Monday, March 31, 2008

A brand new phobia

Apart from rising concerns about the possible long term effects of mobile phone usage on health we now have a brand new one "nomo-phobia"

Nomo-phobia is the fear of being phoneless

Nomo-phobia was a real phenomenon for many people we are told after a recent survey.

"We're all familiar with the stressful situations of everyday life such as moving house, break-ups and organising a family Christmas, but it seems being out of mobile contact may be the 21st century's contribution to our already manic lives," .

Being phoneless and panicked is a symptom of our 24/7 culture.

Men were more likely than women to be affected by losing mobile phone contact, with 48 per cent of women and 58 per cent of men admitting to feelings of anxiety.

More than 20 per cent of the 2,163 people questioned said they never switched off their mobiles, and one in 10 said their job required them to be contactable at all times.

Some 55 per cent cited keeping in touch with friends or family as the main reason for being wedded to their handsets and 9 per cent said having their phone switched off made them anxious.

Nomo-phobia recommends leaving loved ones an alternative contact number and making a back-up list of all contacts in case the phone is lost or stolen.

However nomo-phobia pales into insignificance compared to the potential problems that are likely to arise when airlines start allowing mobile phones to be used

The ban on mobile-phone use on planes has posed a problem for those who feel the need to be contactable.

And how about the other ninety percent who feel frustrated by morons talking endlessly on their phones?

But last month, Ofcom, the communications regulator, confirmed British airline passengers could, by next year, use mobiles on aircraft flying above 3,000m. The calls are likely to cost between £1 and £2 a minute.

Apparently the idea that most passengers will be upset, angry and inconvenienced by fellow passengers using mobile phones on flights is not an issue when airlines can make money from offering the service

Yet again we see money being the only criteria in making these decisions with the old excuse that "if we don't our competitors will" being trotted out

Mobile phones and their successor devices are likely to lead to more anxieties and at some point a backlash against their relentless intrusion into everyone's life

Which raises the question how do you use your mobile phone?

Or does it use you?

Are you a prisoner to it's ring tone?

Can you turn it off?

Be conscious of what it is doing to your life, both good and bad

Be the master of your phone!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dope over time

Met a man yesterday and we mentioned a mutual friend who has probably smoked more dope than most

Ever since we have known him in fact as a young man

Nice guy skin tone looks a rather pasty now, bit lost in his thoughts from time to time if we may put it that way

It is such a habit that our friend does not feel comfortable unless he smokes before going to work and then at various times during the day

Both of us agreed that we should be free to make our own choices

If his behavior hurts no one but himself then maybe that should be his choice

For most there comes a time when we decide enough is enough

The man I was talking to gave up all drugs, dope tobacco, alcohol, coke the lot in the 80's

A day came when he just felt enough was enough

Something inside said no more thanks

And since that day he has not touched anything although occasionally temptation has come his way

Today his favorite drink is water

He enjoys walking and doing simple things

Enjoys waking up feeling good with no coughing or mucus to expel

One thought comes to mind

If you are still consuming then consider do you want to reach the finishing line in good shape?

Or with tubes sticking out of you?

The chances of enjoying better health are in your favor if you stop consuming

To find pleasure in simple things is one of the tricks of leading a better life

Continual looking for the next big thing or buzz has to lead to increasing disappointment over time

The ritual may have it's allure for a while, but like most things tires over time

Even the buzz changes, as you need to take more or a stronger type to get the same effect

Apart from the physical effects life is different when we do not need drugs to make it better or more exciting

Not to mention the money you save and have available for other things

In a modern world of endless controls and cctv cameras do you need the aggro?

Take risk in other ways do something neat like skydive, rock climb, ski hard downhill if you need thrills

If it has become a habit then consider is it moving you towards the life you always wanted?

Or is it temporary relief and pleasure, a crutch maybe?

Life has different stages and sometimes we hang on to things that don't really fit any longer

They can keep us locked into patterns that dictate other aspects of our life

Where are you?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Credit crisis

Is something we are hearing a lot about recently

The sub prime mess and the increasing credit crunch

The continuing turmoil in the financial markets

The approaching impact on all of us

Few can doubt that the greed and stupidity of banks and other financial institutions is going to cause many people a lot of pain

And as usual those who created the mess will melt away to their villas untroubled by the mayhem they have caused

The young looking to buy a property to start their family lives, forget it

Families put in danger of losing their homes, tough

The old trying to survive in times of higher inflation sorry about that

Governments making feeble noises, looking to avoid painful decisions

On a global level we can do nothing, we are powerless in the face of so many variables

On a local level not much to do either except pay up

What we can do though is to adjust our lives

Will this so called downturn last long?

