Thursday, February 26, 2009

Once more

We see life taking us into unknown territory

Directions where no one really knows the outcome

Many might pretend

But there are too many variables in play this time

Too much interdependence of disparate elements

Try seeing clearly for yourself that change is upon us in all aspects of our lives

Adjust voluntarily or wait until you are forced to change

Notice how newspapers and the news are full of heavy stories of doom and disaster

Maybe yes maybe no

Whatever is coming our way all we can do is our best

Meaning that we must all choose how we experience these times

Where money is tight and jobs insecure

The only place to go is where money and jobs cannot touch

Inner peace has always been the refuge of choice for thinking people

Inner peace requires effort to approach because it is unfamiliar territory to most

Start by learning to slow down

Find time to do little

Try going without TV radio, computer, Internet, cell phone

Just you alone with yourself

No distractions

A few minutes every day until you begin to notice how much you surrounded yourself with noise


From this experience of spending time with yourself you can begin to map out your further direction towards inner peace

Because it is only here that you can truly find peace of mind

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