Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coming our way

The time of immutable law

Not of charity, but the time of just retribution

Not mercy, which is merely an incentive to evil doing and to a repetition of it

But the understanding that appeasement is not acceptable it is finished

Evil has to be confronted wherever it is found

Over and over evil must be met

We are responsible for what happens not some mystic God

We humanity are responsible

The greatest crime that was ever perpetrated on mankind was committed on that day when the first priest invented the first prayer with a selfish object in view

A God who was made to bless the arms of the worshipper, and send defeat and death to millions of his enemies

It is this idea of a God that has fostered selfishness in man and deprived him of his self reliance

As Socrates said

"Our prayers should be for blessings on all, in general, for the Gods know best what is good for us"

But official prayer - in favour of a public calamity, or for the benefit of one individual irrespective of losses to millions - is the most ignoble of crimes, beside being an impertinent conceit and superstition

Look at football players and sportsmen crossing themselves as they run on to the field!

As if any God is going to support one team against another, or one army against another

So coming our way slowly is the recognition that religion or in the name of religion has done more harm to the peoples of this planet than probably any other single thing

Slowly slowly we begin to lift our eyes and observe the nonsense of modern religion

Slowly we see the damage wrought in it's name

The crude manipulation for political purposes

The blatant corruption of its teachings for power and control

No God no Master ever condoned this behaviour conducted in his name

So why have the Gods or Masters not intervened?


They may not interfere with man since he has had the freedom of choice as a result of gaining self reflective consciousness
Man must make his own choice to stand up to evil

In whatever guise it hides

Man himself must choose to fight for morality and justice

Man must begin to reject incompetent dishonest leaders

It is time man notices the lies and deceit passed off as truth

The manipulation of the media, the manipulation by the media

The silence of the media in the face of obvious injustice

This happens all the time even in places where the naive believe the press to be free or unbiased

Collectively and as individuals man must make his choices

No shining knight is going to come into town and do this for us

It starts with your own life

In the choices you make

The involvements you choose

A better world only comes when we care enough

When we through our own choices make our own personal contributions

Coming our way is the recognition that life is not a spectator sport

We are all players

Start playing and making your contribution please

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