What happens in such situations?

Without knowing everything there are certain points that can be made

Life is not going to continue as before

There are too many variables in play for it to do so

How we perceive life in such circumstances will be how we experience the coming times

As ever our minds will make this a hard or interesting time for us

Not easy maybe but then life is seldom easy, life is as it is and we can get more out of it once we learn to live in reality

Life does not need to be harder because we cannot buy so many things

Life does not need to be sad because we cannot have what we want

Life can be more fun if we redefine what it is for us

Simple things can bring great pleasure, so redefine what brings you pleasure

Helping others maybe?

Appreciating what we have and not what we do not

These times will test us all

Make sure they do not catch you unaware and unprepared

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 cups of coffee

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee .

A professor stood before her philosophy class and had some items in front of her. When the class began, she wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. She then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar She shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. She then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. She asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes."

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.

"Now," said the professor as the laughter subsided, "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things....your family, your children, your health, your friends and your favorite passions---and if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house and your car.

The sand is everything else---the small stuff. "If you put the sand into the jar first," she continued, "there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are important to you.
"Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Spend time with your children. Spend time with your parents.. Visit with grandparents. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your spouse out to dinner. Play another 18. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal. Take care of the golf balls first---the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand."

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented. The professor smiled and said, "I'm glad you asked." The coffee just shows you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend."

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Women cope

Throughout history women have coped

They have to whether it is children or their men, they cope

Women in Kenya, Darfur, Baghdad, Wall Street, wherever they cope

And who created most of these conditions they have to cope with?


Yes men, and not something to be proud of however it is as it is.

Is it not time to face what is going on?

Men creating violent situations in order to obtain or hold onto power and money

Ever more money

Just how much do they need?

Having stolen billions you would think they might have enough


Sick men never have enough until someone kills them or removes them forcibly

And all these men had mothers


How does this come about that men born and raised by their mothers turn into these greedy insane monsters?

Question is it women who train and condition these men?

Why is it that women are often those who perpetuate such terrible things such as female genital mutilation?

Time we looked at what we are doing - both men and women

Or is it that we have lost our morals?

Or have we no energy, courage or interest to fight abuse?

Have we lost human respect for each other?

Whatever your thoughts it starts with us

Starts with ourselves

Make sure that your own values embrace the simple concept of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you

No more, no less

We change our world by our own example

Get involved in what is important to you

Have the courage to fight those things that are wrong in your own life

Then move on to those that are wrong in all of our lives

We all need to cope and move beyond coping

Into proactive actions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beyond reason

And there is no communication possible in the situation

No way to influence totally unreasonably and selfish behaviour

Totally selfish and uncaring

Not easy particularly when you have to put up with it day in day out

Most of us will experience this at some time or another in our lives

For some this situation arises in relationships

For others at work

With neighbours

No matter the circumstances the stress and anger is the same

The idea of killing the other party comes to mind

Most of us resist this urge

What to do?

Given that it is a situation where for whatever reason we cannot force or oblige change

Must accept it day in day out

Where leaving or walking away are not options

We can decide to blank it out either literally or figuratively

This is not easy and not always possible

Decide to learn and grow from it

Yes in an otherwise perfect world this is a sensible option

Learn amazing patience

Again a good idea but not one that is easy to do while under pressure and frustration from selfish behavior

Learning patience that allows the behavior to pass us by without rancor or anger is a great idea but takes years of work to develop

So what can we really do?

Most importantly hold in mind that everything has a beginning, middle and end

Even if it takes years there is still a beginning ,middle and end

Where are you in the experience probably in the middle or end

If so then learn to live with

Derive pleasure from the moments when it stops

If you need such thoughts you can also take solace in the idea that karma will most certainly visit the other party and allow him or her to experience just what it feels like to be on the other end of such behavior

Better though to focus on other aspects of your life,, the positive ones

Ones you make positive even though your life might be hard

Learn to be the observer of yourself, remove yourself from the situation mentally

Again not easy however it is a great life skill to learn

For those of you with strong mental energy send the thought form to your tormentor that the action or behavior is unpleasant for him or her also

This might not be a familiar idea for many however it does over time work in a surprising number of cases

Send the focused idea to the other party that they really do not like their own behavior

That they do not like the disturbance they are creating

Over time this thought can cause the other to desist

Try it

You must though believe it to be possible because self doubt will remove the power of your thought form process

Sending thought forms to another is as old as man himself although in recent times we usually only experience this a thousand times a day in advertising and other manipulations

Change your life by changing your response to the situation

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Modern free will

Is an interesting idea

Do we have free will?

