Sunday, July 29, 2007

Predator, prey and human

Lions, foxes, eagles and spiders kill so do other predators because that is what they do

Nature makes no judgement

Doves, pigeons, deer, and rabbits get killed because that is their fate

Nature makes no judgement

Humans kill and get killed

Often by other humans

Nature observes, karma comes into action

Because humans have no excuse to kill each other

Humans can find other ways to resolve conflict
Do you kill?
Most will be shocked by this question

Reflect do you ever think that way?

Do you wish someone dead?

Have you ever

Or do you choose to stay uninvolved when others are killed?

Are you a silent spectator

Give a few minutes of your time to be involved

Where your voice added to thousands of others can make a difference.

It is time to understand that by killing each other we are creating bad karma for ourselves

Karma that we and future generations have to pay off

Yes your children and theirs too

In fact what is going on now is humanity paying karma for deeds already committed

Make an effort it's your future too

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