Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bliss is hell

Bliss is boring as hell

It might even be hell

For sure it will prove rather empty after a while

Having everything you have ever wanted or aspired to whenever you want

Those who have tried living the dream of bliss have seldom stayed there very long

Bliss it turns out is not possible long term or even medium term

Most humans need change, challenge, variety, movement, stimulus

Bliss does not offer this because by it’s very definition you are there

No more struggling, no more fight, you have arrived

An extremely empty experience because there is no more longing, no more dreams

No more dreams you are living them

No more special dream and this is so difficult because humans need a dream

We cannot get by without the dream

Tell me you do not have a dream

It's nothing to be ashamed of people have dreams

We might not share them

We might even deep down know that we will not realise them

So when contemplating others who seem to have lives of bliss

Just smile and realise maybe for the first time that your own life whatever it brings is fine thank you

Bliss is not what it is cracked up to be

After the novelty has worn off that is

Making our own lives more interesting is maybe a better way to go

If you want to be persnickety then the definition of bliss as "a state of profound spiritual satisfaction happiness or joy, often associated with religious ideas of the afterlife" is probably a stretch too far for most

Bliss is for most just a state where many thought they wanted to be
Feeling good about where you are is probably even better

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