Friday, July 27, 2007

No we are not here to

Buy our lives away

Consume as much of everything as we can

Get more of everything than anybody else

We are here to be the best we can everyday in whatever comes our way

And this judged against the simple moral values of right and wrong

Then when we leave this life all that we take with us is our vertical or spiritual growth

If you have a different idea fine live by it

If you have not then try living by these simple but oh so hard to live by rules

It means being the best you can with all you meet

Not taking advantage of others

Being honest in thought and deed

Not being selfish, moving away from me me me to us we

Why are we writing this?

Because it is time to figure out why you are here
Life is not a random one off accident
Nor is it a casual consumer pig fest
It is a difficult demanding journey in the direction of consciousness evolution
All of us can play, no barriers to entry, all humans are welcome
No longer do you have to see yourself a failure because you are not important, successful or heroic
Nature is interested in whether or not you have the wit to work out why you are here
What your life is really all about
To act upon this understanding
To contribute through selflessness
The more of us "get it" the greater humanity's chance of survival
Your choice, actually your chance
Will you?

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