Path of Light,

even from the earliest times of the Third Root-Race, certain unusual human individuals, early forerunners of the general Mânasaputric "descent," and thus to form with these individuals a Focus of Spiritual and Intellectual Light on this Earth . . .

Thus it is that the Great Brotherhood traces an unbroken and uninterrupted ancestry back to the original focus of Light of the Third Root-Race.'

(ET 1046-9)

The above might well cause you doubt given the myths that we live by today, however the truth is that humanity is much much older than we believe, as are the races that came before us
The truth is often much stranger than our fiction

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a day

Lovely day

Raining and cold outside

My choice to find it a lovely day

Not yours, mine

How you find your day is your choice

How you experience it is also a function of how you choose to find it

Sure things will come along to disturb that feeling

And how do you handle them?

Do you let them take away that lovely day feeling?

Finding my days lovely changes my experience of things

Less stress

Less worry

Slowly but surely you begin to get it

Not a mantra about it being a lovely day
Not a con
Not just some positive thinking
A shift inside myself where by letting go of usual thinking
Stopping thinking by staying in this moment now
Ignoring thoughts that want to worry about things
Ignoring things that often irritate or disturb
Accepting that that is just how things are, the way it is
Not judging
Not comparing
Finding things to be fine
My mind seeing a lovely day
Seeing the good in things and people
Letting the bad temper or unreasonable behaviour of others go
What a day
What a day and as one learns the truth of this state so they arrive more frequently
Lovely days
As your energy changes becoming more relaxed so does the reaction and attitude of people towards you
This in turn feeds the experience of lovely days
A virtuous circle one might say

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blind faith

One of the most amusing - if that is the word - things to emerge from the current global anxiety is the persistence of those analysts, commentators and politicians who say things like:

"The recession will bottom out in October 2009 and we will start to see recovery in the housing market at the beginning of 2010."

Or: "Unemployment will rise by one million before it starts to fall.

" How, you ask yourself, having almost universally failed to call the most cataclysmic financial event of our lifetimes, do they suddenly know these things?

Have they no shame?

And why do they think we will believe them?

If there is one lesson that should arise from the humiliation of the financial system, it is a version of William Goldman's view of Hollywood: no one really knows anything.

It was blind faith that some people did know better than everyone else that got us into this position.

Successive prime ministers have been so in thrall to those who shout loudest - the CEOs, the City and Wall Street rainmakers - that they have not only allowed them to be effectively self-regulating but also self-rewarding.

John Major had been a PR for a bank before he became prime minister; Tony Blair became one - at £2.5m a year - after he left office

In times like these, everyone should have a book by their bedside to reach for at three in the morning.

If the Bible doesn't work for you, Philip Tetlock's nicely oxymoronic volume Expert Political Judgment might be an alternative.

Tetlock's book is based on two decades of research into 284 people who made their living "commenting or offering advice on political and economic trends".

He asked them simply to do what they apparently did best: predict what would happen in the world next in answer to specific questions.

Would oil prices rise or fall, would there be a boom or a bust, would we go to war?

And so on.

When the study concluded, in 2003, Tetlock's experts had made 82,361 forecasts and the results were correlated with the facts as they had turned out.

The experts were less accurate in their forecasts than a control group of chimpanzees choosing entirely randomly would have been.

Even specialists in particular narrow fields were not significantly more successful than reasonably informed laymen.

"We reach the point of diminishing marginal predictive returns for knowledge disconcertingly quickly," Tetlock suggested.

"In this age of academic hyperspecialisation, there is no reason for supposing that contributors to top journals - distinguished political scientists, area study specialists, economists and so on - are any better than attentive readers of the New York Times in 'reading' emerging situations."

Further, the more certain the forecaster was, the more likely his judgment would be awry, scientific proof that "the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of a passionate intensity".

It is, I guess, worth bearing Tetlock in mind when we look ahead

When we are told that we need to keep shopping for things we don't need in order to save the things we have, for example.

Or when Robert Peston sing-songs the implications of the latest global apocalypse.

Or when attention cascades.

No one knows anything.

In some ways, it's a comforting thought.

