Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where's the problem?

Can you say that or do you go and look for the problem?

Are you the problem?

So many people spend their lives looking for problems

Guess what............... they find them everywhere

They find problems in everything

Their lives spent worrying about problems


And imaginary

Nothing can be as it seems there must be a problem in it somewhere

Everything that comes their way they determinedly look for the problem

Sorry people they miss so much of life

What is sadder most of us get tired of being around such people

We cut short our time with them

We do not confide in them because we know that they will find a real or imaginary problem in anything we tell them

Who needs it

And under this problem searching lurks fear

A fear of not being right

Of being cheated

Of something going wrong

All of us through our life experiences learn to take precautions, think twice, or look again

And having done this we can live with life, smile and enjoy ourselves

Not so the worrier

If this is you then stop it

Become conscious of what you are doing and stop it

Over a life time this will translate into disease or illness

Absolutely people who look for problems will find their health going

Nature is tolerant up to a point and then she sends us a real problem

So unless you want this, time to lighten up however hard your life

Find the good in it

Find lightness

Smile even, it changes your energy profile

No problem, just new experiences, living in the moment

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