Monday, February 16, 2009

Mmmmm - 53

'It was [the] Great Ones and their followers,

many in the aggregate, but singularly few when

compared with the Atlantean masses,

who for the salvation of the many, and for the

initiation of the chosen worthy few, finally

during a period of culmination in evil-doing

and spiritual wickedness, established the

first genuine spiritual

Mystery-Schools of the globe.

This happened many hundreds of thousands of years before the great Atlantean Race sank into unregenerate weakness leading to its final disappearance; and these Mystery-Schools have thus existed for some four or five million years . . .

[T]his refers to the actual establishment of the ancient mysteries as Schools or Esoteric Colleges,

each one presided over by a hierarchy of initiates, in regular serial line of succession, this being the first instance of such serial successorship in the history of the globe during this Fourth Round.

The foregoing must not be misunderstood to mean that it was only during the before-mentioned period of Atlantean degeneracy that the Spiritual Teachers and Leaders of mankind first began their sublime work of assembling and instructing the multitudes of men,

for this last work had actually been going on for millions of years,

but dealing rather with individuals, numerous enough in the aggregate, than with actual established Schools of secret and formal instruction. . . .

The Silent Watcher of the Globe, through the spiritual-magnetic attraction of like to like, was enabled to attract to the Path of Light,

even from the earliest times of the Third Root-Race, certain unusual human individuals, early forerunners of the general Mânasaputric "descent," and thus to form with these individuals a Focus of Spiritual and Intellectual Light on this Earth . . .

Thus it is that the Great Brotherhood traces an unbroken and uninterrupted ancestry back to the original focus of Light of the Third Root-Race.'

(ET 1046-9)

The above might well cause you doubt given the myths that we live by today, however the truth is that humanity is much much older than we believe, as are the races that came before us
The truth is often much stranger than our fiction

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