Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So difficult

The following quote is from the Master Kuthumi and is given to show the enormous work to be done before one can become master of oneself

"Your best method is to concentrate on the Master as a Living Man within you.

Make his image in your heart, and a focus of concentration, so as to lose all sense of bodily existence in the one thought

The great difficulty to be overcome is the registration of the knowledge of the Higher Self on the physical plane.

To accomplish this, the physical Brain must be made an entire blank to all but the Higher Consciousness

When the Brain is thus rendered a blank, an impression from the Heart may reach it and be retained; and this is what is spoken of with regard to the Chela (student), who is able to hold only parts of the knowledge gained

In acquiring the power of concentration the first step is one of blankness.

Then follows by degrees consciousness, and finally the passage between the two states becomes so rapid and easy as to be almost un-noticed"

He who can do this at will has become an Adept, and can "store the knowledge he thus gains in his physical memory"

The above might seem a bit obscure as an idea but taken literally is the work to be done

Only through meditation and concentration can one access the higher self

And only through the higher self can a human advance to mastery of himself

Only through mastery of himself can man escape constant rebirth

And this is what all the old books and teachings are about, the road to initiation

Ponder on the above

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