Or is everything ordained?

For many thousands of years clever and maybe not so clever men have argued about this

Some still do

Modern man does not often think about it

Perhaps he should because it makes a difference to his life

If everything is ordained then he might as well go out and act as his desires dictate

Because the outcome is already determined

Many choose to do so

Others of a more thoughtful persuasion wonder if we do have free will and if so is there a reason?

Answer for sure there is a reason

Everything has cause and effect

It is how we learn by exercising our free will

Slowly we learn that we are responsible for our choices

Free will is about choices

Life is about choices

Our choices

The choices we make determine what happens to us

Further the thoughts we have also determine what we experience

Examine your own life do you believe everything that happens to you is an accident?

Or is it cause and effect?

Maybe not immediately but sometime later you realise that what happens to you is payment or reward for your previous choices

So we come to karma

Because karma is the mechanism by which nature adjusts the results of our thoughts and actions

And in this lies the result of free will

Our choice to set in motion events which will result in bad or good karma

Free will is our experience although it might not seem this way if our karma demands we pay or be brought up short to reflect upon our thoughts and actions

What is free will for you?

Monday, March 24, 2008


Are not something that bring pleasant thoughts to mind

Particularly if you have ever been stung by one

Many jellyfish species produce toxins for which we have no answer today

Hugely increasing numbers of jellyfish are causing increasing concern as more people are being killed in different parts of the world

Jellyfish are coming into the news because they give us another insight into how our world is changing

Jellyfish have been around for hundred's of millions of years and have survived where other species have come and gone

Until recently we did not know much about them or their habits, now we are learning that some can see

Others are predators who go where they want, trap their prey be it fish or algae and come to dominate the areas they move into

What makes them of concern to us is that unprecedented swarms of jellyfish are now appearing all over the globe

In the cold waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic, to the deepest ocean depths to the warm oceans of the world swarms are proliferating

And why now?

We do not know all the answers but here are some

Slight temperature changes cause jellyfish to reproduce and swarm

So called dead sea conditions caused by man in the Gulf of Mexico, the mouth of the Yangtze river the Black Sea, Mediterranean and elsewhere create apparently ideal conditions for breeding and swarming

The excessive killing of leather backed turtles, tuna and other species have removed natural jellyfish predators

As a result jellyfish are inhibiting mans use of the seas for pleasure

Through his greed and ignorance man has upset a balance that existed for millions of years

With the disappearance of the seas as a food source and an increasing population man is creating more problems for himself

Problems that we are only now becoming aware of

And the point of this blog?

We cannot reverse all the damage we are doing but we can become more aware

And we can change our own habits where these support sane behavior

Be informed

Act rationally in your own life

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thinking of sex

Is something most people do

How often might depend on many things

If we are married, in relationship, out of relationship, single, lonely, looking at someone attractive and so on

One of the most common is to imagine an exciting sexual experience

Whether we are male or female the idea of exciting sex is most appealing

Judging by the amount of porno on line, in bookshops and generally available sex is rampant

Sex dominates much of our advertising and marketing even for products as mundane as pipes and fittings

Most animals have seasons when they are sexually active, not so humans who are often driven by sex for much of their lives

While many might say so what, one thought might be interesting

Sex gets in the way of increasing our consciousness

And consciousness evolution is the true reason that we are here on Planet Earth

Sex keeps our evolution at a basic level, fixed below our navels if you will

For those who want to grow sex is not helpful

Not talking about abstinence or anything fanatical

Just saying that sexual fixation or preoccupation is not helpful when we decide to grow


Because controlling our minds and brains is the first step in moving beyond being driven by sexual desires

Controlling our minds is not possible if sex controls us

So here's a thought if sex dominates you

Then look at your life and be honest as to what is so exciting

Is it the idea of the act itself?

Unless you pay a prostitute it is seldom free

Sound contradictory

Not really with a prostitute you pay for the service and walk away

No such thing with most sexual encounters there is always a cost be it emotional or in terms of expectations on either one or the other side

The point?

Look beyond the sexual arousal, see beyond the physical figure and observe the person, the human being

When we do this then often we see that sex is not so desirable

Do you really want to be involved with this person?

If you are honest then often the answer is not really thank you

Look at the person not the body

Look at the character

Slowly you will observe that sex is not such a great idea in many cases

Not such an interesting use of our time and energy

So what is interesting to use our time and energy for then?

