Saturday, July 21, 2007


Is not an easy thing to live with

Powerlessness is something that many have to endure

Married to a bully

Living with a selfish person

Dominated by someone

Amazing thing is how many see no way out

Unable or unwilling to understand that we always have choices

The idea of stepping away often seems impossible

The implied or real threat of violence from the other party

The idea of being alone is often too frightening for some

Whatever it is you have been or are telling yourself there is still no reason to spend your life in misery

You have this life to live so live it
Decide to make a choice for freedom
Set up your choice so that you can move away without danger
If you are unable to learn how to solve this situation in this life then you will have to learn it in the next
Sobering thought so learn to stand up or walk away in this one!

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