Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ideas drive our planet.

Ideas from electronics to avionics to solar energy.

Most ideas address issues of our convenience or efficiency.

Notice that however many of these ideas come along nothing really changes.

It just feels the same.

People are still vaguely disatisifed.

So if these things do not help what is wrong?

Could it be that things can never bring happiness?

Are we buying into lies?

Lies that pretend to offer solutions that they cannot address.

Yes, we probably are.

Time to look elsewere.

Look to ideas of a soft kind.

Ideas that address our feelings

Ideas that can answer our feeling needs.

These are what we need.

Other people are unlikely to offer these

So time to look for yourself.

How about trying to love yourself?

Not as mad as it sounds because until you can love yourself how can you love another?

Most of us want to love and be loved by another.

Start by understanding what you are.

When was the last time you gave yourself some time?

Reserve some time for yourself today.

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