Moving into areas where we have never been

Trying to understand what life is all about

And the first step on this journey is to control our mind and emotions

Moving beyond "I want"

Time then to think about controlling mind because this is the only way to move further


Because the movement beyond mind is more rewarding and interesting than any sex you have ever had

Well most anyway

So simply stated the journey of human evolution is in moving beyond physical or mental desires into the realm of higher consciousness

The realm where so many more interesting possibilities exist

Sex is transitory higher consciousness is not

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unchallenged beliefs

Evil must have existed before Adam and Eve

Who therefore are innocent of the slander of the original sin

For had there been no evil or sin before them, there could exist neither tempting serpent nor a tree of knowledge of good and evil in Eden

Not rocket science just simple logic

So where did this story in the bible come from?

Who wrote it?

When, why?

So much of the bible has been altered countless times

So much is contradictory

So much makes no sense

The men who wrote it were not fools so why would this book contain so many errors?

Think, look find out for yourself

So many other stories do not stand any scrutiny either

Today how many people think and challenge what they have been taught?

Look around you at the stories we accept without question

Time for us all to challenge what we have been told

We know many of our present leaders lie then why would we believe that their predecessors did not lie as well?

How much of what we believe without challenge are lies?

Why worry about it?

Because throughout history it is only when we care that we can change things for the better

So take the time to learn what is and is not true

Form your own opinions do not accept without question what you are told or read

The truth is so much more interesting than the stories we have been told

Time to get real and find the truth of things

Because for sure it is time to change many things

Without change we cannot survive

So each of us must contribute

Start yours by informing yourself

Challenge lies

Friday, March 21, 2008

Time again

That we look at how we love each other

Funny idea for many that we might actually love each other

Love each other, even saying it is uncomfortable for some

Test yourself and say it out loud now

Love each other

How does it feel to you?

Particularly when we live in cities and surround ourselves with protective shells of blankness while moving around

Giving no facial hints as to how or what we feel

Blank stare avoiding any hint of seeing each other

Yes the idea of loving each other is a stretch

Shame really because only when we stop seeing the differences between us and start seeing the similarities will we be able to solve some of the problems between us

And yet

We can gain more through love than hate

Are there any who doubt this?

Examine your own experience

Think about your own life

Love offers so much, hate so little

So why not decide this year to embark upon an experiment

You have nothing to lose

Much to gain

Because a life experiencing love is so much more fun than one lived in blankness

Make it your business to smile with warmth at least once every morning, afternoon and evening

You choose who you give your smile and love to

No danger, a small risk perhaps if you choose unwisely

Over time your energy will shift to one which others respond to

They might not know why just feeling the urge to smile with you

To be nice

Subtle thing energy

And an energy driven by love is one we all respond to

Change your life live it in love

Today is not a practice for life it is the real thing

Learn to live it in love

Show it, live it

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Material madness

Catches all of us

Our children too

Not my children though they will be brought up with good values and manners say most parents

They will not be material

They will not watch hours and hours of TV

Playstation and Wii will not dominate their lives

They will not be exposed to violence, allowed to watch violence

Oh really?

Not seven years old and peer group pressure is in full swing

They have to have Nike boots and this and that brand

They also watch hours and hours of TV, in part to keep them quiet while Playstation and Wii are also frequently played with

In part to give tired parents a break

And so what have we got growing up in our midst?

Savee children who know many things

Are not impressed by many things having seen so much on TV or DVD

Where does this take us?

Who knows but young people of nineteen or so talking about mortgages and security is pretty sad

Some are proud of forgoing their gap years to earn money


Is this a world any of us want?

Immersed in the pursuit of nonentity, conformity

A world of cctv and ever more controls

A world obsessed by reality TV and celebrities

Give us a break

Help your children to see beyond the hype

To intrigue them with the idea of adventure and exploration

Be it in the inner or outer worlds

No matter what, anything but teenagers chasing the material dream

A nightmare dream as many can attest.

Steer your children anywhere else

Material madness is the road to hell

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gone forever

Those days together

Those great times

Being with each other

Hungry to spend time with each other


No point in looking back but we do

Part of being human to look back

Particularly if the memories are sweet

If it was one of the nicest times of our life

Maybe the nicest time

And now?

Just seems grey, not the same

Time to pick ourselves up

Those times cannot come back

They were then

We are now
Appreciate what you have now not what was then

Staying in memories does nothing for us

So many do and it ruins their lives

Do you?

