Thursday, February 12, 2009


Is what a lot of society has become, just fodder

Fodder for the entertainment industry

Food industry

Car industry


Government tax industry

Possibly fodder is not the right word

Maybe consuming digits is a better description, maybe but then again maybe not as we want the idea of cows eating all day long, every day without much thought or attention

So long as people keep consuming everything is just fine

The rich get richer

The consuming digits work harder just to stand still

No matter there are plenty more coming along behind

Small problem we are in economic and financial meltdown and there are not so many consuming digits around

Well there are plenty of digits around but they are not consuming enough

They are worried about whether or not they will have a job in a few months time so they are consuming the minimum possible

So what to do?

Funny thing that our pundits have not much to say now that the financial system in not working so well
One would have thought that one of them somewhere would have some ideas, after all they have plenty of criticism to heap on most things
Sadly the only comments are on how soon things will get better again with little apparent consideration about whether or not it is worthwhile going back to where we were
Is it even smart to resurrect the same financial model?

Surely at times like these we have a great opportunity to examine whether or not we should try something else

Do we really just want to continue being consuming digits
Is this the only world model we can think of?

Struggling up the remorseless escalator of modern life?

Is this really the only option?

No it is not

We need to look at what we are all here for

To foster personal and collective evolution is one reason
Our current model of consumption and ever more stress is not very helpful in this regard

To increase individual and collective consciousness evolution is another

And how do we do this?

By understanding that the promotion of greed and gross materialism does nothing to help
Encouraging people to devote their energies to endless consumption is a ridiculous way to spend our lives

Better that we now start the difficult work of adjusting our values

By understanding that life is about contribution not collecting objects

Contribution to the well being of others

Contribution to our own consciousness evolution

Humanity needs to face it's new frontiers

Frontiers of consciousness evolution

The physical frontiers have and are being met

Time to face ourselves

Asking that we question why we spend so much on arms?

Why we are not healthier given how much money is spent on health issues
Questioning the bad allocation of resources
Why we feel empty inside is no mystery when we have little or no understanding of spiritual possibilities
Why we do not see a future is no mystery either when we look around at the destruction of the planet and it's resources
The dialogue starts when we all get involved
When we take every opportunity to ask questions that challenge the mainstream assumptions about life

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