After that, as the man almost said, we have nothing to be anxious about but anxiety itself.
The Guardian

Friday, February 13, 2009


Is a word we hear so often

Conversations are often peppered with "but" this and "but" that

Often it characterises people

Showing us their mindsets

Almost subconsciously they say "but" in every conversation

Without being aware how negative the word but can be

It closes off further discussion

For the person saying but it means the mind is often closed to any further thoughts on whatever is being discussed

So if you use "but" a lot then think about this

If you want to develop a positive approach to life then something as simple as saying "and" instead of "but" can make a huge difference

At first it will be difficult to use "and" instead of "but", then after a while it too will become a habit if you stick with it
A much more positive habit though
Indicating that you are open to discussion
It should also help your own orientation to things in your life

The word "however" can be an interim step towards "and", although it is also a break and stop on things
Words define us in so many ways
Choose yours with care they say so much about you

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Is what a lot of society has become, just fodder

Fodder for the entertainment industry

Food industry

Car industry


Government tax industry

Possibly fodder is not the right word

Maybe consuming digits is a better description, maybe but then again maybe not as we want the idea of cows eating all day long, every day without much thought or attention

So long as people keep consuming everything is just fine

The rich get richer

The consuming digits work harder just to stand still

No matter there are plenty more coming along behind

Small problem we are in economic and financial meltdown and there are not so many consuming digits around

Well there are plenty of digits around but they are not consuming enough

They are worried about whether or not they will have a job in a few months time so they are consuming the minimum possible

So what to do?

Funny thing that our pundits have not much to say now that the financial system in not working so well
One would have thought that one of them somewhere would have some ideas, after all they have plenty of criticism to heap on most things
Sadly the only comments are on how soon things will get better again with little apparent consideration about whether or not it is worthwhile going back to where we were
Is it even smart to resurrect the same financial model?

Surely at times like these we have a great opportunity to examine whether or not we should try something else

Do we really just want to continue being consuming digits
Is this the only world model we can think of?

Struggling up the remorseless escalator of modern life?

Is this really the only option?

No it is not

We need to look at what we are all here for

To foster personal and collective evolution is one reason
Our current model of consumption and ever more stress is not very helpful in this regard

To increase individual and collective consciousness evolution is another

And how do we do this?

By understanding that the promotion of greed and gross materialism does nothing to help
Encouraging people to devote their energies to endless consumption is a ridiculous way to spend our lives

Better that we now start the difficult work of adjusting our values

By understanding that life is about contribution not collecting objects

Contribution to the well being of others

Contribution to our own consciousness evolution

Humanity needs to face it's new frontiers

Frontiers of consciousness evolution

The physical frontiers have and are being met

Time to face ourselves

Asking that we question why we spend so much on arms?

Why we are not healthier given how much money is spent on health issues
Questioning the bad allocation of resources
Why we feel empty inside is no mystery when we have little or no understanding of spiritual possibilities
Why we do not see a future is no mystery either when we look around at the destruction of the planet and it's resources
The dialogue starts when we all get involved
When we take every opportunity to ask questions that challenge the mainstream assumptions about life

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bliss is hell

Bliss is boring as hell

It might even be hell

For sure it will prove rather empty after a while

Having everything you have ever wanted or aspired to whenever you want

Those who have tried living the dream of bliss have seldom stayed there very long

Bliss it turns out is not possible long term or even medium term

Most humans need change, challenge, variety, movement, stimulus

Bliss does not offer this because by it’s very definition you are there

No more struggling, no more fight, you have arrived

An extremely empty experience because there is no more longing, no more dreams

No more dreams you are living them

No more special dream and this is so difficult because humans need a dream

We cannot get by without the dream

Tell me you do not have a dream

It's nothing to be ashamed of people have dreams

We might not share them

We might even deep down know that we will not realise them

So when contemplating others who seem to have lives of bliss

Just smile and realise maybe for the first time that your own life whatever it brings is fine thank you

Bliss is not what it is cracked up to be

After the novelty has worn off that is

Making our own lives more interesting is maybe a better way to go

If you want to be persnickety then the definition of bliss as "a state of profound spiritual satisfaction happiness or joy, often associated with religious ideas of the afterlife" is probably a stretch too far for most

Bliss is for most just a state where many thought they wanted to be
Feeling good about where you are is probably even better

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A pretext

Is all we need sometimes to go away

Away from what irritates or frustrates us

And we all have some things that really push our buttons

So what do you do?

Where do you go?

Rash words and arguments don't help
Tried that many times

Just get out and calm down

Understand that time heals

An old cliche and one so true

We cannot hurry time, but we can be busy and help it to pass quicker

And when we need a pretext to be alone

Find one that lets you get away

Go away let time and space show you more clearly what is going on

From another perspective life can change

Life's problems become clearer

Find a good pretext even an honest one like I need to get away

Sometimes distance allows us to cool down and see things as they are and not as we want them to be

Get a second opinion from someone who is not involved
Separation and time are two key ingredients for clearing one's head

Monday, February 09, 2009

Quotes from Albert Einstein

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction
Imagination is more important than knowledge
Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love
I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details
The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one
The only real valuable thing is intuition
A person starts to live when he can live outside himself
I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice
God is subtle but he is not malicious
Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character
I never think of the future. It comes soon enough
The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility
Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing
Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler
Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen
Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it
The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources
The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education
God does not care about our mathematical difficulties. He integrates empirically
The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking
Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal
Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding
The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible
We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them
Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing
Equations are more important to me, because politics is for the present, but an equation is something for eternity
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe
As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality
Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones
No, this trick won't work...How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?
The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Look around you,

There are notices everywhere:

Keep out

Do not touch


Careful hot coffee can burn you

Be careful: keep your eye on your possessions

Swim at your own risk — no lifeguard on duty

We are told by government to be alert to the risk of terrorists.