Bring yourself into the here and now

No more dwelling on the past it's gone

Bring yourself into the now and stay here

It is safer and more helpful than dwelling on times gone by

Let them go

Be active and growing in the here and now

No regrets

No looking back

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Changing game

Almost unnoticed some things are changing

Less cash, more cards

More cctv cameras less human interface

More controls on everything, licenses and permits needed

No arguing, no discussion just pay and if you do not like it then too bad

In the name of terrorist prevention report anyone or anything suspicious

Surveys rule guiding politicians in what they focus on and what they say

Journalists all feed off agencies fewer and fewer get out and report live

Net effect many untraceable stories planted by intelligence and other agencies

So many interest groups with narrow selfish agendas

Meanwhile on the treadmill of modern life most struggle on trying to keep up

No time to query things just grateful for the holiday in Spain each year

Health issues increasingly pervade the media

We do not have answers for opportunistic diseases

Just stronger anabolic antibiotics as Western Medicine has nowhere else to go

Our health at risk from the foods we eat

Our water at risk from pollution

The fish increasingly at risk from man generated pollution

Choking quietly on all these forms of pollution in our eyes, ears and mouths

No dream today of a better tomorrow

When did it disapear?

In our lifetime

No more sunny dreams just plod on

Changing game

Almost unnoticed the dream went away

Easy to feel down


Lift your eyes to the bigger game, that of our evolution both personal and collective

Many many lives to live

Each one to learn and grow

Let the man made horrors be placed in the context of the bigger picture then life can have it's dream again

A dream that sees a nice kinder world

A world where everyone cares

Where we understand what it means to be guardians of planet earth

Where we all play our part

In fact there is nothing to stop you starting now

It is not rocket science what needs to be done

Change your game no mind what the others are doing

And then as you change you can change our world too


Monday, March 17, 2008

Slow movement

Yes there is one

Now it is official that speed is not good for us

Except in appropriate situations that is

So if you want to look at this go to

The book is called "In praise of slowness"

Like so many others it has hit a nerve and is popular

Like so many before it has sensible things to say

Like many others without going deeper it offers some steps in the right direction

So many people saying the same things with different words
Such a jumble of ideas everyone with his own twist
Keep looking until you find those that resonate with you
Do not waste time on those that are convoluted
Or difficult to read and understand
Those that don't seem to say anything
And if what they ask you to do does not seem sensible or reasonable leave well alone
Move on, there is truth out there but precious little in the breathelss panting excitment of popular authors
Just experiment until you learn that true growth and learning are inside us
We are resposible for our own growing
We just need to find how to do this
No one can do it for us
Just hard work on ourselves to be better people
Just try to be less judgemental
Nicer and more thoughtful
That will do for a start
Oh and slowing down might also be helpful

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Then along came

The biggest storm of the winter

Ever noticed how every rain storm usually has a sting in the tail or put another way a last burst of violence

Many winters are the same, a last big storm, a last surge of rain or high spring tide if you live by the sea

Nature's way of reminding us how she controls our weather

Controls much of our life the truth be known

We like to think how sophisticated we are and how we are not weather dependent

For much of the time this might be true, however when nature wants to show us violence then man can do little and his efforts suddenly look rather puny

Interesting that as man has got more pleased with his prowess in many technical fields so nature is now getting more violent

Is there a correlation?

Old beliefs in many cultures state that man is responsible for the weather he experiences

That man literally creates his own weather

Today that is considered nonsense

Nonsense because we do not see the direct correlation?

Or a nonsense because the very idea is hard to accept?

Probably the later

And probably too difficult for us to prove one way or the other for many years to come

Take it one step closer to home though and wonder if your own behavior is responsible for what comes your way in life

Are those accidents really accidents?

Is that bad luck really luck?

Are those coincidences really coincidences?

You are of course entitled to think what you like

The truth though is just that the truth

And while you may think what you want the truth will out in our lives

Yes there is such a thing as truth even in these most politically correct of spinning times

Leaders of all types may lie and spin all they like

Their evil is increasingly easy to see for what it is evil

The truth will out even if it takes some time to do so

In your own personal case this is the same the truth will out

If your life seems so difficult then look at your ideas about the truth of things

Simply stated if your life is a mess then chances are your perceptions are faulty

You are not living in the truth

When you live in the truth life becomes clear

Not easy just clearer

And living a clear life is so much easier than being knocked around all the time by what you might still choose to call bad luck, accident and coincidence

The storms in our life can be understood and better handled once we realize that there is indeed a controlling mechanism that governs our lives

It is called karma

Karma the impersonal law of cause and effect

What goes round comes round in the present vernacular

Move beyond accident, coincidence and bad luck

Work with karma not against her

The storms in our life cannot be totally avoided for they are a necessary part of human experience

They can most surely be better handled once we see the correlation between our behavior and what comes our way

Storms understood are easier to bear

Storms can even be enjoyed once we understand what they are teaching us

Learn to understand the storms in your life

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Tactile needs are important for most of us

Some touch each other

Some have pets

Some have children

Some do tactile things like massage

Many forget how important tactile needs can be

We block them out

Push them away


Too often we relate them to sex

This need not be

For many sex is not the need the tactile experience is

Where do you fit in?

