Friday, February 13, 2009


Is a word we hear so often

Conversations are often peppered with "but" this and "but" that

Often it characterises people

Showing us their mindsets

Almost subconsciously they say "but" in every conversation

Without being aware how negative the word but can be

It closes off further discussion

For the person saying but it means the mind is often closed to any further thoughts on whatever is being discussed

So if you use "but" a lot then think about this

If you want to develop a positive approach to life then something as simple as saying "and" instead of "but" can make a huge difference

At first it will be difficult to use "and" instead of "but", then after a while it too will become a habit if you stick with it
A much more positive habit though
Indicating that you are open to discussion
It should also help your own orientation to things in your life

The word "however" can be an interim step towards "and", although it is also a break and stop on things
Words define us in so many ways
Choose yours with care they say so much about you

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