Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Letting off steam

Was in Paris when the French beat the Brazilians with what they all call an old team in the World Cup.

Apart from an amazing game the reaction of the Parisians was equally amazing.

Every horn, every person whistling, shouting, cheering along the streets down the subways everywhere.

No sleep for hours all the young out and about.

Great atmosphere even the next day.

Smiling people.

Energised by their team.

So few places to let off steam today.

So many controls.

So many restraints, so much fear.

Often it seems that the authorities are plain scared of their citizens.

Time they backed off a bit.

Go too far and all the controls become counter productive.

The world needs to let off steam now and again.

Nice to experience, make sure you let off steam sometimes too!

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