If you have no touching in your life is this by choice or it just evolved this way?

If you need tactile experiences then do something about it

Shiatsu is a good example of fullfilling tactile needs while also learning something useful

Helping others

Touching is important

Pay attention to your needs

Particularly those you might have pushed away

Like touching

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mmmmm - 57

There is also a vast difference between the psychic effects of nitrogenized food

such as flesh, and non-nitrogenized food, such as fruits and green vegetables

Certain meats, like beef, and vegetables, like beans, have always been interdicted to students of occultism,

not because either of them were more or less holy than the others,

but because while perhaps highly nutritious and supporting to the body,

their magnetism was deadening and obstructive to the "psychic man"

Thursday, March 13, 2008


And yet the last is hardly done

Our thoughts already moving on to the next item in our lives

No time to enjoy the moment too busy for that

And often when we do enjoy the moment our thoughts are turning to the next

Modern times encourage this restless behavior

Most modern communications encourage us to believe that with the next purchase of whatever heaven on earth will be ours

Just buy this, eat that, see the other

Time after time we fall for the hype

Slowly we begin to learn that these promises like so much else today are rubbish

The new car after a few weeks is just another car, makes no difference to the traffic jam whether it is new or old you are still stuck

Stuck in the car, stuck in the train, stuck in the job

Still never mind maybe the next whatever will be the answer

Next nothing

Next does not do it

Next is just an abstract idea about the future

And as we all know few things work out as we imagine

So let go of next

Let go thinking all the time

Take time out to enjoy

Enjoy being without thoughts of next anything

Just try being

Being is not easy we have been so conditioned to do

Becoming conscious of how we are doing and thinking all the time is a good starting point

And then next I will.......................see how almost automatically along comes the next next thought

If you are able to go even a little while without a next that is a start

Maybe sit in the spring sun one day and try not to think

If you can then observe how refreshing it feels even for a short time

Just slowing the brain, mind down for a short periods is better than keeping it going at a hundred miles an hour all day long

Begin to take your life back from the tyranny of your mind

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Are set to become one of the worst problems of this century

By fakes we are talking about any product pretending to be some well known brand

These range from Nike, Adidas to Rolex watches to DVDs to designer anything

Now fakes are moving into more dangerous areas such as prescription drugs

Serious quantities of fakes are beginning to be sold in pharmacies

These fakes carry the correct labeling down to the holograms and other product identification codes

Several people in different countries have already been killed as a result of taking these fakes

Over the coming years this will worsen

Most of us are unable to tell if a drug is in original packaging and if it is sold by a pharmacy what can we do?

Not a lot

The money being made by people selling fakes is enormous

Gangs who used to sell drugs are now also engaged in selling fakes

The money being made means that the business will keep growing

Morally some might think that it is about time greedy label owners got taken for a change

Indeed the money people will pay for an original brand handbag is pretty grotesque

Fake watches have been around for a long time and the movements or chips in all electronic watches are pretty much identical so one is paying a huge sum for the brand name

However when fakes move into the drug area we are dealing with a slightly different problem

As we are when day to day products such as toothpaste, detergent, soaps and other household items are fakes

People are getting killed or severely harmed by these fakes

Consider your own attitude to fakes

Are the brands so important to you?

Do you need to own fake products?

On one level be careful what you buy and where

On another consider your position from a moral standpoint

Greedy brand owners are one thing

Killing or harming innocent people another

Monday, March 10, 2008

Little details

Can really get to you when they are mistakes made by some corporation or government department

Because then you have to try and get the little detail changed

And very often the amount of work involved is out of all proportion to the little detail to be changed

The time and effort involved, the patience dealing with call centers, employees who often do not care or have any real interest is often frustrating

Little details though can come back to haunt us

The name spelt incorrectly resulting in a refusal or stubborn insistence that you change it

Then there are those little details that can save your life

Noticing that something has been moved

Noticing the door is open when you had shut it

Hearing a little noise that should not be there

Noticing that the birds are noisy

And so on

Two sides of little details on the one hand those that can cause real trouble on the other those that can save you real trouble

And in both cases if we are more aware we can be better off

So don't discount little details pay more attention to them they can save you big trouble later

Little details inform our lives

Become more aware of little details

Sunday, March 09, 2008


And shout

Most of us do not use our voices to their potential

In fact we do not use our voices very much at all

In our modern world we do not need to

Our lives do not demand us to sing or shout

Again it is not something we think about

We talk, we laugh, sometimes we cry and shout once in a while and that's about it

