Monday, July 30, 2007

Football again

Getting ready for a new season in the Northern Hemisphere

A time of fantasy where fans hope their teams have bought wisely

That their team will win something this season

Most will not

Most will be disappointed

So why bother?

Why be a fan?

Spend all that money
Is it a tribal thing

Because your family do this

Your friends

Whatever the reason it can provide some tension and drama in one's life

It has the illusion of a fair chance
An upset maybe

Unpredictable outcome

Not really as the Italian fixers showed they were quite capable of fixing things

Even the rules are suspect given that simple logical things that could remove suspicion are not allowed

That referees and linesmen are paid nothing in relation to the money gambled on any major game
Humans will be lured

And at the end of the day some team wins some team looses

The next morning it was just a game
Just a line in the record book
But then what else gives modern man something reasonable to identify with?.
Politicians, you are joking
Businessmen, sorry
Religion sadly no
So at the end of the day maybe football isn't such a bad allegiance after all
And as we all know hope springs eternal
So here we go again
Oh and it also allows men to avoid thinking about the serious things going on around us
To become involved in tougher games
So maybe that's why football and the rest.

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