Sunday, July 30, 2006

Modern ignorance

Throughout history and indeed long before we have any records there has always been the exoteric and esoteric.

That is to say exoteric meaning open to all and esoteric meaning closed, secret and open only to those who are initiates.

What is an initiate?

One who over many lives has qualified him or herself to be trusted with the secrets of nature.

For example take Plato and Pythagoras.

Both were initiates so how can a modern scholar have any idea of the true esoteric meaning in any of their writings?

They cannot.

These secrets are only transmitted orally by the master to the disciple.

They are never given out in public, often on pain of death.

There are few masters left today and they are most certainly unknown to the world.

So when modern scholars pontificate that Plato or Pythagoras meant this or that treat with caution.

Only ignorant people claim to know that which is esoteric.

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