Some of us to be fair do sing in choirs or other organized activities

Most of us do not

So here's the reason why it might be a good idea to go and find a lonely place and just shout

We all bottle up emotions

We all control ourselves

Most of us do not shout much as it is not considered polite

Letting go of emotions however is important

Letting out our frustrations is useful

So think about singing next time you are in the shower or alone driving

There are many places where we can use our voices more forcefully

Put it into your consciousness to sing and shout more

Apart from anything else it feels different

It feels fine to stretch those unused muscles

Enjoy doing something you probably have not done since you were a child

Friday, March 07, 2008


Spring time approaches

Birds are coming back, the first spring songs can be heard

It is getting lighter day by day in the Northern hemisphere

Clocks go forward at the end of the month

Maybe the clocks going forward is the best sign that spring is at hand

Not such a hard winter but violent in places

Uneasiness that the winter was warm and unpredictable

In fact whenever we follow the news there is disaster of a natural kind somewhere on earth

No one really wants to compile a global scenario of unusual weather events because it would be too evident that we are into uncharted territory

Better to keep our eyes firmly on our own lives

To a point we can do this as our lives keep us running day in day out

At the back though is that feeling that things are not as they were

In these times the key is to be clear with yourself

To be honest about your own life and what it means to you

Because any approaching events can best be handled by you when you are comfortable with yourself

Be out of harmony with yourself and life is much harder to deal with

Approaching events are easier to handle when we can focus on them and not have to worry about ourselves

Never mind spring with it's fresh beauty and colors will help us to feel better

The pleasure of warmer weather and longer days

Wearing less clothes

Eating lighter foods, meals

Soon be warm enough to wander without having to hurry from place to place

Feeling the urge to explore and visit places

To do different things

Think about more outdoor activities

Meet new people

Not long now

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Is not easy when day in day out we have to put up with unreasonable behavior

Every day the same selfish behavior

The same frustration and feeling of impotence

The feeling of anger at their thoughtlessness

The desire to speak and remonstrate with them

Not possible for whatever reason

Sometimes it is just not realistic to challenge the unreasonable behavior

We are obliged to live with it

Hoping that it will stop, but no it goes relentlessly on

In this situation our anger does not help

Thoughts of revenge or violence do not help

Plotting imaginary retaliation does not help and anyway is not a real option

Finally we resign ourselves because there is absolutely no choice

One thought though there is always a beginning, middle and end to everything

It might feel endless

Maybe it last years

But end it will one day one way or another

It will stop, change or something in our lives will change

So with great effort we can accept the situation knowing that our reaction or attitude towards it is what can make the difference

Look at the situation and decide that you will choose to learn how to stop it getting to you

Stop your emotions creating stress in you

Move slowly and surely towards being able to let it go

Being able to handle it without emotion just seeing it as it is

Until finally we can accept with equanimity

With patience

Patience is not easy in many situations however it surely is a great lesson to learn

If we can learn real patience we have made a great step

Be conscious of your reaction to things and turn them to your own use or advantage

Not easy however it can be done

And should you master this then of course it is useful in other situations that come along

Could you even wind up mentally saying thank you to that selfish person?

Who knows it might turn out to be one of the most important advances you ever make


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Life shutting down

Is something difficult to watch

Someone you know and love just collapsing, shutting down in front of your eyes

Life tends to retreat from the extremities so loss of mobility comes quite quickly

Sharpness of brain and mind can last to the end, sometimes not

So many variations, however in most cases the end is clear

And this end we think of is in a very real sense merely a transition

The beginning of another chapter in our journey

Life here is not the end just one of many we will experience over millions of years

So our sadness for those leaving is often very misplaced because where they are going can be much more fulfilling than their present life

Every life has a natural length assigned by nature

When this has run it's course the systems shut down

Life as we know it finishes

And this is as it should be

The idea of indefinite life is in many respects much worse than starting again a new life with new mind and body

Do you want to live forever with the same problems and issues you have today?

To leave Planet Earth for a while and come back refreshed in a new body with a new mind has to be more interesting

So while you might not have embraced karma and reincarnation as the way things work yet, probably time you informed yourself because this is your future

A future you create by your thoughts and actions in this life now.

Life shutting down is also an important part of our own growing

To observe the departure of a loved one is not easy however it is natural and normal

In nature everything has a beginning, middle and end

Including us.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Is something we all do but very differently

Some are organized for most things and proceed comfortably through their routines

Others are easily distracted and have to rush

For some too many things intrude into their lives, unexpected events arise rushing results

Over the course of a year the stress induced by modern life and rushing is not inconsiderable

So how come so many people do not adjust to their realities?

