Sunday, July 23, 2006

Drugs - by request

They seem great until you go that little bit too far

Anyone using drugs on more than a casual basis certainly does so at some point.

This is where the trouble starts, or does it?

Actually the trouble started when you thought you could get a free ride by taking drugs to get you into a nicer mind space.

Sorry but your initial premise was wrong.

There is no free ride with drugs.

How to get out?

Change your mind, your values, your life.

There is no easy way because if you are not prepared to change the on off drug problem continues.

If you truly want to change then this is possible.

Our warning is that this is not easy and requires will power and discipline.

Contact us because it needs support.

Doing nothing is not an option because doing nothing or denying the problem just leads to breakdown at some point.

Nothing is stronger than nature.


Anonymous said...

Dear Antony, when you wrote :
" nothing is stronger than nature ", did do mean that whatever happens to you, nature ( your body ) will restore it , provided you will fight your addiction ? or did you mean something different ?

Antony said...

I meant nature in the larger sense not one's own personal nature.
Nature can also, provided you have the will and discipline restore health.
This is a complex subject and there are always many excpetions, and yes healing is possible other things being equal.