Sunday, February 08, 2009


Look around you,

There are notices everywhere:

Keep out

Do not touch


Careful hot coffee can burn you

Be careful: keep your eye on your possessions

Swim at your own risk — no lifeguard on duty

We are told by government to be alert to the risk of terrorists.

And we are watched by CCTV wherever we go

Signs of control that we are so used to that we hardly pay attention

Signs often telling us not to do this or that which in earlier times no one would have thought necessary to place there

Common sense overtaken by concern of law suites

Fear of being sued if we do not point out the screamingly obvious

One person does something amazingly stupid so bureaucrats rush in and legislate that signs must be erected and ever more new laws enacted

More and more areas of individual choice removed

And where the controls are human there is no discussion, obey or stay out, go away

The power of the bureaucracy creeps forward year in year out

Are we even aware any longer how much we are herded around?

Told to behave in particular ways

Told not to do this

Told to do that

No choice just more rules

Rules to swallow on

No choice or is there?

Time for the worm to turn?

Make this your time to consider how you personally respond to inane rules

Do you ever consider challenging them?

Time maybe to do so

Make it your good deed of the week to challenge something stupid or inane

You can never tell once in a while something happens

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