If we find ourselves caught in traffic over and over

Caught in crowds all trying to get on the same bus, metro whatever every day

Eating in the same crowded restaurant week in week out

Why oh why do we not redesign our lives?

What stubborn nature accepts this pressure, this stress?

Basically a stubborn fixation that there ought to be time

There ought to be a place

There might be a seat

It will be different today

Deep breath and examine if you too are forlornly pretending that things might magically change

Pigs indeed might fly but waiting for this to happen is not very realistic

A life without hurry and stress is pretty neat

Having time to enjoy the view

Eating without rushing

Sleeping easily without thoughts of things not done is easier and nicer

While you might pretend that hurrying is unavoidable the truth is that you can change this situation

But only you can change it

By deciding to review why you allow yourself to repeatedly put yourself under stress

Why you allow this to continue day after day

Why not resolve to change this now?

Only you can do this

No one else can make this choice

Constant hurrying is not good for your health

Hurrying is not inevitable

Monday, March 03, 2008


Lumbago and Radicula

All names we might not be familiar with

All are names of very unpleasant conditions

As an umbrella concept trapped nerve probably gives the picture best

Pain can be experienced in many parts of the body

Very often it is down the leg

In the spine

Variations can last from days, to weeks, to years

Most last from four to six weeks and can make life miserable during that time

Why do we mention this?

Because a number of people we know are experiencing pains of this nature at the moment

It could of course be coincidence but we do not believe so

It could be for many different reasons so here's ours

Because the global vibration rate has changed all of us must adjust to the new rate

This adjustment for many is experienced in feelings like a trapped nerve

So if you experience this then possibly the only really helpful thing you can do is to visit a good acupuncturist

If you cannot then reasonable exercise every day

It should pass however it is not a pleasant experience

So we hope you do not have to go through this

From time to time we are all subjected to the same events but we do not normally check with each other to see if it is just us or something that others are also experiencing

Unpleasant unexpected pains is one such for many people at this time

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Everything is the modern way

See a new car, yes and how does it look compared to the old model?

See a meal how does it look and taste compared to what we have had before?

There is little in our lives that is not experienced by measuring and comparing

To the point that it is stopping us from moving on

If measuring and comparing are how we see the world then the starting point must be how to we inform our initial opinions

Our parents, teachers, friends and media shaped those views

Without thinking about it our views of everything have been shaped by others

Others who have their own perceptions and beliefs and particular reality

Slowly we are beginning to understand that many of these are simply not true

The 20th century views of racism, sexism and other isms are just not acceptable

We are slowly becoming more conscious that many of the beliefs and habits of our parents generation are not reasonable or acceptable any longer

So we slowly move to change our habits

Slowly we discard prejudice against various groups and ideas

Consciousness is the slowest thing to change in humans

Our consciousness changes slower than anything else

The shift in consciousness is however the only way to protect ourselves

Unless humanity changes and adapts it is not going to survive any more than any other part of nature that does not adapt

Those who cannot adapt go

Nature does not allow species to survive who cannot change

So how must we change?

By examining our ideas about reality

Do not accept as true many of the things you hear

Learn to check them out for yourself

Measuring against what we already know is not necessarily very clever

What does your intuition say?

Can you even hear it?

Learn to listen to your intuition

Create a data base of your own truths so that you are free to move on when confronted by something new

Life is tough enough without sticking with lies or half truths

Search for the truth in everything

Become honest to yourself

Truth is what makes us strong

Lies are debilitating

Over time lies must out, lies destroy the liar

Look around you at those who live in lies

Let judgment go

Saturday, March 01, 2008


And cats have been around humans for a long long time

Cats tend to be selfish and independent

Dogs on the other hand have been companions and pets since time immoral

Cats are accused of altering many environments through their killing of birds and other indigenous species

Dogs on the other hand help humans in so many different ways as sheep dogs, blind guide dogs, rescue dogs, sniffer dogs, tracking dogs, police dogs, pets and so on

Those who grow up with a dog as pet learn things that children who do not have this opportunity do not

We could name specifics but choose to make the point that the experience of growing up with a dog is special

If you have children consider letting them have a dog, if possible a dog of character and reasonable size

We are not talking about little tiny imitation dogs, poor things

No we mean dogs of character

A dog as companion has helped many children learn so many things

The discipline of exercising them

Feeding them

Washing, cleaning them

Training them

Sharing experiences with them

Companionship when feeling down

Learning about the aging process as dogs live shorter lives than us

Exploring together and so much more

Consider a dog as companion for your children