And we are watched by CCTV wherever we go

Signs of control that we are so used to that we hardly pay attention

Signs often telling us not to do this or that which in earlier times no one would have thought necessary to place there

Common sense overtaken by concern of law suites

Fear of being sued if we do not point out the screamingly obvious

One person does something amazingly stupid so bureaucrats rush in and legislate that signs must be erected and ever more new laws enacted

More and more areas of individual choice removed

And where the controls are human there is no discussion, obey or stay out, go away

The power of the bureaucracy creeps forward year in year out

Are we even aware any longer how much we are herded around?

Told to behave in particular ways

Told not to do this

Told to do that

No choice just more rules

Rules to swallow on

No choice or is there?

Time for the worm to turn?

Make this your time to consider how you personally respond to inane rules

Do you ever consider challenging them?

Time maybe to do so

Make it your good deed of the week to challenge something stupid or inane

You can never tell once in a while something happens

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Recession vs depression

Apparently a recession lasts up to three years while a depression lasts anywhere over that

Pundits are now beginning to talk about a depression although for obvious reasons our fearless politicians and leaders are not except of course where they perceive advantage in doing so

And for most of us a recession implies a bit of pain and then back to normal
A depression however brings up different images
Images of a different way of life with different values

Something we don't know but have seen pictures of
Something we would rather not experience thank you
And if we are headed that way then let us use the time wisely
Time to find out what helps you survive better
What can be done to alleviate the experience

Simple things like changing your values

Letting go of status games

Letting go of trying to compete with friends and neighbors

Buying cheaper products

Buying less

Consider getting rid of the car if you live in a city

Consider getting rid of one if you have several

Consider downsizing cars and other products

Why not do more things yourself like cooking cleaning and so on?

Depressions are like manna from heaven for many people in the media

They love piling on the misery

So stop listening to the merchants of doom
Only spend time with positive people
Such a simple idea but important is to make your own choices and let go of listening to those who urge or promote spending money as a means of feeling better
Sometimes it does but shopping as therapy is out
Exercise and learning about nature is in
Lots of it
Until you feel nature becoming more and more a part of your life, an integral part that is
Depression might well be where we are headed but that does not mean that you have to be depressed

And if it is only a recession then the above is no bad approach either

Friday, February 06, 2009

P - 32B

Is nothing other than a form, a simple form

Then there is your form xyz and so it goes on forms and procedures everywhere

No matter what country everywhere the bureaucrats are adept at slowing things down, often complicating simple issues

Sometimes we might wonder how did we ever get to this point where forms, rules and procedures dominate all aspects of modern life

One could even go so far as to observe that forms and ritual have blinded common sense

Ever tried trying to explain some simple logic to a bureaucrat?

Their stubborn refusal to listen

Total disinterest as their life is being judged on procedures completed and internal controls, and of course more forms

As an observation could it be that ancient Rome fell because of forms and ritual?

Could it be that politics and ritual so governed Roman life that these internal games caused Rome to neglect the real world?

The barbarian hordes had not filled in form P - 32B

Nor did they give a s**t for the correct procedures

Bye bye Rome

Now look at our modern world where a six inch snow storm brings the UK to a standstill

Ninety percent of the schools are shut down

Older British subjects scratch their heads in disbelief because when they grew up snow or no snow they went to school, nor were many excuses acceptable

Today we are told that health and safety issues were the cause of the schools being closed

At just what point do we say this is getting out of hand?

At what point do we say this is ridiculous

Parents cannot just stop going to work because a school has decided that for health and safety issues it will not open and so they have to remain at home and look after their children

Apparently we do not consider this to be nonsense another commission will be assembled to look into the matter we are told

And so it goes on slowly but surely common sense and initiative get squeezed out

Forms and procedures stifling what little initiative is left

Can we fight this malaise for this is what it is

No not really

So what happens?

Fortunately nature says enough of your nonsense humans

Notice how nature everywhere around the planet is creating unusual events

Rain, snow, floods, earthquakes and the rest

This is how we will get out of this situation society will not be able to afford to mend everything

Government cock ups will be more frequent simply because the complexity and coordination required is beyond them

Ever more complexity and controls until the breaking point is reached

Has it ever been thus throughout human history