Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Moment of madness

Zinedine Zidane had his on Sunday evening in a rather public way.

Most of us have moments of madness.

Where do they come from?

From our other side in simple words.

Our entities.

To avoid these becoming more frequent.

Control is one way.

However as we saw with Zidane this is no guarantee that it will not happen.

Only real way is to get the demons out

This is only possible by getting your fears out.

Yes this is where they come from.

So start getting rid of yours.

Be open to learning.

We are here to grow.


Anonymous said...

As I saw this on TV, I was taken aback. Yet they did vote him the best player of the world cup.
am glad you are commenting on this. A quick answer to something so public!

Antony said...

Most of us experience this situation at some point in our lives.
The trick is to understand that it is there to prompt us to look at ourselves and to find out what causes this.
What is really going on, why do we explode?

Anonymous said...

It is easy to say 'get rid of your fears'...but HOW do we do that...HOW can we even recognize them ?
Please comment.It will help.

Antony said...

Will do

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse one cannot tolerate Zidane's behaviour. Is it not however what Materazzi said to him what triggered him ? So could it be that for action, you will always get reaction, in what way so-ever ? I mean in positive way also ... or is this not the proper approach to this item ?


Anonymous said...


Yes we all are astonished by Zidane's head butt ...

Are we as astonished as packs of hooligans colectively destroy property(s) and-or other human beings ?
Or soldiers raping women or killing innocent civilians in another dirty war just because they are " in power" ?

By the way : EVERY minute a footballfield of lumber is chopped away in a (rain) forest, endangered species are lost for ever ....that I find terribly frightening


Antony said...

Please excuse my non reply, but I am travelling at the moment and have no real chance to use my machine catch your comments after Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Most probably, Zidane's behaviour was -at the least- influenced by fear.