Monday, February 23, 2009

Every time

An explosion, an argument usually over something out of the blue

No hint of danger coming

Just an explosion of violence

No chance to win whether or not you are right

Just a huge emotional outburst

Followed by threats of termination

One or both parties pressing the nuclear button

Excuse me!

Termination of years of relationship over this


And while they are in this state no discussion is really possible just more violence

No point trying to explain anything

Not easy to go away either because once the nuclear button is pressed both will fight to heap ultimatums on the other and going away often just allows both to find further reasons why the end is inevitable

Time usually calms things down though

Then if you are smart once things are back to normal you have a look at what is going on

If you ignore then be warned back it will come

Out of the blue again bam!

So what is going on?

Simply stated your entities provoked and encouraged you to destroy your relationship

And once the attack starts your partner's entities get involved and encourage him or her to fight back

Entities have a vested interest in your destruction as this is what they do so once one starts the other joins in and they both egg the parties on to destruction

Your job is to isolate them and not feed the situation

And begin to fight them once you understand what is going on


The only known way is to understand that they feed on your fears

So what are your fears?

Get them out because they have less power once exposed to the light of day

Get your partner to address theirs too

In calmer times find out what is going on in the hidden areas of your partners mind

What is disturbing?

What is not working?

What needs changing or working on?

Take the time to discuss preferably in a neutral environment away from home

Be patient and listen please

Hear what is being said, really

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