Friday, February 06, 2009

P - 32B

Is nothing other than a form, a simple form

Then there is your form xyz and so it goes on forms and procedures everywhere

No matter what country everywhere the bureaucrats are adept at slowing things down, often complicating simple issues

Sometimes we might wonder how did we ever get to this point where forms, rules and procedures dominate all aspects of modern life

One could even go so far as to observe that forms and ritual have blinded common sense

Ever tried trying to explain some simple logic to a bureaucrat?

Their stubborn refusal to listen

Total disinterest as their life is being judged on procedures completed and internal controls, and of course more forms

As an observation could it be that ancient Rome fell because of forms and ritual?

Could it be that politics and ritual so governed Roman life that these internal games caused Rome to neglect the real world?

The barbarian hordes had not filled in form P - 32B

Nor did they give a s**t for the correct procedures

Bye bye Rome

Now look at our modern world where a six inch snow storm brings the UK to a standstill

Ninety percent of the schools are shut down

Older British subjects scratch their heads in disbelief because when they grew up snow or no snow they went to school, nor were many excuses acceptable

Today we are told that health and safety issues were the cause of the schools being closed

At just what point do we say this is getting out of hand?

At what point do we say this is ridiculous

Parents cannot just stop going to work because a school has decided that for health and safety issues it will not open and so they have to remain at home and look after their children

Apparently we do not consider this to be nonsense another commission will be assembled to look into the matter we are told

And so it goes on slowly but surely common sense and initiative get squeezed out

Forms and procedures stifling what little initiative is left

Can we fight this malaise for this is what it is

No not really

So what happens?

Fortunately nature says enough of your nonsense humans

Notice how nature everywhere around the planet is creating unusual events

Rain, snow, floods, earthquakes and the rest

This is how we will get out of this situation society will not be able to afford to mend everything

Government cock ups will be more frequent simply because the complexity and coordination required is beyond them

Ever more complexity and controls until the breaking point is reached

Has it ever been thus throughout human history

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