Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stubborn silence

When we do not want to change

We do not want to listen

Just ignoring the signs around us

Preferring to continue doing what we have been doing

Just hoping everything will continue as it is

Then lo and behold things stop working

Then we blame everyone and everything for our bad luck


There is no such thing or is there?

Looked at through modern eyes there is good and bad luck

Things beyond our control

Out of the blue



Just good or bad luck

And yes this is the fashionable way to look at life

No responsibility

Just bad luck

Looked at from where we sit though there is little or no luck just karma

Everything in our lives is a function of karma

Yes karma comes in different flavours too and is both good and bad and in between

Karma adjusts our lives giving us what we have created with our previous thoughts and actions

Thoughts and actions in this life where we behaved in bad or selfish ways

These thoughts and actions determine what so called luck comes our way

And yes we can influence what we experience

Through better behaviour

By working on our weaknesses

By trying to be more loving

By these and other thoughts and actions; which we know inside us are the way we should behave

Thoughts as much as actions create our karma

So be aware the life you experience is what you have created

And what you think and create today will bring what you call good and bad luck tomorrow

Hard to believe maybe but there is little luck merely karma

And yes it really is all down to you

So which do you prefer to believe?

That life is full of good and bad luck or that it is tied to our karma?

If you believe the former then life is just one great big lottery

Good and bad luck coming along as they will when they will

If you believe it is karma then make it your business to find out how it works

There is a truth about things

Make it your business to find out what it is

Good luck

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