Saturday, February 07, 2009

Recession vs depression

Apparently a recession lasts up to three years while a depression lasts anywhere over that

Pundits are now beginning to talk about a depression although for obvious reasons our fearless politicians and leaders are not except of course where they perceive advantage in doing so

And for most of us a recession implies a bit of pain and then back to normal
A depression however brings up different images
Images of a different way of life with different values

Something we don't know but have seen pictures of
Something we would rather not experience thank you
And if we are headed that way then let us use the time wisely
Time to find out what helps you survive better
What can be done to alleviate the experience

Simple things like changing your values

Letting go of status games

Letting go of trying to compete with friends and neighbors

Buying cheaper products

Buying less

Consider getting rid of the car if you live in a city

Consider getting rid of one if you have several

Consider downsizing cars and other products

Why not do more things yourself like cooking cleaning and so on?

Depressions are like manna from heaven for many people in the media

They love piling on the misery

So stop listening to the merchants of doom
Only spend time with positive people
Such a simple idea but important is to make your own choices and let go of listening to those who urge or promote spending money as a means of feeling better
Sometimes it does but shopping as therapy is out
Exercise and learning about nature is in
Lots of it
Until you feel nature becoming more and more a part of your life, an integral part that is
Depression might well be where we are headed but that does not mean that you have to be depressed

And if it is only a recession then the above is no bad approach either

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