Thursday, July 26, 2007


Patience and then more patience

Is what we often need in our day to day lives

At work

At home

With the traffic

On the phone

With colleagues

With machines

On line

Never mind today just look at patience

If we want patience then we need to understand that we are unlikely to find it unless we are prepared to make an effort

The first effort necessary is to let go

Let go of making everything important
Making what you want important
Is it really?
Are you really important?
Learn to accept reality

Reality is what is in any given moment

So today just focus on acceptance of what is

Sure it would be nice if he picked up the phone, said something nice and yet your reality is how it is

And if it is as it is then why waste energy getting up tight?

Patience is accepting reality

Learning not to worry about everything

Letting go once you have done what is possible

Moving on

Patience is our ability to accept, to tolerate, to live with


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