Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Softly is the way to go

Violence does not usually help

Nor do the majority want it

Violence is the method of choice for those who cannot offer anything else

Nothing constructive

Just killing with imagined justice on their side

Will the world adjust to the random violence of fanatics?

It did before in other times

This time everyone everywhere is involved it affects us all in one way or another

Softly may not appear to be the answer

However hearts and minds must be won if success is to be gained

Alienated young must be reached

To see the error of violence as a means of obtaining their masters ends

Efforts must be made to end the glaring inequalities around this planet
Walls will not help

They never have for more than a short time
No reason to believe they will now
Education and discipline must be the twin approaches
Education to lead the majority away from violence
Discipline because the line has to be drawn with no compromise for those who would murder
And your role?
Be clear, be conscious one day it will affect you

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