Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yes we are

Here in this life to go along with everybody else

Make no waves

Keep my head down

Do what everybody else does

Feel bad about the stuff going on around me

Just keep it on the inside

Can't do anything about it anyway.

"They" should do something about it shouldn't they?

Wake up!

There is no "they"

Only us
And yes we can make a difference

Each and every one of us

That last drop of water that last straw did make a difference

It is not your job to know if it was yours

It is your job to do what you can

Be a shame to get to the end and realise that you wasted yet another life

Let frustration go

It is not necessary to wonder why you are where and what you are

It is necessary to wonder what you can do to make this life worth while.

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